Campus Rebirth: The Strongest Female Agent

Chapter 887: She’s Better Than You, Much Better Than You
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Chapter 887: She’s Better Than You, Much Better Than You

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ge Xuan had never felt a mother’s love.

His mother had left him at home after giving birth to him and dolled herself up to go out meeting others. Even then, Ge Xuan had no complaints about her. There was no other reason than because that was his biological mother. He could only accept the reality no matter how bad his birth mother was to him.

Since Ge Junjian divorced his birth mother, Ge Xuan was disappointed in them but he had always held a little bit of hope within him.

What if his parents remarried each other one day? What if they pampered and coddled their children just like other parents? Even without any pampering or coddling, even if life was hard, it would be enough if they could care about him a little more!

In spite of it, Ge Xuan had actually felt the sliver of familial love from this woman who was going to become his stepmother. Was he being delusional? The familial love that even his birth parents had never provided him—he had felt it from someone else?

“Xuan’er, stop it! Your aunt is a kind soul. She’s nothing like what you said. And that’s Xiao Jian.. Since you’ve asked about it, I won’t keep it from you. Xiao Jian is under me in the army.” Ge Junjian had never planned to hide these from his own son.

Right after Ge Junjian said that Yun Jian was a member of his troop, however, Ge Xuan scoffed in indignation once more, “What did you say? She’s really in your troop?”

With the same indignant tone, he snapped. “You let her join your troop? Back when I wanted to enlist in the military, you didn’t allow me to. You said I wasn’t capable enough. What about now? Have you really lost your mind from being bewitched? How could you stop me back then and let a girl like her enlist in the army?!”

Ge Xuan raised his voice.

He had a patriotic heart too. When he was younger, Ge Junjian was his role model. Ge Xuan had wanted to become a soldier since he was a child but Ge Junjian had never given him the chance.

Ge Junjian was the leader of the Advanced Special Forces and had the authority to recruit potential talents amongst the country’s youth.

When Ge Xuan wanted to join the Advanced Special Forces and become an ASF soldier back then, Ge Junjian did not give him the opportunity. That was why he was enraged now when he knew that Yun Jian was already part of the troop.

Although Yun Jian had been intimidating and domineering just earlier, Ge Xuan did not think she was that good. It was also because Ge Xuan was trained; he knew that Yun Jian was skilled but he would not admit that she was better than him.

How could he not dwell on it under such circumstances?

Why had his father rather Yun Jian join the Advanced Special Forces than him? What was it if not bias?

“Shut it! What do you know, Xuan’er!” Ge Junjian gritted his teeth. He wanted to spill everything but he was interrupted when the words were close to tumbling off his tongue.

“Isn’t that the case? If you weren’t bewitched, why would you make her an ASF soldier?” Ge Xuan raised his voice again.

Shen Jie was already helped up during then.

“Why? You want to know why huh?” Ge Junjian shouted, unable to hold himself back anymore.

“Because she’s better than you! She’s more capable than you—she’s stronger than you whether in terms of ability or skills!” Ge Junjian was reluctant to put his own son down but he had to acknowledge the fact.

It was just that he would not reveal Yun Jian’s identity as Team Monarch’s Slashing God if he could help it.


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