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Chapter 1503 Snatching Food

By right, it should be Xia Mao and Xu Lan sitting beside Xia Jun, followed by Liu Fen. In this family, they always took their seats according to their seniority. Zhou Luo did not care about that and just sat down next to Xia Jun. There were not many people who could be as thick-skinned as her.

Qiao Mei and Xia Zhe sat at the furthest end, not wanting to have anything to do with Zhou Luo. When Zhou Luo saw this, she said unhappily, "Why are Qiao Mei and Xia Zhe so far away? I almost can't see them."

"We're the younger generation and I'm the one who cooked all the dishes today. It's more convenient for me to serve the dishes from here." Qiao Mei found a random excuse to brush it off.

Qiao Mei made most of the dishes today. As usual, she also went to the state-owned restaurant outside to order the dishes that were harder to make.

Xia Jun even specially asked Xia Wen to go and get some special supply of seafood from the family's entitlement to celebrate Xia He and Deng Fan registering their marriage and Xia Zhe coming back for a break. He did not expect Zhou Luo to be able to get a taste of it.

During mealtimes in the Xia family, the rule was that the younger generation could not start eating if the elders had not picked up their chopsticks. However, as soon as the seafood dishes were served, Xia Lu and Xia Yan both picked up their chopsticks and took big pieces of the food to put on their plates. There was only one lobster, but Xia Yan actually took the whole thing for himself.

There was a hint of disdain in everyone's eyes. They did not know how Zhou Luo had taught these children all these years for them to end up with such rude behavior.

"Sister Zhou, is this how they usually behave at home?" Liu Fen said with a slight frown.

"Yes, is there a problem?" Zhou Luo said smugly, thinking that she was being praised for teaching them well!

Xia You pushed away her chopsticks in disdain and said unhappily, "I don't think the rest of us should eat. We should wait until our two younger cousins are full, then we can cook more dishes. Otherwise, we won't be able to even get a single bite!"

Xia You had always been domineering. If anyone made her unhappy, she would not be nice to them. The Xia family doted on girls the most. As long as they did not break the law or do anything outrageous or immoral, the girls in the family could slack off however they wanted.

Liu Fen had always wanted Xia Wan and Xia You to learn how to do housework and cook so that they could be self-reliant in the future and not starve to death when they were on their own. Her intentions were good, but her way of expressing herself was always unpleasant, so her two daughters had always felt a little offended.

Xia Jun had told Lu Huai to check on Xia You's behavior and not let her be too lawless. However, Lu Huai did not stop Xia You from saying all that, which meant that he silently agreed with her.

"How can it be! How can there not be enough food when there are so many dishes! If you don't want us to eat, then we won't eat anymore! I never expected that there would be so few dishes at a family banquet and not even enough for two to three people," Zhou Luo said.

Xia Wen wanted to speak up, but Xia Jun shook his head slightly. Since Xia Lu and Xia Yan liked the food, he would let them eat it all. The family had a share of this special supply of seafood and vegetables every year, so it was not as if the rest of them had not eaten it before. 𝓁π˜ͺπ˜£π˜³β„―π’Άπ˜₯.π˜€π‘œπ“‚

This was probably the first time Xia Lu and Xia Yan had eaten these seafood, so he would let them have it.

Xia He glanced at Qiao Mei from afar and Qiao Mei immediately understood what the look meant. She quietly walked to the kitchen and told Xu Kang to serve the nice dishes last. The vegetable dishes should be served first.

After bringing out eight vegetable dishes, Xu Kang returned to the kitchen and did not serve any more dishes. The two boys thought that everything had been served and quickly picked up their chopsticks to start eating. Zhou Luo also ate along with them, completely ignoring the looks from the Xia family members.

After the two boys were full, Qiao Mei clapped her hands and asked Xu Kang to serve the remaining delicacies. There were a total of 22 other dishes!

"You! Why don't you want to let us eat the good stuff!" Xia Lu said angrily.

"How would I know that you guys eat so fast? Sister Xu didn't say that the dishes were all served. We're all also waiting," Qiao Mei said with a grin.

Xia You secretly gave Qiao Mei a thumbs up under the table. Qiao Mei was still the smartest!

"You're quibbling! You're the nasty woman who won't let us eat!" Xia Yan smacked the table and stood up to glare at Qiao Mei. Xia Zhe quickly stood up and shielded Qiao Mei by standing in front of her.

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