Inheritor Of Magic: The Magi King

Chapter 523 523 New Barriers
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Chapter 523 523 New Barriers

Wolfe flew himself up to the spire to wait for the city work to be finished while he studied new arrays to put up for the protection of the city, and found that the three Witches were already waiting for him.

"We weren't busy, so we came up right away. I'm guessing that you needed healers and muscle to go with you to the boundary to welcome the guests tonight?" Mary asked.

"Exactly right. The witches in the group shouldn't be a problem if they've been restrained, but being supposed deserters and most likely hit by the Nerve Gas, they might not have been, and they might take the chance to lash out at us as well.

So, we will tend to any wounds that need it, and bring them back here, where we can discuss the healing of the nerve gas damage. Or maybe we should do that at the border and get the Servant Marks in place right away?" Wolfe suggested.

"I think that's the better idea. The sooner they're marked, the safer it will be. Then you can heal the damage without worry, and we can get them working on helping us adapt to all the new mouths to feed.

Priya is mobilizing a group of former soldiers to run a mess hall in each district so that we will have food for everyone until they get settled in, and Cassie has appointed a pair of Bunnies to expand the grocery section of the market, so they can get food to cook for themselves after the first few days.

Other than that, I think they caught you up on everything. What were you studying?" Mary agreed.

"A new array to protect the city in case there is an incident where the army gets around our barriers and deterrence and either begins to shell the city or attacks directly. The spells we have are good, but not perfect." Wolfe explained.

"Well, everyone is up and about today, so once you do find the right spell, we can gather every powerful caster and Fae to supplement your magic. I'm told that there are a hundred Rank Five Witches and two Saints in total, so I think that we should plan for them to send everything they have at us at some point." Mio suggested.

Sending every single General, both saints and every high-ranking politician at them at once to try to eliminate Forest Grove as a threat? That sounded like pure insanity, and the risk that they might get gassed, killed or otherwise tricked into leaving their homes vulnerable was far too high for any sane person to risk it.

But somehow, Wolfe couldn't rule out the fact that they might actually do it, just to prove a point. If they could eliminate Forest Grove and all the spells that were built here, they would have a huge advantage in the future, even if they took heavy losses.

So, that was the standard that Wolfe planned to defend against as he looked through the Inheritance for suggestions.

[Filter by barriers and Grand Magic] He suggested to the spell as he searched the records. π“π‘–π‘π‘Ÿπ˜¦π’Άπ˜₯.π’Έπ˜°π‘š

[Eighteen Grand Magic Barriers Found]

Wolfe began there, since he would have help to cast them today. They had managed it last time, and this time he would be starting as a Rank Five Magi, so he had some advantages in his mana control.

The first few used Elemental Magic from elements that Wolfe wasn't skilled with, but eventually, he found just the right one. Added by the Lightning Saint and the Undying Saint working together on the research, there was a dual element barrier in the records that was only Unholy and Lightning.

That would limit how much the others could help, other than to feed him mana, but Wolfe thought he could manage this one.

[Nether Lightning Shield] was one of the easiest of the Grand Magic spells that Wolfe had seen, but it did require you to be Adept in both Elements, which greatly restricted the number of casters. Before the war, Unholy Magic was the domain of the Noxus Family and the Daemons of the lower planes, from which the cursed Demons got their name.

The description made Wolfe smile. They had put a safety disclaimer at the top.

[Should you be afflicted by this barrier accidentally, please seek out the Eternal Saint in the netherworld or ask to be sent to him from whichever lower plane your soul ends up on, should you not be eaten by the residents.]

That wasn't exactly reassuring for most people, but it did give a good idea of how dangerous this spell was.

After a moment's consideration, Wolfe went through the spells for one more.

[Eternal Vigilance] was recorded in the Noxus Family's personal spells, under Grand Magic, and the spell inscription itself was surprisingly easy to form. It was the casting part of it that was going to be difficult, as it required you to link mana from both this world and the afterlife at the same time and in perfect balance to activate the spell, which should then imprint itself on your very soul.

Wolfe thought that it might be best to imbue himself with a spell that would let him regenerate with his memories if he should happen to get blown up by an angry Witch Saint. As long as he carried the [Demonic Curse], either Cassie or Ella could call him back without issues using his full name, he hoped, but what would normally cause him to lose his memory.

It would be much better if he could bypass that restriction.

"You look far too delighted with your research to have failed, did you find that barrier you were looking for?" Mary asked.

"I found that and one more defensive spell that can only be cast on myself, but I think that it will give me great peace of mind in the future." Wolfe agreed.

"Sweet, where do we start?"

"We start with the barrier over the city. It's Grand Magic, on par with the spell to expand the forest, so it's not going to be easy, and I'll need some time to study before we start. How about we get some food and I should be ready by the time that the city is."

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