Daddy Fantasy World Restaurant

Chapter 1722 - Babla, You’ve Got To Hold On
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Chapter 1722: Babla, You’ve Got To Hold On

“The Gods will awaken on the day the Great Old Ones return. Irina, you’ve got to find the place where the gods sleep, and wake them up to defend the Norland Continent again,” the elven queen said.

“The place where the gods sleep?” Irina frowned.

“Yes. In the Book of the Queen that is passed down through generations of elves, there is a vague record about the sleeping gods. After the War of the Gods, the Great Old Ones were sealed all over the continent, and the gods went into a deep sleep, waiting to be awakened again.”

“Where are they sleeping?”

“There are no actual records. It was only said that the Goddess of Life was sleeping in the Tear of the Moon.”

“Tear of the Moon?” Irina frowned. She was sure that there was no such place in the Wind Forest.

“Irina, I can’t leave here yet. The fate of the elves is now in your hands. You have to stop Helena. Don’t let her lead the elves into an abyss...” The elven queen’s voice gradually got weaker until it finally disappeared.

“My queen? Mother? Are you still here?” Irina called.

Right at that moment, the scenery in front of her twisted, and in the blink of an eye, she reappeared in the hollow in the Tree of Life.

“Thank you, Little tree. I’ve got to go now. I’ll come and see you again next time.” Irina smiled, and reached out to touch a hanging branch.

The Tree of Life’s branches swayed around Irina gently, as if it couldn’t bear to let her go.

“That little maiden out there is not bad too. You can play with her when you’re bored.” Irina looked at the hole in the tree. Sally was sitting crossed-legged under the tree with a pious expression.

“I will be back again,” Irina said before disappearing within the hole in the tree.

“What was that?” Sally, who was sitting crossed-legged under the Tree of Life, opened her eyes instinctively, and looked toward the Tree of Life suspiciously. She seemed to have sensed a hint of inexplicable magic waves.

However, just as she was about to close her eyes again, she saw a glowing branch slowly reaching out to her with disbelief. It went around her once as if it was sizing her up.

Sally’s expression immediately became nervous and expectant. After becoming the elven princess, one very important thing was to obtain the Tree of Life’s recognition.

She was only qualified to become the queen of the elves after she got the recognition from the Tree of Life. This was the rule set by their ancestors.

She had been sitting under the Tree of Life for days, and yet the Tree of Life had never shown any signs of getting close to her, let alone letting her enter the hole in the tree.

She never expected it would take the initiative to approach her today. It really surprised her.

The scene that happened under the Tree of Life was soon reported to the Starry Cave.

“I’m indeed right about Sally. Only she could replace Irina.” Helena looked at the scene of Sally interacting with the Tree of Life in the crystal ball. She smiled, and said, “As long as she could get the Tree of Life’s recognition, she could become the elven queen.”

Meanwhile, Irina appeared in an old library at the same time.

A golden light flashed, and all the ancient books on the shelves disappeared. She also disappeared from the library at the same time.

“Irina!” Helena’s expression changed drastically, and the scene in the crystal ball immediately switched to the empty library.


Right then, an elated roar appeared in the forest.

“Helena, I’m simply returning home to take a few books. There’s no need to get so pissed off.” Irina’s mocking words rang throughout the sky above the Wind Forest, and she disappeared soon after that, leaving behind a purple shadow.


“Your Majesty! You mustn’t repair this spell formation! The ancient books recorded that the ancient spell formation under the palace leads to Boundless Abyss. Once open, it would summon terrifying a devil, and bring a devastating catastrophe upon the Moon Nation!”

The Moon Nation. In the underground palace, an old courtier knelt on the floor, and desperately pleaded with the king of the Moon Nation.

The spell formation in the middle of the underground palace was almost repaired, and dozens of formation masters were busy with the finishing works. When they heard that, they stopped their actions, and looked at the king who was standing beyond the spell formation.

“If that is true, then we should repair the spell formation as soon as possible! Babla has already left through this spell formation months ago. She might be tortured by a devil right now. How could I let her suffer alone!” the king said with conviction. “I am the king and a father too! Even if there is really a devil behind this teleportation portal, I will lead the Moon Nation’s cavalry to eliminate it!”

“Your Majesty!” That old courtier still wanted to continue.

“I have already decided. If you have the time to howl here, why don’t you lead the historians to read the ancient books and find out where this teleportation portal leads, and what that devil is!” the king shouted coldly.

“Yes!” That old courtier dazed for a moment before he bowed to the king, got up, and then strode off.

“Babla, you’ve got to hold on. Royal Father is coming to save you soon!” the king gravely said as he clenched his fists while he looked at the teleportation portal.


“This kebab isn’t very nice. There’s no soul, and it’s dry and tough. Moreover, it’s too salty.” Babla sat on a square rock, and complained disdainfully as she ate a burnt kebab.

“Ahem, I was actually an expert in barbecuing meat when I was young. However, there’s nothing in this cave, so it isn’t very nicely barbecued...” Krassu said embarrassedly.

“Haha. The meat that you barbecued when you were young was even worse.” Urien coldly sneered as he used an ice blade to cut away the burnt skin delicately.

Novan, who was sitting on the edge of the spell formation, smilingly said, “You guys are spoiled by Boss Mag. I think this roast kebab is not bad.”

“See, that is someone who knows how to appreciate me.” Krassu smiled brightly.

“No. From tomorrow onwards, I want to eat Mamy Restaurant’s takeaway. I’m risking my life here to save the world, and yet I have to eat such terrible kebabs. This is so unreasonable,” Babla said seriously as she secretly observed Krassu’s and Urien’s expression.

“I agree. Let’s get the Gray Temple or the city lord’s castle to do this. The logistics have to settle this for us. How could they make a 10th-tier barbecue meat for himself.” Krassu nodded. “I crave for the beggar’s chicken right now.”

“However, does Mamy Restaurant do takeaway?” Novan asked.

“The only delivery personnel has been sent back to be a chief after getting lost frequently.” Babla sighed.

“That’s alright. Leave this to me. You guys eat first. I need to go out for a while.” Krassu left in a rush.

“It will be great if we get to have soybean milk and youtiao when we wake up tomorrow.” Babla finished the kebab in her hand, and began to translate the seal spell formation with Novan.

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