I Became The Villain The Hero Is Obsessed With

Chapter 210: – Other World
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Chapter 210 – Other World

The meeting where all the leaders of the world’s S-class villain leagues gather, Katal.

“Everyone has arrived.”

At the center of various races and attires.

With closed eyes, Celeste, the villain ranked first, dressed in a white saint’s gown, was speaking. Her voice was gentle and reverent as if a Celeste hymn were softly resounding in one’s ears.

While she was speaking, I was looking around. Our fellow villains, sitting in their unique and diverse outfits, were still present. Almost everyone who attended the previous meeting was here. It’s surprising that no one died. At least they came dressed more warmly this time; it’s getting colder these days.

Of course, I was more interested in a man on the other side, with a hairstyle resembling a flame. He is Li Xiaofeng, the S-class villain from China.

As I glanced around, I noticed Katana, who was sitting right next to me, looking at me with a puzzled expression. Despite her expression, there was a sense of goodwill in her eyes. I had other thoughts in my mind.

China is also in conflict with the government, including Li Xiaofeng. Hmm… If this goes well…

Of course, it’s just a fantasy for now. Still, I never expected to become this close to Katana. Who knows what will happen in the future?

Just as I was contemplating the Asian Villain Union, Celeste’s voice resounded.

“Let’s start the meeting now.”

Finally, it begins. I turned my gaze away from the man on the other side and looked back at Celeste.

She, dressed in a saint’s gown, and Arthur, her aide sitting next to her in gray knight armor, began the meeting. As expected, Celeste was the first to speak.

“The influence of the International Association is weakening.”

Starting with that statement, she continued to talk about the powerful abilities that are emerging at an increasing rate and how the association can no longer control them, causing an unusual atmosphere.

Well, I already knew this information, and it didn’t interest me much. We’ve known from the beginning that power inflation would occur, so we’ve been researching various means to control proliferating ability users, including PMC.

Anyway, Celeste continued by revealing some internal secrets of the association and areas they are currently neglecting. She drew special attention when she mentioned that the death of X Makina caused chaos within the association, and naturally, the eyes turned toward me.

After Celeste finished her speech, the real sharing of information began in a counter-clockwise direction.

It’s amusing to listen, but most of the talk isn’t very helpful. Naturally, Celeste, as the host of the meeting and the pinnacle of villains, had the most significant amount of information. But others didn’t have much to offer. Still, there were some creative stories. From rumors of an imminent volcanic eruption to stories about a hero hiding a second ability or a bomb-headed man with green goggles distributing weapon designs. I should show that to Seo-eun.

Anyway, everyone took their turn sharing information.

Finally, after Katana, who seemed to have some inside information about the association due to her actions in Japan, finished her sharing.

It was nearly the end, and my turn finally came.


Numerous gazes were concentrated on me much more than when others were speaking. Considering that many people have been pretending not to look at me since the beginning of the meeting, it’s only natural.

I smiled slightly and met all those gazes.

In the previous meeting, I leaked information about a hero with an almost 0-class secret ability. From his name to his ability, I accurately revealed it. Furthermore, shortly after I spoke about him, he died, and his identity was exposed to the world. So, it’s only natural that they have to focus on my words. They are curious about who I am and whether I’ll reveal shocking information again. Last time, everyone’s attention was concentrated on whether it was just a coincidence or not.

And I had no intention of betraying their expectations this time.

Yeah. Let’s reveal this information now.

I opened my mouth and spoke.

“Everyone, do you all know that this universe is not the only one?”

That was my quiet statement thrown onto the silent round table.


At my words, they seemed to be puzzled at first. It might seem like a sudden and confusing remark.

Continuing from there, I said.

“More precisely, there is not just one dimension. This universe is composed of multiple dimensions. It’s like the multiverse theory. Generally speaking, there are other worlds that we can’t normally reach.”

Well, I don’t intend to go into a deep discussion about dimensions here. I have a separate point to make.

“Anyway, what I want to say is… There are rumors that the barriers separating each dimension have been weakening lately.”

“In other words, beings from other dimensions, creatures from the second dimension, might be able to come over to our world… That’s what the rumors say.”

“Please keep that in mind.”

….. 𝙡𝓲𝙗𝙧𝓮𝒂𝒅.𝙘𝓸𝒎

I finished my statement there. This should be enough. Speaking any further or in more detail would only be counterproductive.

After my words were done, the round table fell into silence.

Or rather, it became a bit perplexing.

‘…Well, that’s to be expected.’

While it may sound like an implausible fantasy to hear, I have my track record. Wasn’t I the one who accurately predicted X-Machina, whom no one knew about last time?

However, believing my words without question would be difficult. After all, they probably heard about different dimensions and monsters from another world for the first time today, so how could they believe it? It sounds unreal too. Suddenly, monsters from a previously unknown dimension are going to invade. It sounds ridiculous.

But then again, I have a track record that can’t be ignored. However, believing that I can predict the appearance of beings from the second dimension, just like with X-Machina, is a whole different issue. That’s probably why the round table, which was quiet a while ago, has become noisy again.


Of course, I sat quietly without any further explanation.

The main event, the Wolgwang Gate, where creatures from the second dimension forcefully come through, is still some time away. Anyway, sooner or later, a portal will open without the need for them to be involved.

In the original story, it was an event that passed by as if it was just someone’s ability, but now the ones here should understand. It’s the passage to the second dimension that I was talking about.

“…I guess I only speak up when the atmosphere becomes strange due to being Egostic’s sidekick. Oh, well! Everyone, focus! I’ve brought a very astonishing story.”

Our Uncle Atlas’s outburst silenced the continued grumbling.

Anyway, not long after Uncle Atlas finished speaking, the meeting also came to an end with Mohawk and some others.

“…Those of you who have more to discuss, feel free to stay and continue your conversation.”

That was how the meeting ended. Some left, but a few remained to exchange discussions among themselves. I suppose that’s how it goes when we live in different countries and are far apart; we take the opportunity to talk more when we have the chance to meet.

And, we were no different.

“Haha! Egostic, the information you share is always unique whenever we hear it. I have a reason to acknowledge you, hahaha! So, is what you said earlier really true?”

“Haha, yes. I’ve heard about it as well, and I think it’s quite plausible.”

“Well, in any case, we’ll defeat whoever comes at us. Hahaha!”

As expected, it was an answer typical of Atlas, pretty thoughtless.

Well, it’s true that someone who leads a legion of fishmen like him would have no fear of beings from another dimension. In fact, in the original story, it was Atlas’ legion that defeated the most monsters that came out of the gate.

“….If what you said is true, we should also be prepared to some extent.”

Katana, who was sitting next to me, nodded her head. However, for now, it seems like most of them don’t have any special concerns. The existence of invaders from another dimension sounds vague, and there’s no guarantee they’ll be hostile. Well, we’ll find out more later, and we can talk about it when the time comes.

With that, we exchanged a few more words before starting to prepare to leave. After all, there are many listening ears around here.

“Hyung-nim*, please be careful!” *TN: Refer to an older brother in a very formal way. This only applies for male.

“…Ah, yes, yes.”

With that, after exchanging greetings with Mohawk and Atlas, I started to prepare to leave. It’s time to go home.

And something happened.

“Just a moment, Egostic.”


Katana stopped me. When I looked at her with a smile, she had a serious expression and said to me,

“Earlier, I was interrupted, and I couldn’t finish what I wanted to say. I am truly indebted to you for everything. As much as I owe you, I want to do anything I can to help. Is there anything I can do for you?”

She looked into my eyes, speaking so sincerely. I glanced at her for a moment, and then I spoke.


“Yes. Anything I can do.”

With a firm determination, I told her what I had been thinking since earlier.

“Well then, there is one thing I’d like to ask of you.”

“Yes, please tell me.”

“Katana, would you join me-”

I stopped for a moment, and then continued with a smile.

“-in doing terrorism?”


She, who had shown such determination, suddenly looked puzzled at my words.

Well, she didn’t expect me to be willing to make such a request.

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