Divine Rune Awakening: Starting With Various Divine Runes and Dominating the World

Chapter 47 - 47: Gu Changqing’s Divine Runes Begin to Evolve
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Chapter 47: Gu Changqing’s Divine Runes Begin to Evolve

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Zhao Feng looked at the group of people who had walked out, especially the woman in the armor. Without a doubt, they were the people who had been watching them for the past few months.

“Who are you?” He asked in a deep voice. “After stalking my Demon Alliance team for a few months, you finally couldn’t help but show yourself?”

“Well of course I’m here to kill you guys!”

The blue-haired Ioli, Lan Mengmeng, mumbled something in her mouth. The temperature emitted by the Drought Demon armor was slowly rising. As light surged within her palms, a dagger that was fifty to sixty centimeters long suddenly appeared.

Behind her, Kuishan was wearing thick Earth Dragon armor.

The remaining eighteen lackeys all wore dragon and snake armor, staring at Zhao Feng’s group like they were prey.

“A rat that hides its head and shows its tail. Do you dare to state your name and what faction you are from?”

Zhao Feng wanted to find out the identity of this group of people. If he was lucky enough to escape today, he would definitely ask Gu Changqing to come and kill them all.

He was only in half of his current state, and he knew very well that he would be no match for the woman in the Drought Demon armor and the man in the Earth Dragon armor.

For now, he can only run.

“A dying person doesn’t need to know so much. Just die! ”


Lan Mengmeng didn’t waste any words and charged toward Zhao Feng.

“Split up and run!”

“Run!” Zhao Feng roared and fled as fast as he could without hesitation.

When the nine Demon Warriors heard this, they scattered and fled at the same time.

“Chase them and don’t let them escape!”

Kuishan shouted and quickly chased after one of the Demon Warriors.

The others locked onto their own targets and ran after them as fast as they could.

“You can’t run away.”

Lan Mengmeng followed Zhao Feng. The two of them chased and flew around in the sky at astonishing speeds.


Kuishan held a huge saber. With his strength, he caught up to a Demon Warrior within a few breaths. He raised his saber and slashed it across the sky.

“You will also die a horrible death!”


With a loud boom, this Demon Warrior was killed by his powerful blade.

How could the strength of a tier-6 be a match for a mid-stage tier-7 Kuishan?

After killing one, he went after the other Demon Warriors.

“Damn it, if Boss finds out who you are, he will make you beg for death.”

“Roar!” Zhao Feng, who was flying through the sky like lightning, roared in anger when he noticed that one of his brothers had disappeared.

They were all brothers who had gone through life and death with him. His heart was bleeding, and he was so angry that he wanted to turn around and fight with them.

However, logic told him that he couldn’t die here.


Lan Mengmeng, who was chasing after him, saw his sudden increase in speed. She was surprised that he was willing to burn his Divine Runes to escape.

However, she didn’t dare to do so. Seeing that the distance between them was getting further and further away, she decided to give up on the pursuit.

Once someone burns a Divine Rune, there would be no way to stop until it completely disappeared from their body.

In addition, she was originally going to let one person go back to report. Since she could not catch up, there was no need to chase after him.

Boom! Swoosh-

However, at this moment,

In the direction that Zhao Feng was fleeing, a majestic aura suddenly erupted.

After a loud explosion, Lin Chen, who was covered in Emperor Armor, broke Zhao Feng’s armor and grabbed his neck.

“Humph, if I let you run freely, how can I lure Gu Changqing out?” Lin Chen looked at him and snorted.

“Are you Lin Chen?”

Zhao Feng stared at the person in front of him.

“Yes, it’s me,” Lin Chen sneered, “Are you surprised?”

At this moment, Bai Xing, who was wearing Immortal Bird armor that was as pure as a white angel, and Bogdan, who was wearing Thunder Yang Death God armor with four layers of divine runes on his body, arrived.

“Lin Chen, aren’t you afraid that your actions will bring death to your entire family?” Zhao Feng said coldly.”

“Hehe, of course I’m afraid! However, would you be able to do that?”

“From today onward, your Demon Alliance will cease to exist.” Lin Chen sneered in disdain. 𝒍𝓲𝓫𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒅.𝙘𝙤𝒎

“Ridiculous! With just a few ants like you?” In front of Boss, you are all trash that couldn’t even be shown on the table, and now you only dare to do small tricks in secret.”


Lin Chen didn’t want to argue with him. He slapped him until he fainted. Then, he looked at Lan Mengmeng and said, “Don’t kill them all. Leave one to report back.”

“Don’t worry, we’ve already let one of them escape.” Lan Mengmeng came over and said.

Lin Chen nodded and landed on top of a collapsed building with Zhao Feng in his hand. He threw him onto the ground, smiling, “Now, we just wait for Gu Changqing. Let’s disperse our armor and find a place to hide. Lan Mengmeng, you stay here and watch.”

“Alright,” Lan Mengmeng said. “Find a suitable ambush spot!”

“Brother Bai, Brother Bogdan, we will hide in three different directions. With Lan Mengmeng’s move as a signal, we will launch our strongest attack at the same time and kill him when he is unprepared.”


“No problem!”

After saying that, the three of them spread out and found a hidden and suitable position to launch an attack.

To a tier-7 Divine Runemaster, the distance between Luojiang City and Longjiang City was less than half an hour at most.

Not long after, Kuishan and the other nineteen people returned.

“How did it go?” Lan Mengmeng asked.

“I let one of them go, but the rest were killed by me with a single slash.” “Alright, now we just need to wait for the rabbit.”

Lan Mengmeng took off her armor, found a place to sit down, and took out her nhnnp tn nlnv

“Captain! Brothers!”

The Demon Warrior Liu Zhang, who had escaped, clenched his fists in grief. He felt Zhao Feng’s aura and roared in his heart,

“Captain, I will definitely run back and have Boss come over to tear them into pieces.”

He didn’t know that the other party had intentionally let him go. To escape and report back, he didn’t hesitate to become an ordinary person. He burned his Divine Rune and his speed increased drastically, quickly disappearing from this place.

At the same time, Gu Changqing was in seclusion.


An extremely painful scream sounded in the soundproof seclusion room.

On the ground, Gu Changqing was holding his head with both hands and rolling on the ground. His mouth was letting out hoarse and hysterical painful roars.

His entire body was like a red-hot iron rod. The nine Divine Runes on his body were emitting a fierce, bloodthirsty, and brutal light.

The incomparable heat burned every cell, blood, and bone in his body.

The mental power that was slowly tearing his head to shreds raged in his mind like a tsunami.

The double torture he felt made him wish he was dead.

He had been facing this torture from last night when he successfully broke through all the Divine Runes except for Luo Hou to tier-7. Now, they suddenly went berserk.

Gu Changqing knew that they were evolving because the Shura Divine Rune on his back had successfully evolved into the Shura Sovereign Divine Rune last night.

There were still nine more who were queuing up to evolve, and now, he was trying to evolve his Black Dragon Divine Rune.

If one was to evolve every day, he would have to suffer in this pain for another ten days..

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