My interracial harem of beautiful queens

Chapter 103 Ekaterina [Extra] (R-18)
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Chapter 103 Ekaterina [Extra] (R-18)

Extra 4. Ekaterina


---POV Adam---

Every morning, I wake up feeling the warmth from all sides. My wives, and even the maids, cling to me every morning as if seeking the source of warmth. So even on the coldest days, we feel warm, heh.

And every morning, I wake up and see a woman in front of me...

"Good morning, Master."

Before me stood a dark-haired woman with green eyes that reminded me very much of Amarantha. That was one of the reasons I bought her from the slave trader.

She was a witch, a representative of a long-extinct race. But I doubt that, because they said the same thing about nymphs, and now one of the representatives of that race is lying naked in my bed, gently embracing my body and purring in my ear.

"Good morning, my maid."

I smiled at her and greeted her, feeling her cheeks relax, and she gave a faint smile.

Her socialization had been a challenging journey. And I still remember those moments with a smile, especially when she would hide behind me as if I were a barrier to her.


I skillfully slipped out from under the bodies of my beloved women and found myself in front of Ekaterina, who already held my clothes in her hands. As soon as I stood before her, she began to carefully dress me.

Five minutes later, I was dressed in my daily black suit, although in reality, it wasn't as comfortable, but I needed to maintain my appearance.

"Thank you," I said, stroking her beautiful hair.

"Mm..." I heard a rather quiet response.

Most of the maids see their ideal in her. Slim, beautiful, capable, intelligent. For them, she's an example to follow.

Especially impressive is her composure, her ability to keep a cool head, and always maintain a serious demeanor, as if she never smiled. This made many maids imitate her, and I could barely contain my laughter.

Because only I know her true personality...


The second day of Ekaterina's stay in my mansion.

There was a loud sound of breaking glass. I was sitting in my office and raised an eyebrow in surprise when the loud crowd noise distracted me from my work.

Approaching the door, I opened it and walked through the corridors to where I heard the noise. The maids had gathered there, and from their whispers, I sensed that something was wrong.

"What's going on here?" I asked, frowning.

"Oh, Master!"

A very young girl, who had just turned sixteen, responded to my question. She blushed and looked at me with adoring eyes but still answered.

Miss Ekaterina has lost consciousness, sir. Please, help!


I was greatly surprised and walked through the crowd of maids, seeing Ekaterina lying on the floor amidst the shards of broken glass. Frowning, I picked her up and carried her like a princess to my office.

After two hours...

"Good morning".

Ekaterina woke up, and her green eyes lit up, and her long eyelashes fluttered. She looked puzzled and slowly got up from her seat, realizing that she was suddenly in my office.

And when she looked up, she saw me working with papers. But I didn't forget to keep an eye on her from the corner of my eye.

"Master... what happened to me?" She asked in surprise, realizing that she had suddenly ended up in my office. "Why am I here?"

---POV Ekaterina---

My last memory was cleaning the windows, but suddenly I lost consciousness and found myself in Adam's office... why is that?

I've always been in good health, so I'm very surprised that I fainted.

"I don't know," Adam replied, setting aside his papers and looking at me with a smile. "I found you unconscious, so I called the doctors. They didn't find anything abnormal, as if you had simply fallen asleep."


I was puzzled, and I made a silly sound. Honestly, I had never just fallen asleep, because as a witch, I have a strong constitution. Besides, I'm not supposed to get sick.


"Huh? I see, you have some thoughts about this." Suddenly Adam's voice sounded, and I felt an itch all over my body. "Please, explain to me what happened?"

Although I couldn't see my face, I could confidently say that it was very red.

Honestly, this is not something I should be telling him. It's somewhat embarrassing, but... seeing his worried look, I took a deep breath and summoned the courage, even though the feeling of shame didn't go away.

"Um... well, actually, at the age of... um... 40, witches..." My voice trembled with embarrassment, but I managed to finish what I wanted to say. "They start going through a period of... um... adolescence, and our bodies... how should I put it... prepare for childbirth."

When I finished explaining my situation to Adam, he was surprised but didn't overreact. For some strange reason, I was upset. My thoughts were like...

"Upon learning this, your only reaction is a nod?!"

Although I was relieved that he didn't inquire further, I wanted him to be interested...


"Didn't that sound like a hint?" I exclaimed.

It seemed to me that I had practically announced my "readiness" in plain words. Damn, I'm so embarrassed!

Although I'm not against having a child with him, but... It's embarrassing!


---Third-person perspective---

One day, Adam woke up to an unfamiliar feeling of warmth on his chest. He could swear that this feeling was different from that of his wives, and when he opened his eyes, he saw an unusual sight before him.

A completely naked woman was lying on his chest, her long black hair cascading over his chest, and her warm breath making him feel ticklish.

Adam immediately noticed the discrepancies and, had it been Amarantha, the sensation of softness would have been different. But this...

"Ekaterina?" He thought, raising an eyebrow.

As soon as he inhaled the scent of her hair, everything became clear. Adam knew the scents of his wives and the women he felt attached to by heart.

Amarantha smelled like cherries.

Elara smelled like wild roses.

Elyra had the scent of raspberries.

Claire and Mary had a similar apple tree scent, but each had its distinct variation.

Shizuya... oddly enough, smelled like lavender.

So, his brain was working at 100%, and he immediately detected the inconsistency.

And what did Adam do to get out of this situation? Nothing. He simply enjoyed it. It wasn't the first time Ekaterina had entered the room and slept with him. Occasionally, when he managed to fall asleep alone (which was extremely rare), Ekaterina would lie down beside him.

Although most of the time, she tried to avoid him and blushed when their eyes met. Adam smiled gently and stroked her beautiful hair.

"If only you were more honest with your feelings..."


Although Adam didn't expect her "honesty" to manifest in this way.

It was a normal morning, and nobody was bothering anyone. Adam was sleeping longer than usual due to fatigue. His wives had already started their workday.

And... the morning didn't start with coffee or tea.

Bit by bit Ekaterina began to lift her head and as her lips tightened around the head of his cock, Adam let out a quiet sigh.

"Mmm..." Her eyes lit up brightly and she smiled predatorily as she looked at Adam.

"Oh?" Adam smiled as he saw the look in her eyes and thought there was something different about her. π’π’Šπ’ƒπ’“π™šπ™–π™™.𝓬𝙀𝙒

It was as if there was only the 'girl' part left of the small, innocent girl, though if you thought about it that way... what stood before Adam was a hungry woman, a tigress.

Her maid's clothes rustled as Adam appeared behind her and with a deft movement of his hand stripped her naked, leaving Ekaterina in shock. Just when she hadn't expected it, a hard object penetrated her vagina.

Adam's first sensation was tightness, followed by a surge of magical energy, which he successfully absorbed.

"Aaahhh!" Ekaterina moaned sensuously and turned toward him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Adam smirked and watching her expression carefully, suddenly made a 'lunge' that startled the woman and caused her to moan loudly, "Aaah!" and her eyes rolled back.

Grabbing her large breasts, Adam began to knead them as if they were dough. He trapped her nipples between two fingers and twisted them while moving his pelvis and penetrating her body, making the girl scream with pleasure.

Adam seemed to be in the succubus' confinement when the walls of her vagina squeezed him so hard that if it hadn't been for his strong body, he would have said goodbye to his younger comrade.


Adam grabbed her by the calves of her legs, lifting her into the air, and began to impale her in that position, reaching Ekaterina's innermost places.


Her loud moans echoed in Adam's bedroom, and most of the maids passing nearby blushed with embarrassment and ran about their business, hesitant to stay. But some stayed. Even those who opened the door ajar.


Another loud groan sounded as Ekaterina sputtered liquid and rolled her eyes, smiling stupidly. The maids who saw this closed their mouths in shock. Though many of them closed their other mouths...

"Gosh! It's the head maid after all... who would have thought that she could make such a face?" One of the maids was surprised.

"Well, I'm not surprised. The master is a very competent man," replied another maid, blushing up to her ears, but it was obvious she was enjoying the situation.

To be continued...

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