Devil Slave (Satan system)

Chapter 474 A useless piece of shit
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Chapter 474 A useless piece of shit

The cut had come unexpectedly, cleanly cutting off Victor's leg from his ankle below.

"YOUNG MASTER!!!" Moses screamed at the top of his voice.

Regardless of the pain in his stomach, his adrenaline kicked in, and he rushed for the desert.

However, Lenny turned to him and shot his two legs. "Hey! If you interrupt again, Wolfie, I'll take your head!"

Moses turned to Lenny.

One look at Lenny's face, and he could tell that Lenny was dead serious.

Without a doubt, Lenny was really going to shoot him in the head.

A sudden fear that even Moses could not comprehend washed through him.

After seeing Lenny go against a creature like the giant octopus, he knew that Lenny was an absolute madman, but now he had confirmed that he was not even the normal kind of mad.

Lenny pointed his guns once more in Victor's direction.

"Now, it's getting interesting!" He muttered.

Victor SCREAMED as he rolled on the ground, begging for help.

However, Moses was in pain, and Lenny was having too much fun to stop now.

"Instead of you crying for help, I'll advise you to try running a little for your life." Lenny chuckled, "Oh! Yes, I just remembered. You don't have any legs. Meaning you can't RUN!"

Lenny laughed some more at his own pun.

However, he was not moved in the least. After all, the rule was that Victor was not to die.

There was nothing that said that he could not lose all his limbs.

In fact, Lenny would not mind leaving him with just the torso.

By now, it was apparent to Victor that no one was going to save him.

He had to save himself if he wanted to survive.

His blood on the sand attracted more creatures.

Instantly, more creatures rose from the ground as they rushed for him.

One of them even dove for his cut-off limb, swallowing it before his very eyes.

Victor swallowed loudly.

It was not hard for him to imagine that it was his entire body that was being swallowed.

The crab that was responsible for the wound came once more for him, it's pincers this time around, aiming for his head.

Suddenly, the world seemed to slow down as his heart accelerated at an incredible speed.

His blood boiled, and he felt like he needed to release a surpressed rage as he SCREAMED from the top of his lungs.

His eyes also turned a slight shade of glowing red.

Lenny was watching this and was very sensitive to everything that was happening on this 'Hunting' field.

He had suddenly felt a shift in the energy that came from Victor.

This energy was like flipping a coin to the other side.

It was nothing like the young, innocent, and ignorant child that Victor was.

It was deep, subtle, and commanding of an ancient force.

And in that moment, the pincer of the crab instantly paused before him.

Lenny was amazed by this.

However, another crab, much bigger than the one that was attacking, rose from the sand, and immediately it attacked the crab, heading for Victor.

This took everyone by surprise, including Victor, who snapped back to his senses.

This crab, unlike the previous one, was black as night, with holes, tears, and scars about its body. π“π‘–π‘π‘Ÿπ˜¦π’Άπ˜₯.π’Έπ˜°π‘š

Its scars were all menacing. One look at it, and one could tell that such a beast should not be alive.

At least, not any more.

After all, it had a giant see-through hole right in its center.

However, it was still alive, and it attacked the smaller crab viciously.

Another thing that was easily noticed about it was the fact that it's eyes glowed in a low purple hue.

The moment it came out, other creatures, also black as night with scars on their bodies, rushed out, attacking the other mutated beasts that had been attacking Lenny.

Instantly, Lenny activated Appraiser.

And what he saw made him frown. "Undead!?"

According to Appraiser, the new creatures were tagged as undead.

They ignored Victor, attacking the bigger creatures, effectively killing them, and then pulling them away.

The rumble had been fierce, and it happened quickly before their eyes.

It had been fast and decisive.

Lenny immediately hurried towards Victor.

Far off in the distance, as the black creatures pulled the now-dead ones, Lenny could see a particular figure, he looked to be mostly skin and bones.

His eyes shone purple, even brighter than the others.

Lenny intended to use Appraiser, but the person immediately disappeared from sight at the blowing of the desert wind.

The Mutant Beast assassins were also gone.

Lenny turned to Victor, still in shock. He lifted the young boy on his shoulder and took him back.

However, Victor was punching and kicking all the way, throwing insults all the way.

Once on the safer side, Lenny threw him on the ground.

However, Victor immediately lunged forward, slapping Lenny.

Naturally, Lenny caught it before it hit.

This frustrated Victor more, and he raged on, "How dare you do that to me? Do you..."

"What!... Know who you are!?" Lenny finished his statement.

"Well, guess what, 'Son of Alpha'? No one cares. No one gives two shits who you are!"

Those words made Victor instantly shut up.

Lenny grabbed his hair, pointing in the direction of the Wasteland. "Do you know the difference between there and..." Lenny pointed to the city, "...there!?"

Victor shook his head.

"Exactly! You don't. Hence, your stupidity!

The Wastelands want to kill you, and those fuckers like your half-brother Curtin want to also kill you.

The only difference is that the wasteland is a little more honest about its opinions of you.

And you are here, indecisive about whether you want to win in a competition about living or dying.

"Are you stupid!?"

You can't even fight for yourself. Every time, Moses this and Moses that.

"You are nothing but a useless piece of shit!"

And until you get your sh*t together, even as Alpha, you will still be a useless piece of sh*t..."

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