Divine Rune Awakening: Starting With Various Divine Runes and Dominating the World

Chapter 65 - 65: Since You’ve Left, I’ll Take the Stage. The Blue Star Empire Will Never Be Destroyed!
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Chapter 65: Since You’ve Left, I’ll Take the Stage. The Blue Star Empire Will Never Be Destroyed!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Zhang Hu and the others were still waiting outside Division I’s city.

They waited for more than ten minutes, but there was no movement.

“We haven’t seen any movements from the battle for more than ten minutes. We can go in and do a carpet search.” “Monkey King!” Zhang Hu shouted.

“Hmm? Can I enter the city now?

The Monkey King carried his club up. After fusing with the Dark Demon King Divine Rune, it gained the ability to speak in human language.

“Yes.” Zhang Hu nodded. “Bring your army into the city and start searching for anything useful in the buildings. Then, gather in the center.”


The Monkey King agreed and led his army into the city.

“Let’s go in too!”

“Let’s go, let’s go. I barely survived then. It’s time to take the opportunity.”

The Divine Runemasters and sea beasts present followed closely behind and entered the city after the monkey army went in. Zhang Hu also called the others into the city.

Soon, the place was empty.

[Has the Blue Star Empire really been destroyed? Why aren’t there any humans from there?]

[There are no humans in the central city. The probability of it being destroyed is high, but how did it happen to begin with?]

[If the empire was really destroyed, did they leave behind their divine runes before they died?]

[If they really left behind their divine runes, that would be terrifying, especially for the ruler who had 36 invincible ones on his body. If that creature with 10,000 stars just now fused with them, his strength would reach unimaginable heights!]

Nearly 150 billion viewers in the Supreme God Platform’s live stream were puzzled as to why the Blue Star Empire had perished.

With this number of viewers from around the universe, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say this wasn’t a small number.

Division 1 Central Building, Main Office.

Gu Changqing took off his helmet and walked in. He looked at the dignified middle-aged man projected by the optical computer on the desk and sat down on the office chair.

“Hello, new human. I am Chu Beichuan, emperor of the Blue Star Empire!”

Gu Changqing had just sat down when the eyes of the middle-aged man on the projection fell on him.

Knowing that the other party was just a residual data projection, Gu Changqing did not speak and just quietly watched.

“The fact that you’re here means that you’ve taken care of the ten robots guarding Division 1!”

“For a new human like you to appear, the citizens and forces of our empire who died under the Void Curse are all grateful! ”

“I believe you will be very curious about the curse that was able to destroy our entire empire…”

Next, the dignified middle-aged man in the military uniform told him about the Blue Star Empire’s glorious history.

After Gu Changqing heard this, he couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Back then, all the races in the universe had to lower their heads under its pressure.

At this moment, Chu Beichuan continued, “After learning about the Empire’s power, I know you must be shocked!”

“In the era we ruled, everyone in the empire, from the citizens to the ruler, strayed from the right path because of this.”

“They regarded other races as ants. They bullied, trampled, slaughtered, and plundered. They did not regard others as intelligent civilizations at all!”

“Finally, retribution arrived.”

“The ten great races that were bullied by our empire for tens of thousands of years called for a besiegement.”

“That battle was so intense that only one-tenth of the Milky Way remained.

Who knows how many Overlords had fallen from our war!”

“However, our empire’s power still killed them, and they fled with their tails between their legs.”

“Although we won this battle, most of the empire’s great forces fell. We originally planned to seal ourselves and develop for tens of thousands of years before coming out.”

“Unexpectedly, the ruler ended up killing ten of the Void Emperor Clan’s people along with a dozen of their masters. Due to the ruler’s injuries, he was distracted. This allowed the Void Emperor Clan’s Master to sacrifice 80% of his clan’s living beings to plant the most unsolvable curse in prehistoric times!”

“This curse was extremely strange, especially when it spread around the empire. In less than three months, it has spread to the Blue Star Empire’s 6.8 billion humans.”

“At that time, we knew that destruction couldn’t be stopped. Before we sealed ourselves, we left behind the seeds of humanity in the outside world. To be able to see you enter this place, if we were allowed to become spirits in heaven, we would definitely be thankful.”

“We are happy that someone can come into our empire.”

Gu Changqing was listening quietly, but he wasn’t as calm as on the surface.

The former empire was so powerful that it could kill off the attacks of thousands of races by itself.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Void Emperor Clan spared no expense in casting the Void Curse, they would still be able to rise after sealing themselves for tens of thousands of years.

In Gu Changqing’s heart, there was a surge of hot blood that gradually boiled.

If the old empire was destroyed, could he create a new one?

“You should be the leader of the new humans, right? After hearing my words, do you feel your blood boiling?”

“Do you want to start a new empire? If you really have such intentions, you must break into the core city and enter the Empire State Building at all costs!”

“If you are strong enough, you can inherit the empire’s central city. Although the things we have left for you won’t allow you to fight against the universe’s powerful races, they will definitely give you the ability to protect yourself before Blue Star is completely unsealed.”

“The central city has a total of nine divisions. This is Division 1. All the residential buildings have the divine runes left behind by our citizens before they died, but they are only at tier-10.”

“There are also some powerful firearms manufacturing blueprints and so on.

The things here can also usher in a transformation for the new humans.”

“However, if you want to truly rise, you must take down the nine divisions and then break into the core to inherit our empire’s central city.”

“You only have two months. If you can’t break in during this time, the city will self-destruct after leaving the Blue Star.”

“This ring on the table is my gift to you!”

“Inside are the divine runes I and my subordinates left. There are also some top-grade crystal cores for cultivation.

“Ah! No matter how much you wish to give up, you will eventually turn into the dust of history! Work hard, new humans!”

With his final heavy sigh, the projection slowly dissipated.

Gu Changqing looked at the disappearing projection. He took out and lit a cigarette, then took a whiff. 𝘭𝒾𝑏𝓇𝘦𝒶𝘥.𝘤𝘰𝑚

After the cigarette was finished, his eyes flickered and he said in a low voice,

“Everyone, rest in peace! Since you’ve left, I’ll take the stage. The Blue Star Empire will never be destroyed!”

Then, his gaze fell on the black gold ring next to the projector.

Gu Changqing picked it up and tried to pour a wisp of spiritual power into it.

Instantly, his spiritual consciousness arrived in a vast white space.

There were at least a thousand divine runes arranged in rows.

There were one hundred in the second row, ten in the third row, two in the fourth row, and only one in the fifth row.

In addition, there were millions of basketball-sized crystal cores piled up in this space.

The energy contained within them was extremely vast and pure. Besides that, there were some unknown fruits that emitted divine light..

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