My Evil Stepson System

Chapter 156 156. What Did You Say? 2.
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Chapter 156 156. What Did You Say? 2.

"That man isn't my father," Kevin muttered to himself and the parasite heard his words and she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

[What did you say?]

[Why would you say that?]


"Do you know that for as long as I can remember, my Dad has never called me by my name,"

" He has always called me with a nickname he made for me,"

" It's almost like how Uncle Lucky calls me 'Kiddo' a lot of times, but Dad's own was different. He never called me Kevin,"

"But that thing that hugged me wasn't my Dad,"

[I understand that your dad didn't call you by the nickname you've been familiar with for years, but I'm sure you understand that he's had a lot on his hands.

With the sales of his company and the meeting he's had to attend after being dismissed from the hospital, Don't you think, maybe he just forgot to....]

"Let me finish," Kevin interjected, his voice tinged with an indescribable feeling of anger. It was the first time the parasite witnessed this kind of aggression from Kevin.

She kept quiet and listened to what he had to say.

"I used one of my skill, the God's Eye skill to have a clearer view of him,"

"It was used a bit and swiftly so that no one could detect what I did,"

"And with the aid of the skill, I was able to confirm my suspicion,"

"That impostor isn't my Dad, he is most definitely an Awakened,"

[If the impostor was an Awakened, then where do you think your dad is right now?]

"I don't know, but I'll have to find out,"


" To find out, I'm going to have to pay someone a surprise visit first,"

[The impostor?]

"No, not him but someone else,"

[But what about the impostor?]

" I'm going to kill him,"

[I'm surprised you haven't done this yet,]

[And I'm curious to know why,]

An evil grin appears on Kevin's face. "I needed to be relaxed before acting on impulse. After reaching this point, I've learnt how important it is to obtain more information before lashing out my anger,"

[So, you'll wait a while before confronting the impostor?]

" Hell no. Since he had the guts to perfectly act as my dad. It's only right for him to learn his rightful place,"

"I'll be visiting him tonight, but for now, I have to be somewhere else, "

Kevin stood up and leaped to the sky, launching himself like a bullet towards the hospital where Max was hospitalized.

Within five minutes, he arrived at the hospital and was hovering over the sky, trying to find exactly which ward the person he was looking for was.


Meanwhile in a hospital ward, the chief matron was just done attending to a sick patient. "Please, ensure you use your drugs daily, I'll send a nurse over with the list of the drugs you'll need,"

The patient nodded and watched as the chief matron left the ward.

But just as she stepped out of the hospital room with a sigh, a sudden gust of wind swooshed her away from where she was standing.


The speed at which Kevin lifted the chief matron from the hospital caught her by surprised and she became unconscious as Kevin took her high up in the city.

"Wake up," Kevin tapped her cheeks as he urged her to open her eyes.

When the chief matron opened her eyes, she suddenly found herself being raised up by her lab coat collar but she had barely been able to comprehend how she ended up here before Kevin asked.

"Where is my father?" He asked and the chief matron felt the cool breeze caressing her skin and she wondered where exactly she was but to her surprise, they were high up above the city roads and buildings.

"Uh?... Ahh!!"

She grabbed Kevin's hands with her hands trembling, her heart began to beat rapidly and her chest clenched in pain.

'How the h.e.l.l did I got here?'

'Wasn't I attending to a patient a few minutes ago?' She thought but.....

"Answer me!!"

Kevin's voice drifted her eyes back to him and she recognized the young man holding her up in midair.

This young man was Kevin Lannister, the son of the man who was discharged yesterday.

"H--he has been discharged since last night and he's currently...."

" Lies," Kevin interjected.

" Last chance, answer me truthfully and we won't have to do this the hard way. Where exactly is my father? Is he dead?"

She noticed the look on Kevin's face and she knew he wasn't kidding around and could drop her if he wishes but how could he be flying in the first place?

"I--I do not know," She mustered the courage to give a response but as she continued to stay high up in the sky she was increasingly becoming short of breath.

She hoped Kevin would believe her and let her down before explaining why they were up here in the first place.

But Kevin didn't believe her words and he did let her down.

"Wrong answer," Kevin replied and let go of her collar.

The chief matron watched as Kevin's hand let go of her collar, she tried to get a good grip of his hand but her hands loosened in its tenacity and she found herself falling straight down to the street with countless cars moving along the street, oblivious of someone falling straight down.

The chief matron screamed as she continued to fall, but the fear of falling on to the tarred road, breaking every single bones on her body and being squashed by several cars and trucks, made her unconscious once again as she saw her life flash before her eyes even before she made contact to the ground.

But Kevin came in time to catch her, grabbing her by the lab coat and aiming for the sea outside the city.

He grabbed her tightly and dived down the river before coming out instantaneously.

He did it again and again until the chief matron coughed out the water in her nose as she slowly opened her eyes once.

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