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Chapter 21: Petition; Ambitious Woman

In the Nine Region Empire.

At the venue of the press conference.

"Boss Gu is so fierce! Why isn't he the leader of the Divine Runemaster Alliance?"

"If I knew it wasn't him, I wouldn't have come."

"I'm going to leave."

"Me too."

"Our Nine Region Empire still has to rely on him in troubled times."

The reporters in the hall watched the live broadcast and left with their cameras in hand. As someone had said earlier, if they knew Gu Changqing was not the leader of the Divine Runemaster Alliance, they would not have come. In their hearts, only Gu Changqing was worthy to be the leader of the Divine Runemaster Alliance.


After Gu Changqing's display of strength, whether it's ordinary people or Divine Runemasters, most of them became his hardcore fans. Now, they only hoped that Gu Changqing would take care of them and deal with those b*stards who exploited them.

If Gu Changqing did this, his prestige in the country would reach unprecedented heights. In his previous life, he was an ordinary person who struggled to survive. As such, he might seek some benefits for ordinary people. Although he did not want to be the savior of the world, he would not disappoint those who worshiped him.


Back at the venue of the press conference.

Huang Mengguo looked at the live broadcast and smiled bitterly. "Gu Changqing's prestige can't be stopped. If he's really willing to reign in the Divine Runemasters for ordinary people, his prestige would be even more terrifying."

The three leaders looked at the comments in the broadcast room silently.

[Little Tuan, can you tell Boss Gu to disciple those Divine Runemasters who are oppressing us?]

[That's right, Tuan Tuan! We work more than ten hours every day, and they only give us a can of meat. However, if we don't do it, we'll starve to death. Please tell Boss Gu about this.]

[Sister Tuan Tuan, I hope you can convey our message!]

The three leaders of the Nine Region Empire only smiled wryly after reading the comments.

There were too many Divine Runemasters who operated meat processing factories. Perhaps, the government could do something about it, but if the Divine Runemasters closed the meat processing factories out of spite, even more people would starve. It was impossible to rely on the country alone for now. It would take at least a few months for the rice fields to be harvested. Even then, the food crisis might not be solved. In the coming few years, they still had to rely on the meat of mutant beasts to feed the huge population of the Nine Region Empire.


"My friends, I'll definitely tell my boss about this. I hope he'll be able to make your lives easier."

Zhao Yuting looked at the comments in the live broadcast room and felt sympathetic.

โ€ฆ ๐˜ญ๐˜ช๐‘๐‘Ÿโ„ฏ๐’ถ๐‘‘.๐˜ค๐‘œ๐˜ฎ

In a secret base of a certain gang.

A group of thugs were drinking and eating meat while watching the live broadcast.

"Boss, if Boss Gu comes forward to deal with the matter, weโ€ฆ"

The gang had more than 100 members, and they had also opened up a meat processing factory.

These people were naturally afraid that Gu Changqing would stand up for ordinary people.

The leader of the gang was a tall and burly man. Scars riddled his exposed body, and there was a tattoo of a poisonous Black Mamba on his arm. At this moment, he was hugging two beautiful and scantily dressed women in his right and left arms. His expression was sinister as he said in a deep voice, "If he really dares to stand up for those low-level laborers, then he'll be making an enemy out of the majority of Divine Runemasters."

"Even then, who can do anything to him?"

The burly man smiled coldly and said, "Do you think there's a lack of crazy and vicious people? If Boss Gu suppresses us too much, there might be some crazy people who'll go to his shelter and throw a few nuclear bombs there. He might be able to deal with the bombs, but the radiation would still significantly impact them."

There were many gangs like this in the country, and they were gradually growing more and more presumptuous, doing whatever they wanted.


Backstage of the press conference hall.

After seeing Gu Changqing's domineering display of strength, Lin Chen said through gritted teeth, "He's definitely not human! I almost died when I awakened my two divine runes. If he's human, how could he have awakened so many divine runes?"

Lin Chen found it incredibly hard to accept that Gu Changqing was so much stronger than him. He could only look up at Gu Changqing's back.

"That's why I told you not to compare yourself to him. You can't compare to him," Su Youwei said softly to comfort him, "Why must you compete with him? It'll be fine as long as we don't provoke him."

"Sister Youwei, I just can't accept it," Lin Chen said unwillingly. If Gu Changqing was not around, he would be at the center of attention.

"No matter what, don't provoke him. Otherwise, I'll cut ties with you," Su Youwei said seriously. Very few people knew Gu Changqing's character better than her after all. He would not hesitate to resort to unscrupulous means to achieve his goal. Those who offended him would only end up miserable. In the past, some people were not only forced into bankruptcy by him, but he also framed them and sent them to prison.

"Alright, I won't provoke him," Lin Chen said with a nod after taking a deep breath. He really liked Su Youwei after all.

"That's right. You're about to become the leader of the Divine Runemaster Alliance. Apart from Gu Changqing, you're almost at the top of the world," Su Youwei said. As mentioned before, she was obsessed with power and wealth. Since she could not return to Gu Changqing's side, she had to make sure to hold on to Lin Chen, who had great potential.


Western Sea.

The sea was not only dyed with blood, but the pungent smell of blood permeated the air as well.

Gu Changqing returned to the shore and deactivated his divine runes. He was wearing a well-ironed black suit, displaying his slender but imposing figure. The expression on his handsome face was cold as he took a cigarette out and lit it up.

"Boss, you're really powerful!" Zhang Hu said, unable to conceal the admiration on his face.

Gu Changqing lightly inhaled the cigarette before he said, "Go dig out the black demi dragon's crystal core. It should have fallen to the fifth grade."

Zhang Hu nodded before he called out to the others, "Everyone, follow me."

At this moment, Wu Rui stepped forward and said, "Boss, the people in charge of gathering crystal cores will be here soon."

"I'll leave it to you," Gu Changqing said before he walked toward the helicopter not far away.

Since the black demi dragon had burned its crystal core, the crystal core had fallen to the fifth grade. For this reason, Gu Changqing was no longer interested in it. He had a few grade-five crystal cores after all.

'What a pityโ€ฆ If I knew this would happen, I would have directly killed itโ€ฆ'

Now that he learned his lesson, he would not drag things out next time. It was too much of a waste for a grade-seven crystal core to drop to a grade-five crystal core.

Seeing that Gu Changqing was leaving, Zhao Yuting quickly called for the cameraman to follow.

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