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Chapter 107 Sus King

The aftermath of the clash between the demons and Adam was tragically grim. Over twenty lives were lost, more than fifty lay wounded, and another hundred were scarred by psychological trauma. Despite Amarantha's adjustments to their memories, they still retained the haunting image of a man obliterating the demons.

However, there were silver linings, too, which worked in Adam's favor. From that day forward, he became the savior and hero of Varasima, an absurdity given that most of the victims were casualties of his actions. But choices were not abundant, and few remembered the actual sequence of events from the battle.

As Adam walked the road to King Varasima's estate, numerous curious and admiring eyes watched him, as if bidding him farewell. The only thing missing was a red carpet to complete the epic scene.

You might wonder, where was Amarantha? She was right beside him but remained invisible as if she had taken a page from a magical cube game. Adam was surprised at how effortlessly she activated the invisibility spell, making it so that only he could see her.

Since the battle's conclusion, she hadn't left his side, attentively observing every micro-movement of the restless demons who occasionally shuffled their army back and forth, though there seemed to be no immediate desire on their part to launch another attack.

But what if they did, once Adam was gone? "To hell with it, as long as he's safe," Amarantha thought, scanning everyone in the vicinity.

For her, only Adam mattered, as she had already reached her pinnacle of development and had no intention of spending her time on anything other than leisure with her beloved husband. She would act only when he asked or when danger threatened him or his wives.

Although Adam didn't have a highly detailed understanding of her intentions, he could guess, and this fact pleased him immensely. Nothing made him happier than when Amarantha cared for his new family with such devotion.


As expected, today's invitation to the audience did not end in the usual formality and gratitude, as Adam sensed from the atmosphere in the air. It seemed that the gazes of most servants had become twice as respectful, and even the guards, with whom he had strained relations, could only nod their heads politely.

It was an aura of power. Every servant felt gratitude, fear, and respect. Because this man had managed to decimate a massive army of demons and still stood before them unharmed, his stride undisturbed, his posture unaltered.

Most maids, gazing at his handsome face, couldn't help but blush with embarrassment. Their hearts raced as if they wanted to leap out of their chests and cling to Adam, forever cherishing him.

For merely existing, Adam gained 120 experience points, momentarily throwing him off balance. He even lost control of his facial expression and coughed. "Have I been using my power wrong all this time?" Adam thought, feeling disappointed.

In the city of Sedyon, and his advisor's office, he had hardly interacted with people except for the maids who brought him snacks. He had politely declined invitations so far, as he couldn't find the time due to the sudden expansion of his city.

"Ugh, this requires more attention than I expected. Once it's done, I'll hug all the ladies and build relationships." He thought as he nodded to the guard who slowly opened the door. Filtering his thoughts, Adam smiled with a polite and charismatic charm, crossing the threshold and thinking, "Either way, let's enjoy ourselves while we can. Some plans need to be expedited."


Today was a dreadful day for King Varasima. Shizurana had never expected the demons to attack so soon, leaving him no time to react.

"This was a perfect chance to shine, but..." He gritted his teeth, making a grating sound, his fist clenched until it bled. "But this Adam... damn, how did that idiot find such a good opportunity?!"

Shizurana considered himself a worthy king who ruled an ancient land, even if it was a vassal state. He had even considered standing out, defeating the demons, and trying to get closer to Elizabeth, but...

It turned out that Adam had taken all the glory for himself. And Shizurana's main concern wasn't that his subordinates had died but that he had lost his chance.

"How irritating," he grumbled and took a step forward when his attendants finished dressing him.

Accompanied by his officials, they made their way towards the throne room, where he had to deliver a eulogy, thank the hero, and reward him in some way. It was indeed infuriating, very infuriating.

"Your Majesty..." Suddenly, one of the five officials, a man who appeared frail and almost skeletal, began to speak. He looked like an old man in deep old age, but his blue eyes, shining brightly from beneath his hood, indicated he wasn't entirely helpless. His voice sounded deep, almost as if it came from the depths, with a high pitch as if he had been hit in the groin and could barely speak. Surprisingly, his voice had a charm that drew attention to it.

Shizurana, upon hearing his close official's speech, turned his head and showed interest in what he would say. This official had been loyal since his youth and had always given Shizurana good advice.

"Dereres, I've always trusted you. Thanks to your advice, I managed to take the throne that was rightfully mine but denied to me by my foolish father." Shizurana flashed a condescending smile and nodded. "So yes, go ahead, you can say what you want."

"Oh, thank you, Great King, whose greatness will illuminate our kingdom for centuries, and whose legends of achievements will be known throughout the world..." Dereres flattered with a smile, rubbing his hands together, bowing his old, bald head, showing the utmost respect, and reciting flattering words that sounded like a prayer. Shizurana's eyes gleamed, and he nodded, looking satisfied.

When a man named Dereres saw his king's attention, he hurried to speak, "My King, this advisor possesses a strange power, and he is truly mighty, but... only five people know of his achievements, right?"

"M-m... yes, that's right. Three knights and two mages who were there during the attack and witnessed how he summoned a massive fire vortex that caused the demons' demise," confirmed Shizurana, wearing a stern expression, feeling fear welling up within him, which angered him greatly. "Me? Afraid? Impossible..."

Dereres seemed to have noticed his king's emotions, so he hastened to continue his speech, not wishing to further spoil his king's mood.

"My King, what if we... alter the history a bit?" Dereres asked, chuckling cunningly.

'Ugh, what an awful laugh,' thought the other officials, who suddenly felt a headache coming on.

Shizurana's steps halted, and he turned his entire body towards Dereres, looking at him with a curious expression that pleased the old man immensely.

"And... can the dead tell tales?" The old man grinned devilishly, causing the wrinkles on his face to deepen. "Rumors are commonplace in our time. And the reality is always elusive..."

"You mean..." Shizurana suddenly widened his eyes, and then his chest heaved. A moment later, he burst into loud laughter, "HAHAHAHAHA!~" It seemed that the king's laughter had a strange energy that affected the officials, who couldn't help but cringe, seemingly realizing where this was going.

"What a great idea, my dear friend," Shizurana responded, nodding in satisfaction. He liked the idea from his long-serving official who had been close to him since youth.

"Kekkeke." The old man laughed and leaned closer to the king's ear, with his permission, and whispered.



Seeing the official and their king cunningly laughing, the other officials exchanged glances and sighed.

"We're in deep trouble."


In the throne room, King Varasima - Shizurana von Varasima - proudly entered the room with a straight posture full of arrogance. However, for some unknown reason, he hunched over like a child sneaking a late-night snack when he felt Adam's gaze upon him.

The officials and high-ranking nobles couldn't help but exchange glances, their facial expressions strange, as if they had witnessed an adult with dreadlocks suddenly barking like a dog on the street while someone recorded it. However, no one dared to express their surprise out loud or show any reaction since he was still the king... though the sight of him nearly stumbling on a step was amusing. Some young nobles struggled to stifle their laughter.

Behind the throne stood two women: the princess and...

"Hmm." Adam smiled, looking at the mature woman behind the king. She was exceptionally beautiful, and Adam categorized her as the "older sister" type, someone who would take care of you. She had long gray hair, very long hair that reached down to her waist. Even her loose dress couldn't hide her ample H-cup bust.

When she glanced at the king, for a moment, there was a hint of displeasure in her eyes, and her index finger twitched. This reaction sparked some thoughts in Adam.

"Interesting," he thought, looking at the king, who for some reason avoided eye contact with him. "What's going on with this guy? He looks like he's been milked by women all night..."

Although Adam was disrespectful towards the king, most of those present shared similar thoughts. Even Dereres, who had always supported his king, couldn't help but feel embarrassed by his clumsy actions.

However, after five minutes of silence, the king cleared his throat and looked at Adam. His eyes gleamed when they met Adam's, and Adam squinted, causing Shizurana to avert his gaze.

"Suspicious," Adam thought.

While Shizurana silently complained about his inability to look Adam in the eyes for some reason, he gathered his composure and began his speech, which started unusually. π™‘π’Šπ’ƒπ“»π’†π’‚π“­.π™˜π“Έπ“Ά

"Today, literally five hours ago, a tragedy occurred that could have threatened our kingdom," he spoke with a proud and arrogant voice, raising his chin as if trying to see the sky. "During this attack, we lost our defense in the form of the wall, as well as our warriors..."

His gaze turned angry, and he clenched his fists, trembling all over as if unable to contain the rage boiling in his blood. Adam rolled his eyes when he saw this performance and thought with amusement, "Give this guy an Oscar... no, Oscar needs this guy."

To be continued...

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