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Chapter 6: The Era of Blood and Chaos Begins

The night was dark, only illuminated by the blood moon that hung high in the sky.

Everywhere in the world animals and plants began to mutate. Even a blade of grass grew a few meters tall, and its sharpness could easily pierce the human body.

Roars resounded everywhere in the darkness as scarlet and green eyes appeared one after another.

In the desert, scorpions, insects, and lizards were in great agony as they mutated.

People with pets watched in shock as cats and dogs suddenly mutated and grew in size. They looked even more ferocious than tigers. Fortunately, most of them did not hurt their masters. Apart from physical mutations, they had also gained intelligence and knew who treated them well in the past. If their masters were in danger, they would even protect their masters.

That night, chaos descended on Earth.

Animals broke out of their enclosures one after another in zoos, farms, and the likes across the world. They roared as they hunted in the night, searching for the scent of humans. They easily tore their prey apart, feasting on them.

In a zoo in Longjiang City.

Three pandas, which were national treasures, grew to 20 or 30 meters tall and roared, shaking the entire zoo. When they saw their caretakers being killed by other mutated animals, they rushed out in vengeance.

The plants were also mutating. Trees that were only a few meters tall grew to hundreds of meters tall.

As time passed, more and more glowing eyes appeared outside of the shelter. There were so many of them that it was terrifying.

The electric fence was covered in sparks as mutant mosquitoes and insects tried to fly in like moths to flames. Fortunately, the 100,000-volt electric fence was not something these mutant insects could withstand.

The mutant lizards climbing the walls were also charred black by the steel plates.

For now, the shelter was absolutely safe.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, the 108 men in the shelter with demon tattoos also regained consciousness.

Someone gasped. "What powerful strength!"

"Heavens! This power!"

"So powerful!"

"Is this the reason why Boss told us to get a tattoo?"

"Thank you, Boss!"

All of them could sense the power coursing through their bodies from the divine runes when they woke up. All of them wore expressions of shock and disbelief on their faces.

One of them tried to wield the power of the demon from the divine rune, and armor instantly covered his entire body.

Not long after, Zhang Hu regained consciousness on the balcony as well. He looked around and called out, "Boss, where are you?"

Suddenly, Zhang Hu frowned and looked at his body. "My body…"

Zhang Hu could feel the immense power from the Black Tiger and Demon King on his chest. He tried to use the Black Tiger's power.


Zhang Hu's eyes widened. His entire body was covered in black armor with red tiger stripes that looked like blood vessels.

"What's this? This is really awesome!"

Zhang Hu was stunned. When he recovered, he tried to use the power of the Demon King.


The Black Tiger Armor quickly changed into the even more powerful Demonic Black Tiger Armor. It had a pair of mechanical wings on its back that looked like it came from a sci-fi movie.

The wings trembled slightly before Zhang Hu suddenly shot up into the sky. He used too much force that he almost crashed into the electric fence in the sky.

"F*ck! This is awesome!"

The power of the Demonic Black Tiger Armor shocked Zhang Hu to the core. Up in the sky, he saw 108 of his men gathered in the square. He flapped his wings gently and landed with a loud bang!

"Brother Hu! You're too cool!"

A group of men wearing demonic armor stepped forward and removed the helmets that covered their heads. They could barely hide the excitement on their faces.

Zhang Hu took off his helmet and said excitedly, "It is very cool! By the way, have you seen Boss?"

The men shook their heads.

"Brother Hu, is Boss a prophet?"

Someone said in a low voice, "He's too godly!"

"It's really not wrong for us to follow Boss!"

"Wait here! I'll go to his room to take a look."

In the master bedroom on the third floor of the main building.

Gu Changqing was in the bathroom, washing the blood off his body and drying his hair.

The divine runes were like living things after their awakening. They emitted a terrifying sense of oppression.

After putting on a black suit, he stared at the grayish-white mark on his palm. He knew that it had saved him. When his consciousness was fading, he could clearly sense a strange energy from it that made the eleven divine runes submit to him.

"What are you exactly?" Gu Changqing murmured. He was extremely curious about the mysterious mark.

Currently, even without wielding the power from the divine runes, his physique was already very strong. He felt like he could easily rip bulletproof armor with his bare hands.

Suddenly, with just a thought, the blood spear between his brows emitted a bewitching red light. In the next moment, the divine rune between his brows disappeared, and a blood spear that emitted a terrifying aura appeared in front of him. It was nearly two meters long, covered in what looked like blood vessels.

The blood spear felt like one of his limbs. He could wield it as easily as he could his arms. With another thought, the sound of air whistling rang in the air as the blood spear shot around the room at lightning speed.

"What a good weapon!"

Gu Changqing was very satisfied with the fierce weapon. Then, he tried to use the Asura's power.


Dark red armor covered Gu Changqing's body immediately.

'Black Dragon Divine Rune!'


A black light flashed before his Asura Armor began to change. In just a moment, black dragon scales appeared on the armor and gained many characteristics of a Black Dragon. The helmet resembled the head of the Black Dragon. The armor's aura was even more brutal and fiercer than before.

'White Tiger Divine Rune!'


A white light flashed behind Gu Changqing. 36 White Tiger Daggers, which were about 20 centimeters long and extremely sharp, with tiger stripes appeared, glinting coldly under the light. They hovered in the air behind him quietly as though they were a part of his body.

"Hmm? I can only use the power of four divine runes at the same time?"

Gu Changqing was surprised when he found that he was unable to use the other divine runes. He quickly dismissed the four divine runes and activated the divine rune of Sun Wukong, the Great Sage of Heaven.


A terrifying and violent power surged out of Gu Changqing's body before the huge and translucent figure of the mighty Great Sage of Heaven appeared behind him.

'Qilin Divine Rune!'


Black flames burned around Gu Changqing's body as the Qilin armor appeared. With this, his strength increased greatly.

Although he had only used two divine runes, he found that he could not use the other divine runes. He quickly deactivated these two runes before he activated another divine rune.

'The Grim Reaper Divine Rune!'


The dark aura of death rose from Gu Changqing's body and spread out. Then, he found himself wearing a black hooded robe and a mask. His eyes shone with a scarlet light that seemed to come from the depths of hell.

'Skull Divine Rune!'


A long scythe with a sinister aura appeared in Gu Changqing's hand immediately.

With this, he could not activate the other divine runes.

He quickly deactivated them and activated the Rahu Divine Rune. Unexpectedly, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

"I'm unable to wield Rahu's power with my current physique? It seems like the Rahu Divine Rune is o a different level compared to the others!" Gu Changqing exclaimed. Despite the failure, he was filled with admiration.

'The King of Hell Divine Rune.'


A powerful force erupted from Gu Changqing's body. Markings that emitted a gray light appeared around him immediately.

'Nezha Divine Rune!'


The King of Hell Divine Rune automatically deactivated before Gu Changqing underwent a transformation. His appearance now resembled that of Nezha, which was portrayed in the movie.

'It's too cool!'

In any case, Gu Changqing knew that his divine runes were only at the first level. He was not invincible.

In his previous life, there were quite a few Divine Runemasters who cultivated their divine runes to the ninth stage. Their strength was so terrifying that they could level a mountain with just a wave of their hands.

After that, Gu Changqing spent some time exploring the powers of the divine runes. 𝓵𝒊𝒃𝙧𝓮𝙖𝓭.𝙘𝒐𝙢

Apart from the daggers, the White Tiger Divine Rune also equipped him with a set of armor. However, with his current physique, he could not equip three sets of armor. The Asura Armor and the Black Dragon Armor were too powerful; he could not equip another one. Nonetheless, any one of his armor was stronger than Zhang Hu's double armor.

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