Divine Rune Awakening: Starting With Various Divine Runes and Dominating the World

Chapter 20: Asura Domain; Abnormal Movement Near the Bermuda Triangle
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Chapter 20: Asura Domain; Abnormal Movement Near the Bermuda Triangle

[F*ck, is this really Boss Gu? It's only been a month since we last saw him, but he became even more powerful!]

[He's too domineering! He blocked the blow of a tier-seven mutant beast with his bare hands so easily. I really don't think there's anyone like him in the world!]

[F*cking awesome! I'm in love! Boss Gu, do you like men?]

Unsurprisingly, everyone was impressed and amazed by Gu Changqing's strength.

In the live broadcast room in M Country.

[Heavens! Who's this eastern Divine Runemaster?]

"So powerful! The title of this broadcast said this person is making a fool of himself, right? Why is it the other way around?]

[What kind of divine runes does he have? He dealt with that tier-seven mutant beast so easily!]

[The Nine Region Empire is too terrifying! As expected of one of the strongest countries in the east…]

Many people were shocked by Gu Changqing's display of strength.

"Human, I'll fight you to death!"

The demi dragon roared in pain before it actually spoke in human language. It seemed to have entered a berserk state at this moment. Its body shone with a black light, and its eyes turned scarlet. As it roared, its body suddenly grew to 1,000 meters long.

Upon seeing this, Gu Changqing, who had been calm all this time, was furious. "B*stard, you dare to burn your crystal core?"

Gu Changqing was naturally here for this tier-seven mutant beast's crystal core. How could he not be furious now that the demi dragon burned its crystal core?


Enraged, Gu Changqing no longer had any intention of testing his strength. A loud explosion rang in the air as the energy from the bloody Asura, the brutal Black Dragon, and the mysterious King of Hell merged and transformed into 99 rings floating behind him. The energy the rings emitted easily killed all the sea beasts around him.

He seemed to move at the speed of light as he advanced. His blood spear pierced through the air as a burst of red light exploded in the sea within a radius of several miles. All the sea beasts that were struck by the red light died immediately.

Meanwhile, the demi dragon's eyes widened as it watched the blood spear heading toward itself. Its body shone with a black light again as it quickly used its ultimate power, the Black Hell Gate.

The demi dragon opened its mouth and roared, spitting out a 100-meter-tall iron gate with surging black flames and chains. When the gate opened, an overwhelming energy surged out as though it wanted to devour Gu Changqing.

However, when the blood spear approached the Black Hell Gate that the demi dragon summoned, the gate was destroyed by the lightning from the blood spear before the blood spear even struck it. Just like that, the gate cracked and shattered with a loud bang.

"How's this possible?!"

The black demi dragon let out an unwilling roar as the blood spear that looked like a lightning bolt pierced its body from its head to its tail.


After killing the black demi dragon, Gu Changqing kicked the 1,000-meter-long carcass of the black demi dragon to the shore.

"How's this possible?"

"This human is too scary!"

Meanwhile, when the sea beasts in the surroundings saw this scene, they were so frightened that they fled in all directions without looking back. After all, their intelligence was not any lower than that of humans.

"Infernal Asura!"

Gu Changqing had no intention of letting the mutant sea beasts go. As soon as his voice fell, he unleashed the first divine power of his armor, Asura Domain.


A blood-red light suddenly shone from the bottom of the sea. The sea of blood raged in a radius of more than miles as an extremely evil aura permeated the air. All of the sea beasts within the blood-red light did not even have a chance to resist and exploded into a mist of blood. Tens of thousands of sea beasts died in just a few seconds.

Not long after that, a large number of milky white crystal cores the size of fists floated on the surface of the blood-dyed sea.

In M Country.

James Kohler rose to his feet and stared intently at the person on the screen. He scrutinized the other party's black dragons, tri-color divine rings, and the tyrannical blood spear.

"President, this…"

James Kohler's assistant gulped, unable to finish his words.

James Kohler was silent for a moment before he said, "This Boss Gu is really a boss. It doesn't matter. This isn't important now. The most important thing is to gain a foothold in this chaotic world where mutant beasts run amok." 𝑙𝘪𝑏𝓇𝑒𝑎𝒹.𝘤𝑜𝘮

"I agree. Yesterday, our satellite detected something huge approaching the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean. However, we don't know what it is. If it's a mutant beast, then our country is in danger…"

"Why didn't you report this earlier?" James Kohler glared at his assistant.

"I… I… I was going to report it earlier, but you were watching the live broadcast," the assistant said, trembling.

"Are you sure something is approaching the Bermuda Triangle?"

The assistant nodded solemnly. "Yes, it's very, very, big. We can't figure out what it is yet."

James Kohler sat back down on the chair and looked at the screen again as he muttered to himself, "It seems like I'll have to contact this Boss Gu from the Nine Region Empire later…"

"President, S Country and K Country have also requested help from us. Should we help them?" the assistant asked.

"Let them fend for themselves. It's useless for us to help them," James Kohler said coldly.

In the past, M Country had helped and used the two countries to restrict the Nine Region Empire. However, now there was no need to restrict the Nine Region Empire so he no longer had any use for the two countries.

James Kohler continued to say, "Before contacting that Boss Gu, prepare enough resources to feed a million people for a year so we can send them to the Nine Region Empire. If we want to be on good terms with them, we'll have to pay the price."

M Country had many Divine Runemasters so they were not affected much by the Cataclysm. The granaries and important places in the countries were all protected. These resources that would be sent to the Nine Region Empire were nothing to them.

"Alright, I'll make preparations now," the assistant said before leaving.


At this moment, a tall blonde-haired, and blue-eyed woman walked in,

James Kohler smiled when he saw the woman and asked, "Athena, did you come because of Boss Gu?"

The woman had a tattoo of Athena, a Greek God, on her body so James Kohler called her Athena.

Athena nodded. "That's right. We have to befriend him. To show our sincerity, I'm willing to personally make a trip there."

"That's great! I just ordered someone to gather resources to send to the Nine Region Empire. It'll be better if you go to the Nine Region Empire," James Kohler said. He had just been thinking about who to send to the Nine Region Empire when Athena came knocking on his door.

"Don't be stingy with the resources. Give them more," Athena said, "Otherwise, I'll be embarrassed."

James Kohler laughed. "Alright. Then, we'll add resources to feed another million people for a year."

After that, he called his assistant.

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