Kill the Sun

Chapter 139 139 – Three Months
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Chapter 139 Chapter 139 – Three Months

After talking a bit more, Manela said that they had wasted enough time and that they would start training immediately.

For the next four days, Manela kept instructing Nick on how to throw his spears while also constantly refreshing the basics he had already learned.

After that, Nick had three days of training with Reynold.

During these three days, Reynold kept charging at Nick, trying to hit him.

Reynold wanted Nick to get acquainted with making quick and correct decisions in a stressful and hectic situation.

Since Nick was using fist weapons, he needed to be the fastest person in a close-combat fight, which also meant making the quickest decisions.

In essence, Reynold was shoving all kinds of movements into Nick's subconscious.

The more familiar movements became, the quicker they could be performed.

Sadly, something like this would take a long time.

Then, it was time for Nick's training with Manela again.

Back and forth.

Back and forth.

While Nick was training with his weapons, Jenny and Trevor were also training in their weapons.

Jenny had found a good teacher for her long-distance rifle in an experienced guard team working for Gemini.

While the guard team didn't have a single Zephyx Extractor, their tactics, teamwork, and mastery over weapons made them dangerous to even Veterans.

Jenny's teacher was the sniper of this team, and he wielded an incredibly expensive and powerful rifle that could be loaded with Zephyx-based ammunition and even used Zephyx as a source of power.

The rifle cost over three million credits, and it was the only thing that allowed the guard team to threaten a Veteran.

Firing such a rifle cost over 50,000 credits per shot, and if the appropriate fortifications were not in place, the recoil would even break several bones of the sniper.

So, even though he was not a Zephyx Extractor, the gunner was still extremely experienced and more than good enough to teach Jenny.

Meanwhile, Trevor found a sort of club for convertable spear users.

Trevor had a spear with a retractable shaft, which meant that the spear could also be used as a dagger.

Such a weapon was officially called a convertable spear.

Only very few people were using convertable spears, which was why this club was formed.

It basically included over half of all the people who used this kind of weapon, and the strongest person in the club was an Expert.

The Expert instructed the two Veterans, and the two Veterans instructed all of the Johns.

Any Newbies got instructed by different Johns.

Membership for this club was rather cheap, but it came with the duty to instruct one's juniors.

Nevertheless, Trevor was also making amazing strides in learning how to wield his weapon.

The members of Dark Dream were becoming more powerful.

As several weeks passed, the three Extractors also began to change.

Jenny and Trevor had already become Peak Newbies, just like Nick.

Since Jenny's training was mostly focused on stealth, running away, aiming, and shooting, she became a bit more muscular, but not in a very noticeable way.

Although, many men on the streets kept turning their heads when she passed by them.

Jenny had also cut off the bangs that went down the right side of her head.

These bangs had often gotten in her way while she was trying to look through the sight of her rifle.

In the end, she decided to remove the bangs on her right while keeping the ones on her left, giving her an asymmetrical but striking appearance.

Meanwhile, Trevor was becoming more muscular, but also not by much.

Trevor had already been quite fit before joining Dark Dream. On top of that, Trevor actively avoided becoming too muscular.

After all, he was supposed to be Wyntor's undercover agent, which meant that he had to fit in with strangers.

He had to be charming and handsome, not intimidating.

But the biggest change was Nick.

Reynold was going hard on Nick.

Every week, Reynold got another brilliant idea, and Nick left every day with either heavy injuries or an absolutely exhausted body.

Sometimes, even both.

But the hard work was showing results!

Since Nick could train to death every single day due to his recovery, the growth of Nick's muscles was unparalleled. 𝓁𝒾𝒷𝘳ℯ𝘢𝑑.𝑐ℴ𝓂

While Nick had always been quite fit, he had never looked like an actual warrior.

But now, he did.

Nick wasn't as muscular as Reynold, but he was getting there.

When he flexed one of his arms, one could already see all the different muscles in quite a bit of detail.

Additionally, Nick's back and legs had also become much bigger since he was carrying his extremely heavy weapons every single day.

Another good thing was that Nick was growing, which improved his power even more.

About six months had passed since the founding of Dark Dream, and Nick had grown by about five centimeters, which put him at 178 centimeters.

From the looks of things, Nick was having a growth spurt, and it was probably also his last one.

So, he was doing his best and kept training and eating a lot to extend his growth spurt.

Reaching a height of 190 centimeters was impossible, but reaching one of 185 centimeters should still be possible.

After three months of training, Jenny, Trevor, and Nick became very confident in their power.

One night, Dark Dream held a secret meeting, and Wyntor told Trevor and Jenny about the spy that was spying on Dark Dream every few nights or so.

Then, Wyntor told them what his plan was.

The next time the spy showed up, Nick would kill him, which would provoke Cycle, Ardum's company.

That meant that working would become many times more dangerous and that every employee would become a target.

While it was illegal to kill a Zephyx Extractor, nobody really investigated these things unless they happened in the middle of the day in the middle of the street.

Surprisingly, Jenny and Trevor had no complaints.

Dark Dream had taken them out of the Dregs, and they were willing to do anything for it!

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