Martial Peak

Chapter 5245 - 5245 – Silent Anger
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Chapter 5245 - 5245 – Silent Anger

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

The moment Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao appeared among the Black Ink Clansmen who were located on the left side of the Royal City, the Territory Lords and the Eighth-Order Black Ink Disciples were horrified.

Earlier, they had witnessed the moves that the Old Ancestor had used, so they were acutely aware of how powerful she was; therefore, the moment she appeared, the Black Ink Clansmen around her promptly ran away.

However, it was too late.

The World Force swirled around her and turned into a violent storm. As it spread out, the Black Ink Clansmen around her collapsed.

Following her appearance, the Yin-Yang Fish, which was supposed to be on the right side of the Royal City, appeared and engulfed the Black Ink Clansmen in this place.

All the Black Ink Clansmen felt as though they were suffocating.

If not for the fact that Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao was under considerable strain trying to affect so many enemies across such a vast area, she would have been able to destroy all these 700,000 Black Ink Clansmen on her own given enough time. Even the Territory Lords and the Eighth-Order Black Ink Disciples wouldn’t be able to escape from her.

Fortunately for them, the Royal Lord arrived swiftly.

These two figures clashed again.

This was their third battlefield as they had been fighting against each other all around the Royal City.

The first battlefield was just above the Royal City where Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao attempted to destroy the Black Ink Nest. After her plan was foiled, she had no choice but to head to the right side of the Royal City where she devastated the Black Ink Clansmen stationed over there.

After she was done with that, she somehow slipped over to the left side of the Royal City and did the same thing to the Black Ink Clan Army here. Such roguish actions did not befit her status as the Old Ancestor.

The Royal Lord was so furious that he almost went mad.

He had previously battled Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao. During the exchange of moves, his only impression of this Human was that she was insane, and this time, her insanity had gotten worse.

This woman was aware that she would be at a disadvantage by fighting against the Royal Lord near the Royal City, but she insisted on doing it just to destroy the Black Ink Clan Army.

The Royal Lord almost had the urge to leave her alone and head straight to the Human Warships. He wouldn’t be heartbroken regardless of how many Black Ink Clansmen lost their lives; however, if too many Humans were killed, the Old Ancestor wouldn’t be able to take it.

However, he did not dare act on this impulse, for if he did, this insane woman would surely seize the chance and head straight for the Black Ink Nest. When that happened, even though he could cause a massive number of casualties to the Humans, his Black Ink Nest would be gone forever.

He didn’t care how many Black Ink Clansmen were killed, but he could never let his Black Ink Nest be destroyed; therefore, he had to target the Old Ancestor no matter what. He could not allow her to move about freely.

This put him in a passive position.

Only 30% of the Black Ink Clansmen were located on the right flank of the Royal City, tasked with stopping the weaponized Universe Worlds from impacting the Royal City, so it didn’t require a lot of people. 30% would be enough.

On the other hand, 70% of the Black Ink Clansmen were stationed on the left side of the Royal City, which was more than two times the number on the right. It was only natural that there were also more Territory Lords and Eighth-Order Black Ink Disciples around here.

Now that Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao had shifted from the right side to the left side, the Territory Lords and the Eighth-Order Black Ink Disciples on the left side certainly wouldn’t sit back and do nothing. Just like what had happened earlier, they charged towards the Old Ancestor in order to assist the Royal Lord.

Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao was in an increasingly perilous situation.

Given the strength she had exhibited earlier, she would still be at a disadvantage even if she was in a one-on-one fight with the Royal Lord in this place, not to mention that the Royal Lord had the assistance of these Territory Lords and Eighth-Order Black Ink Disciples now.

Barely 30 breaths of time later, the Yin-Yang Fish, which had come with the Old Ancestor, shattered and returned to Chaos.

This was a sign that the Old Ancestor no longer had sufficient energy to sustain her Secret Technique.

She had to focus on dealing with the Royal Lord and the powerful Black Ink Clansmen who had besieged her; however, she no longer had enough power to fend off all their attacks, which broke through her defences and struck her seemingly frail figure, causing the light around her to flicker.

Seeing that, the Territory Lords and the Eighth-Order Black Ink Disciples exerted more power with their attacks in an attempt to aid the Royal Lord in taking down the Old Ancestor once and for all.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t easy to defeat a Ninth-Order Old Ancestor. The moment the Yin-Yang Fish fell apart, the void seemed to shake a little, and as the tremor spread, a shockwave was sent across the entire battlefield.

All the Black Ink Disciples temporarily fell into a dazed state.

The powerful Black Ink Clansmen were less impacted, but they still became sluggish for a moment.

The Old Ancestor charged through the Black Ink Army and broke through their blockade before dashing towards the depths of the void.

After a brief moment of hesitation, the Royal Lord decided to chase after her.

Just a moment later, the noise of the battle between these two most powerful Masters was heard coming from the distance.

The Black Ink Clansmen, who were originally in an orderly formation, were all scattered and bruised now. After Old Ancestor Xiao Xiao kicked up a storm, not only was their Battle Formation broken, but many of them had also lost their lives.

The lives of the Black Ink Clansmen below the Feudal Lords didn’t matter; however, it was heart-wrenching to know that a number of Black Ink Clansmen above the Feudal Lords were killed.

Even some of the Eighth-Order Black Ink Disciples had lost their lives. Just now, two of them were killed by the Old Ancestor, and including the one from the right flank, she had slain three Eighth-Order Black Ink Disciples in total.

Such casualties should never have happened.

Regardless of how powerful the Old Ancestor was, as long as the Black Ink Clansmen coordinated properly, and with the restraint from the Royal Lord, the Old Ancestor would never have achieved such results.

However, the Royal Lord wasn’t concerned about the life or death of his subordinates at all. While the Secret Techniques and Divine Abilities used by the Old Ancestor were ferocious, those used by the Royal Lord were even more savage.

These Black Ink Clansmen not only had to deal with the Old Ancestor, but they also had to be cautious about getting impacted by the repercussions of the Royal Lord’s attacks.

Although the battle didn’t last a long time, the powerful Black Ink Clansmen all felt extremely weary.

Fortunately, these two sources of disaster had left. 𝑙𝒾𝒷𝘳𝑒𝑎𝒹.𝑐𝑜𝓂

This was the kind of situation that should have taken place since the beginning. These two powerful Masters should have gone to their exclusive battlefield and engaged in a life-and-death battle. Why did they drag the less powerful ones into their clash?

However, before the Black Ink Clan could take a breath, they were faced with a new crisis.

The fleet of Human Warships was now closing in. Xiang Shan’s towering figure stood at the bow of a Battalion Class Warship at the front of the fleet, and with a solemn expression, he reached out and summoned a hideous-looking saber that was taller than he was.

He pointed the tip of the blade forward and ordered, “Kill!”

At that instant, lights of Secret Techniques and artifacts flashed across the fleet of Warships behind Xiang Shan and rained down fire on the Royal City.

Every Human soldier of every Squad on every Warship silently took action at this moment.

In this silent atmosphere, all of them infused their World Force into the arrays and artifacts as they vent their burning fury on the Black Ink Clan.

The Humans were enraged.

They had witnessed what had happened to the Old Ancestor, and although they understood that everything she had done was to create a chance for them to launch an attack, when they saw that she had to deal with so many powerful Black Ink Clansmen on her own while they were unable to help, they inevitably blamed themselves for not being strong enough.

It wasn’t until they got close to the Royal City that they could vent their suppressed frustrations.

This was technically their first real battle since the East-West Army departed from Wind and Cloud Pass, so they had to succeed at all costs.

For this battle, they had been patiently waiting and getting prepared for the past several decades.

The Black Ink Clansmen still hadn’t regained their senses from the earlier chaos when they were engulfed from the Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering attacks.

Although Che Kong had already detected it, and he had been giving orders, the Black Ink Clan couldn’t form an effective resistance as their Army was currently still in chaos.

The powers of the Secret Techniques and the artifacts devastated the Black Ink Clan. Every attack was equivalent to an all-out move of a Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master.

Every Warship could send out two to three such attacks at once, so with some 2,000 Warships around, it was akin to 5,000 Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters making a move all at once.

The sight was truly magnificent.

The Black Ink Clansmen in the periphery were unable to resist such attacks.

Engulfed in the colourful lights, they were eternally laid to rest.

Before the two Races even clashed, a massive number of Black Ink Clansmen had lost their lives.

After the series of attacks, there was a moment of silence.

Several breaths of time later, the attacks of the same intensity shot forth again.

After three rounds of intense attacks from the Warships, a large number of Black Ink Clansmen were either injured or killed.

The Black Ink Clansmen were terrified.

It had been 30,000 years since they last fought with the Humans, and over the past 30 years, although the Humans had repeatedly harassed them, they would run away after launching a single round of attacks and achieving some small success. Hence, the Black Ink Clan never had a taste of how horrible the Human Warships truly were.

It wasn’t until this day that they realised the Humans were truly powerful. Faced with the continuous attacks, many Black Ink Clansmen were consigned to oblivion without even the chance to resist.

With the help of the arrays and artifacts on the Warships, the Humans were able to launch attacks on the enemy while the Black Ink Clan was unable to respond on the spot.

That way, most of the Black Ink Clansmen were powerless to counterattack as they were struck by the barrage.

Although the Territory Lords and the Feudal Lords did counterattack, the Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters certainly wouldn’t sit back and allow the Black Ink Clan to make a scene.

While the fleet of Warships was still creeping closer to the Royal City, the powerful Masters from the two Races exchanged moves from a distance.

The battlefield on the left side of the Royal City was bustling with noise, while on the right side of the Royal City, the Black Ink Clansmen who had just endured the battle between the Old Ancestor and the Royal Lord felt quite conflicted.

This couldn’t be helped, as the Humans had greatly changed their tactics this time.

In the past, when the Humans launched a round of attacks on them, the Universe Worlds would arrive at the same time.

But this time, while the Human soldiers had clashed with the Black Ink Clansmen on the left, the Universe Worlds still hadn’t arrived at the right side.

This forced 30% of the Black Ink Clan Army to remain idle as they had to stay there to prevent the Universe Worlds from destroying the Royal City. They could only watch as their clansmen on the left side were attacked, while there was nothing they could do to help.

This was apparently the plan that the Humans had come up with.

A moment later, the Human Warships had already closed to just 1 million kilometres from the Royal City. At such a distance, the two Armies could now engage in close quarters combat.

The continuous attacks from those Warships finally stopped.

This couldn’t be helped, as the cultivators responsible for controlling the offensive arrays and artifacts on the Warships were basically Fifth-Order and Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters. Although they were fairly strong, and they could cast Seventh-Order attacks with the help of the arrays and artifacts, their heritage wasn’t nearly as deep as real Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters.

They couldn’t possibly exert themselves to activate the powers of the arrays and artifacts continuously for an extended period of time. After such a long barrage, they had to slow down and restore their strength.

Che Kong, who was extremely vexed, raised his arm and ordered, “Stop them! Do not let them get any closer to the Royal City!”

Following his order, the Black Ink Clansmen behind him charged forward.

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