God of Fishing

Chapter 1101 - Battle for the Mountain (1)
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Chapter 1101: Battle for the Mountain (1)

The Avenger moved very quickly, like a sharp knife piercing through the sea. Behind them, more than 20 large ships followed, looking majestic.

During this period of time, there were several sea demons that tried to stop them, but they were directly obliterated by Ximen Linghan with a tap of a finger in the air. Even the large fish tide was completely crushed in an instant.

During the battle, Han Fei, like many others, leaned on the bow of the ship and watched. He saw Ximen Linghan stirring the sea with one hand, and the whirlpool in the sea suddenly rose. In an instant, tens of thousands of living beings turned into blood mist.

This was the first time Han Fei saw a Venerable attack. So powerful!

He could only see a strange power erupting from the sea. It seemed to have an indescribable charm. The whirlpool spun and everything collapsed.

Zhang Xuanyu took a breath. “Is this the strength of a Venerable? Isn’t it too powerful?”

Luo Xiaobai narrowed her eyes. “Dao runes. Venerables have already comprehended Dao runes! We can’t catch any trace of the Great Dao, let alone understand it.”

Han Fei said, “I didn’t see any Dao runes when my father beat people!”

Luo Xiaobai tilted her head and looked at Han Fei. “Maybe Uncle is acting cool.”

Han Fei was speechless.

Diwu Weiguang said leisurely, “You guys are so leisurely! You must know that once the war starts, our war will start at any time.”

Han Fei was puzzled. “What time do you think it will be? They have to find an opportunity, right? Otherwise, they might be killed easily.”

Diwu Weiguang: “Heh, how would I know? I am not on their side. However, with my own experience, I will only have a chance to fight in the middle and late stages of this battle.”

At this moment, Han Fei suddenly turned around and saw Chu Qingyan walking over.

Luo Xiaobai asked, “What are you doing here?”

Chu Qingyan sneered and looked at Han Fei. “It seems that your people are not all here!”

Han Fei sneered. “You’re talking as if all of your people are here? Are you sure you can eat us?”

Chu Qingyan said casually, “Can’t we eat you?”

Before Han Fei said anything, Zhang Xuanyu suddenly stretched out his head. “Come, do you want to eat? I’m so handsome. Here, have a bite of my face.”

Chu Qingyan’s face immediately darkened. “Zhang Xuanyu, you don’t seem to be very powerful.”

Zhang Xuanyu shook his head and pretended to be surprised. “Am I not good enough? We’re going to war anyway. Why don’t we find a place where no one is around and show you how good I am?”

“You’re looking for—”

Chu Qingyan was horrified. She discovered that there was a gaze on her.

She was instantly astonished. As an outsider, she shouldn’t have been noticed. Why would Ximen Linghan turn her gaze here?

Zhang Xuanyu said cheekily, “What am I looking for? You?”

Diwu Weiguang patted Zhang Xuanyu’s shoulder and said, “You are too dirty with your words. Let me show you how we should talk to her. Long-legged, let’s date him for half an hour while we still have enough time. What do you think?”

“Hmph! Shameless!”

“Hey! Don’t go, I’m serious...”

Han Fei was lost for words. He wondered how many girls would be in trouble because of these two men.

Luo Xiaobai had already developed the habit of automatically ignoring them.

She usually ignored Zhang Xuanyu when he was bragging or flirting with girls. Now there was one more annoying man around, and she started to ignore Diwu Weiguang too.

Chu Qingyan had come to provoke.

If Han Fei and the others could panic, they would not be able to resist their attacks in the upcoming battle. That would be what she wanted to see.

However, her provocation was easily resolved by the two a*sholes.

Han Fei looked up and saw Ximen Linghan looking at him.

Han Fei was scared. No, why are you always looking at me?

A voice suddenly sounded in his mind. If it wasn’t Ximen Linghan, who was it?

Ximen Linghan said, “You look very much like someone I know. The more I look at you, the more similar you look.”

Han Fei didn’t know what to say. Was the Venerable flirting with him? Come on, I’m just an innocent little boy!

Most importantly, is this Venerable in front of me a human or a soul? I don’t want to fall in love with a ghost!

Han Fei swallowed. “City Lord, I’m quite ordinary-looking. Maybe I have a common face!”

Ximen Linghan looked at Han Fei again. “I’m not talking about your face, but the feeling you give me. You look like an old friend of mine.”

Han Fei wanted to smile, but he didn’t dare to. It was obvious that she was trying to trick him... She felt him familiar? That was impossible!

Seeing Han Fei lower his head and his body stiffen, Luo Xiaobai asked, “What are you thinking?”

Han Fei quickly replied, “Oh! Nothing.”

When Han Fei looked up again, he found that Ximen Linghan had turned her head away.

Many people around him said, “The City Lord was looking at me just now.”

Someone sneered. “Nonsense! The City Lord was clearly looking at me just now.”

Someone said disdainfully, “Why don’t you take a look at yourselves? The City Lord is obviously looking at me.”

For a moment, many people were arguing fiercely.

Han Fei thought, I don’t care who she looks at. Just don’t look at me anymore.

About two hours later, Han Fei suddenly thought of something. He pinched his fingers subconsciously and found that danger was coming.


Suddenly, Ximen Linghan’s voice rang out, “Those who stand in my way shall die.”

Han Fei and the others only saw the void tremble. Darkness suddenly covered the whole sky, and a huge hole was torn open in the void. What happened next made Han Fei’s scalp tingle.

Dozens of octopus tentacles that were almost a hundred meters long pried open the crack, and a pair of red eyes lit up from the depths of the crack. Then, a pair of large hands tore the crack even wider.

Through the crack, Han Fei saw a human head-shaped head with tentacles below the eyes. The head was sticking out of the crack like a mountain.

Ximen Linghan directly appeared in front of the spatial rift. Although she was small, she was not afraid at all. She held two curved sabers in her hands, and the space in front of her rumbled. Two scorching saber flashes cut through the darkness, revealing an X-shaped red mist saber flash. The creature that had yet to crawl out of the spatial rift let out a low roar, and its mouth spewed out cold air, intending to block it.

Only, that blade radiance was like a blazing sun, hacking through the darkness. With a deafening sound, it landed on that pair of large hands, directly hacking them back.


With a flick of Ximen Linghan’s hand, the void quickly closed.

Ximen Linghan said coldly, “Scram!”

After saying this, Ximen Linghan didn’t even turn her head, and directly shouted in a low voice, “You guys continue forward.”

In front of everyone’s eyes, Ximen Linghan’s dual sabers were reversed, and she slashed out a spatial rift. She stepped into it and disappeared.

Seeing this scene, six people flew into the sky from the Avenger. They were all explorers.

One of them shouted, “Forward!”

In less than an hour, the surface of the sea began to boil. On the surface of the sea in the distance, a huge crab emerged from the bottom of the sea. Its claws were like heavenly scissors, striking the surface of the sea and causing a tsunami.

A giant octopus reached out with its claws, trying to block the Avenger.

A flying python soared into the sky. It could also be called a wind snake. It opened its mouth and a foul wind blew over.

Buzz buzz buzz!

The three explorers attacked and shouted, “Continue forward.”

When the five giant beasts appeared, only one explorer was left. That person looked back and shouted, “All big ships, activate all the arrays.”

Buzz buzz buzz!

For a moment, more than twenty colorful ships were sailing on the sea. Han Fei had sensed that a dark mountain had appeared 500 kilometers away. This dark mountain towered alone.

Near that great mountain, the gravity was abnormal, creatures floating in the air.

Similarly, when he found the mountain, Han Fei saw a big turtle covered in thick armor.

Apart from the big turtle, there were also giant creatures, over a hundred of them.

The explorer at the front shouted, “Attention everyone, empty that mountain. We will move it even if we die. Law-enforcers control the ships, and Hidden Fishers move the mountain.”

With that said, the explorer also flew away.

At this moment, the surface of the sea was filled with raging waves and tsunamis. There were Venerables and explorers fighting, who were holding back the strongest sea demons.

Swish swish swish!

A law-enforcer landed on Han Fei’s ship. Or rather, on every ship, law-enforcers descended.

These people shouted in a low voice, “Everyone, get ready. In a hundred breaths’ time, the revenge array will be activated. All of you move the mountain.”

As these law-enforcers spoke, with the Avenger as the center, a circular ship formation was set up. There were large ships that were horizontally, and large ships that were connected at the head and tail.

A hundred seconds passed in a flash. Han Fei said to Luo Xiaobai and the others, “I’ve perceived it. Fifty miles ahead. Be careful of the attacks of the big clans.”

However, Diwu Weiguang said, “Don’t panic. It’s not the time yet. If this mountain is so easy to move, why would the City of Justice be destroyed? What’s next is a thousand-man battle. Don’t worry about them attacking us.”


Before Han Fei asked more questions, a peak-level law-enforcer flew out of the Avenger. “All Hidden Fishers, charge with me.”

Swish swish swish!

Countless people flew out of more than 20 ships and followed the law enforcer.

Diwu Weiguang said, “Let’s go! Catch up with them.”

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