Apocalypse Cheater

Chapter 92 A New Bloodline
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Chapter 92 A New Bloodline

As Daniel meticulously examined the displayed information, his heart raced at a lightning-fast pace, and his breath fell out of sync.

Overwhelm was the only way to describe the expression on his face.

There was no doubt that some of these rewards were vaguely familiar from the stories he had read online, and others seemed to have connections to events he had yet to experience in the future.

The mystery and potential behind these rewards fueled his anticipation and curiosity.

For instance, Yggdrasil has its roots in Norse mythology, a rich source of countless famous stories, including the tales of Thor.

One player even obtained Thor as a class, becoming a pivotal figure in events much like the Apocalypse Knight.

As for the last reward, Daniel distinctly recalled its significance in the grand scheme of the world, the X-Gene cells.

"That... it should still be quite some time in the future. It's an event where players believed hope was rekindled. Unfortunately, I didn't live long enough to witness its outcome,"

Daniel confessed, his expression reflecting a mixture of emotions.

However, he found himself frowning and then breaking into a smile, his excitement building as he anticipated absorbing all of these incredible rewards into his own being.

Even though he had no recollection of some of these rewards, he was undeterred by the uncertainty of their effects.

"All right... I can begin now," he muttered to himself, his voice filled with determination. He selected the first reward, the Heart of Yggdrasil.

As he claimed the reward, a radiant green light enveloped his body, entering through the middle of his chest effortlessly.

The simplicity of the process left Daniel questioning,

"Is that all?" He tilted his head in surprise, not expecting it to be so straightforward.

However, within moments, he would come to regret that thought.

[: Heart of Yggdrasil has begun to fuse with your heart. Commencing in 3..2..1 :]


Suddenly, his heartbeat surged so forcefully that it reverberated loudly, causing cracks to form on the walls.

"Ah!" He cried out in agony, clutching his chest as if trying to tear away the pain.

**Ba-Dump Ba-Dump Ba-Dump** π™‘π™žπ“«π’“π™šπ’‚π“­.𝓬𝒐𝓢

A few seconds later, his heart began pulsating at an unprecedented speed, intensifying the flow of his bloodstream.

However, instead of enduring increasing suffering, his pain gradually subsided with each passing heartbeat. By the time a minute had elapsed, he could finally catch his breath.

Taking a deep inhalation, Daniel sensed a euphoric energy coursing through his body. It was an entirely distinct sensation compared to levelling up or allocating stat points.

It felt as if he had been transported to a serene forest, where the gentle warmth of sunlight filtered through the leaves, casting dappled patterns on the ground below.

The air was crisp, filled with the soothing scent of nature.

Daniel's senses were overwhelmed by a profound sense of tranquility and well-being as if he had been transported to a place of pure harmony and rejuvenation.

[: Heart of Yggdrasil has replaced your heart. Regeneration of Stamina, Hp and Mp has been increased by 10 times. HP and Mana's stats have been increased by 15 times :]

[: Wind Element Affinity has been increased by 10 times. Green Magic has been increased by 10 times. Nature abilities alike have been increased by 10 times :]

Upon seeing the announcement, a satisfied nod escaped Daniel's lips.

With these newfound abilities, he felt a surge of confidence surging through him.

He believed that armed with such monstrous powers, he would be more than capable of tackling the challenges that lay ahead, especially as he ascended the tower's higher floors.

Moving on to his next reward, Daniel received the Nucleus of the Nexus Force.

It arrived within a metallic capsule, its surface gleaming with a rich, golden crimson hue.

As he held it in his hands, he couldn't help but hesitate for a moment.

The nucleus appeared enigmatic, and he pondered the risks associated with absorbing it.

After all, he was well aware that unchecked greed often led to one's downfall in this unpredictable world.

Despite his initial hesitation, Daniel chose to place his trust in the Mysterious Cube.

After all, he reasoned, there had been no recorded instances of the cube granting rewards that would cause harm to its recipients.

The allure of what lay within the capsule ultimately overpowered his doubts.

With a firm resolve, he shattered the metallic capsule with his bare hands.

To his surprise, the Nucleus didn't resist; instead, it appeared to willingly cooperate.

It began to unfurl, its essence flowing like a sticky web over his arms, before smoothly dissolving and merging with his body.

[: The Nucleus of Nexus Force has begun to fuse with your body. 10%....25%...59%...100%. The fused Nucleus has found a suitable power and you have unlocked a Dormitory Supernatural power of Jahanam :]

[: Jahanam - A power that allows the user to wield, affect, and affect the forms of Flames that belonged to the realm of Hell:]

[: Jakasaka Bloodline has been absorbed into your bloodline :]


[: Your Bloodline has been mixed up with Immortal Phoenix and others as well. Hence, do you wish to enhance the superior Jaksaka Bloodline with Immortal Phoenix? :]


Without a moment of hesitation, he agreed on the options.

[: Immortal Phoenix has been fused with Jakasaka Bloodline and has created a new mutated Bloodline, Blue Jakasaka Bloodline :]

As the fusion between the Jakasaka Bloodline and the Immortal Phoenix Bloodline was completed, an astonishing transformation swept over Daniel's body.

It was a scene straight out of legend, a profound metamorphosis that could only be described as epic.

First, two magnificent oceanic crimson horns burst forth from his head, curving gracefully into the air.

They gleamed with an otherworldly brilliance, adding an air of majestic authority to his appearance.

His once-human pupils transformed into striking slits, reminiscent of a dragon's gaze.

These new eyes held a sense of ancient knowledge and unparalleled power.

From his back, four wings unfurled in all their glory.

Two of them were Crimson Draconic Wings, with crimson membranes stretched between elongated bone structures, resembling those of a mythical dragon.

The other two were Oceanic Flamy Wings, which seemed to burn with an inner fire, emitting a radiant azure glow.

Scales began to emerge across his body, adding to his fearsome visage.

They were not excessive, but their presence enhanced his aura of might and mystery.

From a distance, Daniel's transformation was awe-inspiring.

His very presence exuded power, making even the strongest players pale in comparison.

His mere gaze felt like a scorching inferno, capable of reducing foes to ashes.

This was a transformation of unparalleled grandeur, marking the birth of a formidable entity ready to conquer new challenges.

[: Your previous skills have been rewritten and you have unlocked the skills and boosts of the new mutated bloodline :]

[: Hybrid's Aura - An aura containing a dragon's might and an Immortal Phoenix's might :]

[: Ethereal Flame Manipulation :]

- The Dragon bloodline that has been fused previously contains the ability to manipulate flame, and with the Phoenix that has been enhanced along well with Immortal Phoenix, it has created a superior version -

- Flame Manipulation allows the user to create or manipulate flames capable of burning the enemies neverending. On the other hand, the flames allow the healing of even the impossible back to the possible -

[: Elemental Affinity - Affinities towards all elements increased by 10 times :]

[: Elements Enhancement - All Elements damage or effects have been increased by 10 times :]

[: Dragonex Capacity - All Stats will be increased by 15 times :]

[: Phoegon Undying Body - Immunity to physical and magical attacks.]

[: Ancient Recovery - All regeneration will be increased by 20 times.]

[: Humanoid Blue Jakasaka - Transformed into a humanoid version of Jakasaka where all capabilities will be enhanced up to 3 times :]

[: True Blue Jakasaka - Transforms into a true version of Jakasaka where all capabilities will be enhanced up to 3 times :]

His sharp teeth cracked up into a smile, at the same time, he admired his newly found looks.

'Oh? This is quite fancy, though I admit it looked quite cool' After a few moments of appreciating his transformation, he wonders how should he have reverbed back to his human form.

It didn't take long enough before the transformation naturally altered into his human form.

The reason why Daniel was less shocked about the transformation is that shapeshifter skills aren't that common in the future, especially the Demi-Humans.

Moreover, the concept of the bloodline is a factor demi-humans heavily relied on as the higher or superior it'll be, the more powerful and status they'll have.

Hence, Bloodline is akin to being status and law itself.

Afterwards, he unlocked another reward which was the Tattoo of Karma.

And this time, he was surprised by how it turned out.

The moment the tattoo was broken free, it crawled all over his body, before engraving itself into his skin permanently.

From both of his hands, all the way to his chest and back before rolling down to his feet.

Eventually, after the tattoo settled down, the size decreased to the shape of a Black Circle in his right palm and the shape of a white star in his left hand.

He was amazed and awed by the scene and unfolding of the tattoo, but what's more surprising is the newly found skills obtained which were better than the Jakasaka in terms of effectiveness.

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