Divine Rune Awakening: Starting With Various Divine Runes and Dominating the World

Chapter 39: It’s Capable of Stealing Another Person’s DIvine Rune? Interesting
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Chapter 39: It's Capable of Stealing Another Person's DIvine Rune? Interesting

The battle in the sky became more and more intense. In just a few minutes, Gu Changqing and the monster had exchanged a few thousand blows.

The blood spear and knife-like weapons collided with an explosion of light, destroying the ground.

Chaotic shockwaves swept to the ground like a storm.


Without any warning, Gu Changqing used a killer move, channeling all his energy into the armor. Then, the two black dragons at his back shot out and bit the two knife-like weapons in the armored monster's hands.

"Scram!" the armored monster bellowed, frantically mobilizing the energy in its body to shake the two black dragons off.


Gu Changqing flashed and appeared in front of the monster at this moment, carrying the flashing blood spear. In just a moment, he brought the spear down with devastating might.

"Kill! Blood Prison Airstrike!"

Gu Changqing's eyes shone with a terrifying light as his energy surged violently. His blood spear was domineering as it flew out and struck the chest plate of the monster's armor ruthlessly.


Gu Changqing's attack was extremely powerful, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake and shattering a piece of the monster's armor before sending the monster crashing down like a cannonball.


Gu Changqing's voice was like the death knell from hell. He did not give the monster a chance to breathe. His armor shone with all kinds of colors as he swooped down.

As the blood spear in his hand pierced through the air, the energy of the Black Dragon, the Qilin, the King of Hell, and Asura merged. Each had their own distinct colors. With the power to shake the sky, he chased and attacked the monster that was falling to the ground.

"You meat, if I don't get rid of you today, there'll be endless trouble in the future," the armored monster bellowed. However, as the two black dragons bit its shoulder, a hint of disbelief could be seen in its eyes as it looked at Gu Changqing's attack. It could not believe that a mere Divine Runemaster at the peak of the fourth rank could force it, a tier-eight existence, to such a desperate state.

The armored monster's eyes were bloodshot as it roared, "The Tourbillion Hammer of Hell! You're the one who's going to die! Don't get carried away when you're just a piece of meat!"

At the same time, a vortex appeared and churned behind the monster before a ghastly energy surged out.


In the next moment, a giant hammer that was hundreds of feet in size burning with hellish flames and surging with the power of the vortex shot out.

The vortex continued to churn violently, surging with great power.

The hammer locked onto Gu Changqing, occupying a vast space in the sky. It looked invincible as it shot toward him. If it landed on the ground, it would not be difficult for it to destroy an entire city.

"Die, you piece of meat! Even a tier-ten Star Destroyer would die in front of this weapon!"

The armored monster steadied itself and touched its broken chest plate. Its gaze was extremely fierce as it continued to say, "After you die, I won't leave anyone alive. I'll eat all of you!"

In fact, the armored monster was a little frightened by Gu Changqing. Gu Changqing was clearly only at the peak of the fourth rank, but he could unleash such terrifying power. It was even forced to use its killer move, which could only be used once every ten years. After this, it would have to wait another ten years to use this move again.

James Kohler and the other Divine Runemasters, who were watching the battle, broke out in cold sweat for Gu Changqing when they saw the giant's overwhelming might.

"What the hell is that?!"

"What a terrifying aura! Just the aura alone makes my legs go weak."

"Can Boss Gu block it?"

Gu Changqing, who was diving down, looked at the Hammer of Hell that was about to land on him and sensed the threat of death. He also discovered that he was restrained by a mysterious energy and could not move at all. However, there was no fear in his eyes. They were as calm as a pool of still water. He said tonelessly, "Demon rune."


In just an instant, Gu Changqing's armor and the blood spear turned black without changing their appearance. With that, he regained his mobility.

At the same time, Gu Changqing's energy soared by 30 times.

The surface of his armor was covered with demonic runes that seemed to be alive. At the same time, the ancient, brutal, bloody, and murderous demonic flames surged, causing the air to distort.

Gu Changqing's eyes burned with demonic flames as his power rose. He was shocked that just a small fraction of the Rahu divine rune was so powerful. He could not imagine what kind of power he would possess when he was able to equip the Rahu Armor.

Gu Changqing shifted his gaze to the Hammer of Hell that was fast approaching.


Gu Changqing vanished into thin air.


Without any warning, the armored monster was pierced from the back by the demonic blood spear.

"Y-you… How did you do it?"

The armored monster could sense the power wreaking havoc in its body, destroying its vitality. It could not understand how the human in front of it could break off the shackles of the Tourbillion Hammer of Hell. Even a tier-10 Star Destroyer was not capable of such a feat. 𝒍𝓲𝒃𝙧𝒆𝒂𝒅.𝓬𝙤𝒎

Gu Changqing stood behind the armored monster silently. He slowly pulled the demonic blood spear out before he reached into the armored monster's body and brought out a dark blue crystal core the size of a rice bowl.

The armored monster fell from the sky and returned to its original form as its vitality dissipated.

With the death of its owner, the Tourbillion Hammer of Hell vanished as well.

Suddenly, the strange mark on Gu Changqing's palm felt warm.


In the next moment, a scene that made James Kohler and the other Divine Runemasters widen their eyes in shock and disbelief appeared.

The massive monster was suddenly sucked into Gu Changqing's palm.

Gu Changqing was also shocked and puzzled by this. However, now was not the time to study this matter.

Seeing that the monster was dead, the tier-seven black turtle turned around and fled into the sea.

Gu Changqing scoffed softly and threw the demonic blood spear in his hand over.


A black light flashed.


A black mushroom cloud rose from where the black turtle was about to dive into the sea.

Demonic energy surged and rampaged in the sky, parting the sea for a moment.

Gu Changqing waved his hand, and the blood spear and a milky-white crystal core flew back.

After that, Gu Changqing staggered and suddenly coughed up a large mouthful of blood. His body was still too weak to bear the burden of the power, and this was the backlash.

He quickly deactivated the divine runes, and when he circulate his spiritual energy, he discovered the divine rune of the monster in his sea of consciousness.

"What's this?"

He endured the pain of the backlash and tried to activate the divine rune of the monster in his sea of consciousness.

With a buzz, he was equipped with the armor of the monster.

Gu Changqing raised an eyebrow. He did not expect the mark on his palm to have such a function. Furthermore, the divine rune was at the eighth level.

Gu Changqing deactivated the divine rune and murmured to himself, "It's capable of stealing another person's divine rune? Interesting."

The mark on his palm was truly strange.

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