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Chapter 83: Starlight, Central City Revives

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Today, a piece of sensational news from the Super Flame Emperor Race spread throughout the universe.

The content was simple,

[The greatest threat in the human race, Gu Changqing, has died. This news is absolutely true. It was personally said by Zhang Hu, the Demon Alliance’s leader. He wants to use the Dawn Flower to save Gu Changqing! ]

[Everyone, just deal with the human race as you should. There’s no need to worry about the future!]

[Is this news true?]

[D*mn, don’t play tricks on us!]

[If you have the ability, you can slaughter a human city first. Only then will I dare to believe you.]

[Yes, Gu Changqing can kill us even if he doesn’t come out. If you want us to believe you, you have to take action]

[I remember that someone was tricked into killing hundreds of thousands of humans before. In the end, his fate was so miserable that it made people tremble in fear.]

[Anyway, I won’t be the one to do it.]

The comments under the post were skeptical.

More importantly, Blue Star’s sealed space had been opened. Who would be in the mood to kill the human race?

Right now, the opportunity they had at hand was the most important.

The fertile space was filled with all kinds of rare and exotic fruits. Even a single Divine Fruit could make countless low-level Divine Runemasters rich.

Not to mention, there were even rarer Reverse Latent Divine Fruits.

Consuming this thing could increase one’s potential index by a few hundred points. Each fruit was priceless.

As long as a person could get their hands on one, they wouldn’t have to worry for the rest of their life.

Under such temptation, who could resist? 𝒍𝓲𝙗𝒓𝒆𝓪𝒅.𝙘𝒐𝓶

In fact, there were even quite a few 30 – 40 Divine Runemasters who were willing to lower their divine runes to level 20 in order to come down.


In the sealed space, in a certain forest.

The Supreme Star Academy’s three core apprentices were hunting a level-21 Violent Armored Dragon Rhinoceros.

The three of them were all wearing the academy’s 15th-tier Purple Star Armor. Purple starlight flowed around them. One of them wielded the Starmoon Divine Bow for long-range attacks, one with the Starmoon Divine Shield to fend off attacks from the beast, and the last one wielded the Starmoon Divine Sword to land attacks.

Under the three’s combined attacks, the rhinoceros could not last for more than half an hour before its huge body fell to the ground.

“This guy was really hard to kill!”

The person holding the Starmoon Divine Bow flew over and cursed in a low voice.

“It’s worth it for those three Blue-Silver Holy Vines!”

The one holding the Starmoon Divine Shield chuckled. He looked at the Blue-Silver Holy Vines that were wrapped around a huge rock not far away. Its entire body was flowing with blue and silver colors, and its divine radiance astonishing. “Each of these are worth 400 to 500 million star coins. Blue Planet really is a treasure trove!”


Suddenly, the woman holding the Starmoon Divine Sword’s Super Brain shook.

She took it out and Miao Luoyan’s voice, “Gu Changqing is dead. Quickly meet up with your senior brother outside the first sealed space entrance on Blue Star and slaughter the human race.”

The three of them exchanged glances when they heard this.

The man holding the Starmoon Divine Shield said in a deep voice, “Let’s not care about that for now.

There are so many good things here.”

The woman with the bow nodded and said, “That’s right. The humans can be killed at any time. However, the opportunities here will be reduced with each share taken.”

“Alright, let’s not worry about it for now.”

The woman in the lead also felt that slaughtering the humans wasn’t as important as the opportunities here.

After reaching an agreement, they ignored their headmaster’s orders and went up to collect one Bluesilver Divine Vine each.

Just as they were about to leave, the woman in the lead’s Super Brain, [Junior Sister, we’ve found the ruins of the city that sealed this space. There’s a Divine Tree inside with twelve Divine Fruits on it. Don’t worry about the Palace Master’s orders, I’ve already sent you the location.]

“Gasp! Divine Tree?”

“My God, twelve Divine Fruits? Every single one of them is priceless!”

“Let’s go!”

The woman in the lead was overwhelmed with emotions and quickly called them to the location.

The Divine Fruit has a potential index of below 3,000 stars. Consuming one could increase their potential index by 1,300 stars, but they can only take one in their lifetime.

The Supreme God Platform only had two for sale at the moment, and the price was so high that countless living beings felt discouraged to buy it.

They didn’t even dare to think about it.

As everyone knew, the higher the potential index, the slower the subsequent cultivation.

Those old farts with 4,000 stars might not be able to increase by 100 or 200 points even after cultivating for a long time.

Core city, main building.


Suddenly, the two giant rings that enveloped the building suddenly lit up with dazzling light. They broke through Blue Star’s atmosphere and headed straight for outer space. Such a huge commotion shocked countless people in the central city.

“What’s going on?”

“F*ck! Why did the core city main building’s Star Rings suddenly light up so brightly?”

The people living in the nine divisions looked at the golden starlight that reached the outer realm with confusion.

“What happened to the Star Rings?”

In an office on the 100th floor of the core city’s research institute, Xuanyuan Wangrui, Huang Mengguo, and Long Zhanguo were in a meeting. They were also looking at what happened at the main building, confused.

Except for a few people, no one knew of Gu Changqing’s death.

Nobody was even aware that someone had become the central city’s owner.

“Wow! Mother! What’s that? It’s beautiful!”

In an amusement park in Division 9, Lin Yueyao and Lin Shuiyao were playing with Gu Yanyan.

Gu Yanyan looked at the starlights that were shooting up in amazement. Her big black gem-like eyes blinked on her delicate and cute face, and she looked up with her mouth slightly open.

“Yes! That was… W-Who did the central city recognize as its master? Could it be… Could it be that Boss is…”

Outside the city, Zhang Hu had just returned with the Dawn Flower. When he saw the dazzling starlight in the city, he was shocked and confused. At the same time, his face gradually showed excitement.

Even his body was trembling.

Other than Gu Changqing, he couldn’t think of anyone else who could make the main computer, Xiao Shu, recognize them as his master.


Zhang Hu laughed wildly, shaking the entire world. He then entered the city at his fastest speed.

Core City, main building’s office on the 600th floor.

In the office.

Gu Changqing, who was aware he had been deep asleep for an entire month, was standing quietly in front of a huge floor-to-ceiling window. His deep eyes looked down at the entire central city.

At this moment, he opened his thin lips and said calmly, “Where’s Su Youwei and the others? Did you kill them when I fainted that day?”

“I’m sorry, Master, ” Xiao Shu said in a low voice. “After you died, your information as my master also disappeared. Therefore, I had no right to control the empire’s Emperor Star Guards. They only listen to the Emperor!”

Gu Changqing lightly said, “Dig three feet into the ground and find her traces for me. That woman deserves to die.”

“Understood!” Xiao Shu replied and began to scan the entire blue planet.


“Boss, is that you?!”

At this moment, Zhang Hu rushed in excitedly.

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