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The first thing Adam felt upon awakening was the softness around his cock. When he opened his eyes, he saw Iliantra's beautiful face flush and turn as red as a ripe apple, and her charming mouth sucking on his cock.

He was amused and felt a strong sense of satisfaction. This woman had always taught everything too fast and now her blowjob could make Adam shudder with pleasure. The slurping sounds filled the room and Adam sighed.

His cock trembled and soon Adam shot his seed into the mouth of Iliantra, who, though surprised at first, then carefully swallowed it all. Adam felt a sense of satisfaction and stood up.

"Ah!" Iliantra was in her thoughts when Adam put her in a doggystyle pose and then moved her pelvis and entered her. "Aah!"

"Aah! Y-yes!"

"More! Aah!"

Adam leaned into her and penetrated deeper and deeper, then grabbed Iliantra by the hair, making her cry out. He felt the walls of her pussy tighten around his cock and, without thinking, he raised his hand and slapped Iliantra's buttock.

"Hee-hee!" Iliantra cried out in surprise and rolled her eyes.

Adam used the "Gentle Touch" in his spanking, which gave Iliantra great satisfaction and almost made her cum, but she bit her lip and held back. Adam amused himself and took it as a challenge, beginning to spank her with more force.

"Aaah! P-please, stop!" Iliantra rolled her eyes and shuddered, losing the strength in her legs.

She fell on the bed and began to cum, but Adam didn't stop and continued to pummel her. He smirked and spanked her even harder, causing the woman to moan loudly. As he came closer to her ear, Adam exhaled, making Iliantra shudder.

Finally, after ten minutes, Adam squirmed and felt a strong rush of pleasure. He moved his cock and thrust deep into Iliantr, then released his seed. The eruption lasted almost a minute and Adam pulled his cock out.

Like yesterday, Iliantra's cum began to flow out of her pussy, forming a beautiful waterfall worthy of being a tourist attraction. Adam sighed and stepped into the shower, where Iliantra later joined him and they continued their business.


A week later...

Adam was on his way back to the capital. He was in a luxurious carriage that bore the emblem of the First Elder, the Head of the Hall of Elders, Iliantra. So no one dared stop him. It was like an ambulance rushing to a call. Ahem, back on topic...

Adam was slightly tired, and the deep hickey that Iliantra had left on his neck was noticeable. Her lips, so sweet and delicate, marked it as if she were afraid someone would steal it.

Iliantra also gave Adam about ten life-saving items, which were in the form of a ring. Adam put them on and rewarded Iliantra with a kiss, who smiled happily afterward.

The result of their night was that Iliantra's heart was completely submitted to Adam. He felt proud that he could seduce a woman of her level. Although it is possible that the primary reason she slept with him was a prophecy.

Adam had an important place in it, and there was a clear instruction for the descendants of the Iliantra family to become Adam's wife and accompany him for the rest of his life. Although he did not know why the Iliantra ancestors had decided so, Adam felt gratitude.

"As expected, their wisdom is amazing, and their kindness is comparable to heaven." Adam wanted to pray but remembered that he was a demon, so he only bowed his head. "Thank you, great ones!"

In addition, it would be important to note Adam's improvement. Although it had been a tumultuous week for their romantic life, Adam didn't even think to stop training and meditation. As a result, he gained a deeper understanding of his skills as well.

[Name: Adam Harris.

Race: Demon 𝑙π˜ͺπ‘π“‡β„―π‘Žπ’Ή.π’Έπ˜°π“‚

Class: Casanova (Level 3).

Attribute: Darkness

Level: Medium Demon (F)

Sin: Lust (50%)

Seduction Points: 250

Partners: Claire, Maria, Iliantra]

Because Iliantra's level was very high, Adam benefited greatly from their "adventures". The Seduction Points alone were worth it, so he was very pleased.

The rise of "Casanova" enticed an increase in his charm and charisma, which had already begun to affect Iliantra, albeit only slightly. However, it was also a wonderful result.

His strength has increased many times over. Although the condensation of Lust's sin is difficult, given the strong and frequent outbursts of lust, the mere increase in his fighting power makes Adam smile like an idiot.

By comparison, he was able to be killed by Eldorin (Mary's ex-husband), in less than a second. That was the difference between the levels! He also gained new skills as a Middle Demon, so he gained a little, but still a lot of self-confidence.

An hour later, Adam's carriage successfully arrived at his home, and he, satisfied, got out of the carriage. Immediately two beautifully dressed women caught his eye. Adam smiled softly at them as well. Before he could even open his mouth, he was suddenly embraced.

"Oooh...Master, I was so lonely!" Mary hugged him tightly, too, and there were tears in her eyes, she laid her head on his chest, and her gentle arms encircled his back.

"I missed you, too..." Claire was more relaxed, and she smiled softly as she hugged him.

Adam smiled softly, and those around him froze in shock when they saw his smile. Even without using the Art of Seduction or the Mastery of Communication, Adam could already win women's hearts without too much trouble.

Feeling the predatory stares of the women, Adam was not at all confused, but only smiled softly at them, causing a wave of squeals and screams. He watched with amusement as the elves, who were over a hundred years old, blushed like young girls.

Some of these women were with men who looked at Adam with rage as if they wanted to burn him through. Being in the spotlight, Adam smiled contentedly.

"This contrast between adoring women and hating men... dude, I'm getting addicted" Adam smirked and led the two women to his house.d

Soon he saw the table set, which was far too luxurious. Adam even saw the meat and was a little surprised. He put his arm around Mary and Claire, placing them in his lap. He massaged Claire's breasts with one hand and Mary's with the other.

After breathing in their scent and feeling the familiarity, Adam smiled softly and asked:

"My maids, do you elves like meat? I thought you protected all animals." Adam was surprised. All this time he had only seen fish in his diet when he dined with Amaria. So it was a little strange for him to see such a dish on the table.

"Aah! The thing is, not all elves share this idea. Many families eat meat, and no one condemns them for that" Mary groaned and twisted in Adam's arms.

Breathing heavily, Claire continued. "And so... Mmm! We decided to purchase a special meat to cook... Aah! You!"

Adam wasn't just surprised, he was shocked. He had read many stories in his previous life, and except for a few exceptions, elves had never eaten meat. They considered themselves the guardians of the forest and refused to harm the children of nature.

So when he saw the meat on the table, his embarrassment only increased. However, upon learning that it had been done for him, Adam smiled softly.

He stopped caressing the two women's breasts and pressed them to his chest, enjoying the smell of their hair, which was so delicate and pleasant, like the scent of a flower. With all sincerity, he expressed his gratitude to them:

"Thank you very much. I am extremely happy to have you".

It was a moment filled with tenderness and deep feelings, uniting Adam, Mary, and Claire in a special and unique moment of mutual understanding and love.


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