My interracial harem of beautiful queens

Chapter 95 Feeling Relaxed
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His solution was sent to a different sphere, this time meant for communication. The other side of the communication was an official in charge of internal affairs, and upon receiving Adam's directive, he embraced the idea and decided it would be the subject of the next assembly. Subsequent documents and reports became much easier to resolve, as they mostly pertained to his city or technologies.

Taking advantage of his authority, Adam issued an order to investigate and compile a complete biography of the individual responsible for creating cigarettes. The official in charge of criminals was greatly surprised by such a request but promised to provide the full information shortly. 𝓁𝘪𝒷𝘳ℯ𝘢𝑑.𝒸𝘰𝑚

Meanwhile, Adam sat in the office with Elizabeth, and despite not discussing anything during this time, he somehow felt calm and relaxed, even though they hadn't uttered a word.

Five hours had passed since the start of the workday, and during this time, Adam managed to clear one stack of papers. Glancing out the window, Adam saw a beautiful garden and was enthralled by the castle's beauty and overall design. He admired the aesthetics of the medieval era, and when compared to tall towers and skyscrapers, Adam preferred castles and estates from the 18th century.

Knock-knock. The sound of a knock on the door caught Adam and Elizabeth's attention. They both looked up and simultaneously said, "Come in."

"Apologies for the disturbance." A sweet voice echoed, and the door to the room opened, revealing a lovely young woman dressed in a maid's uniform. She was pushing a trolley with two cups of tea and a vase of cookies. "Your Majesty, esteemed advisor, it's time..."

The young maid raised her head with a deferential smile, but she froze upon encountering Adam's gaze. It was as if a chemical reaction had occurred; she blushed and began to stutter.

Noticing the 2 experience points, Adam kindly smiled at the beautiful maid and approached her, touching her hand. "Thank you. I'll take care of the rest, you can go rest."

"Ah, um... Sorry!" The girl didn't know how to respond and awkwardly nodded before turning around and rushing out of the room. "I-I'm sorry!"

Observing the young maid's flustered exit, Adam shook his head and then pushed the trolley toward Elizabeth's table. She reacted to his flirtation quite coldly, narrowing her eyes as she looked at him.

"What's the matter, Your Majesty?" Adam asked, smiling at her and gazing into the eyes of the beautiful queen without hesitation.

"Nothing..." Elizabeth gave a sparse reply and silently nodded as Adam placed a tea cup and the vase of cookies on the table. He set his teacup on his side of the table. When Adam sat down at the table, he caught a glimpse of Elizabeth.

Sunlight streamed into the room through the window, casting silver highlights in Elizabeth's hair. At that moment, she appeared unattainable, as if a heroine from a novel had stepped out from the pages. Her eyes, as blue as the sky, skimmed over the text as if they were swimming within it. Long lashes fluttered gently under the touch of a light breeze.

Before this picturesque scene, it was impossible to resist, as if the mastery of Leonardo da Vinci himself had materialized in this fleeting portrait. The gaze was captivated by indescribable beauty as if the gods had inspired the creator to bring this masterpiece to life.

Nevertheless, amidst this aesthetic harmony, ethical rules existed. Not wanting to linger too long on this ideal picture, Adam slowly shifted his gaze to the tea cup standing before him. He brought the cup to his nose, inhaling the aromatic notes of the cherry scent, feeling the tension release from his back.

Raising the cup to his lips, Adam realized the magnificence of the taste. The first sip of tea immersed him in an exquisite fusion of flavors: beginning with a delicate tartness hinting at mysteries and culminating in a moderate sweetness of berries, akin to a kiss from a royal garden.

"It's time to get back to work," Adam decided, placing the cup aside and picking up the next document.


The mayor of the city of Sedyon, Adam, gazed out the window where the last remnants of sunset were gently dissolving in the soft light. His origins had always been a mystery – he appeared as if from nowhere, and the last time he was seen was in the forests of Elfhaven, discovered by the elves. But now, he was focused on his work in her office.

Fate had brought him together with Amaria, a powerful and enigmatic figure, who kept him close. Elizabeth, the queen, suspected that there was something more behind this connection.

According to his story, she even helped him and approved the purchase of lands at the Three Borders. Elizabeth was surprised when she heard about this and immediately became suspicious. "She couldn't have fallen for him, even if he is very handsome," she puzzled, trying to investigate. "Even if Amarantha accepted him, I seriously doubt he has anything special."

Amarantha and Elizabeth. This friendship began over a thousand years ago when they studied together and were part of the same group. Over their time knowing each other, they had traversed a considerable journey, ultimately becoming influential figures in the world. The first became the leader of a major criminal group, while the second became a queen.

And though their paths diverged, Elizabeth never forgot their friendship and cherished every moment. But the connection was lost when Amarantha focused her attention on Elfheim, and they hadn't seen each other for over five hundred years.

Under the evening light filtering through the window, Elizabeth continued to gaze into the distance, watching as the sunset colors delicately spread across the sky. Quiet nostalgia was evident in her eyes as if memories of old times intertwined with the present moment. The breeze caressing her hair felt like nature's breath, serving as a bridge between the past and the present.

"An unusual feeling…" she mused, feeling a sense of tranquility.

Two hours later, Adam finished his shift. Saying goodbye to the queen, he headed home. Elizabeth acknowledged him with a nod and continued to immerse herself in her world of thoughts and emotions, hidden from everyone. Her thoughts were scattered and chaotic.

Beautiful blue eyes skimmed across the surface of the table, and she noticed another stack of papers that she hadn't managed to deal with. Picking up five of the sheets, she began to work. However, with each line she read, she noticed a difference.

"When he was here… it was easier for me," the queen marveled, but didn't attach much significance to it, continuing her work.

Work continued, but the relaxation and tranquility had dissipated as if vanishing into the night. The queen's gaze turned back to the stars, twinkling in the night sky. She kept working, but her thoughts were no longer as clear and organized as before.


Despite Adam's desire to head home quickly, Alexander insisted that he join him at a bar. Unable to decline the persistent man's request, he informed Amarantha, and, accompanied by the bothersome old man, they set off for the capital's renowned bar.

"What the hell? 'Night Butterfly' bar?" Adam exclaimed, looking at Alexander, whose proud face expressed genuine pride in himself.

"The bar with strippers! The best place on the planet…" Alexander began to speak but, noticing Adam's gaze, corrected himself, "After your exquisite brothel, of course."

The two men entered after paying the 10 Gold Dragon Stones fee. They immediately saw dancers and scantily-clad women, as well as a bar surrounded by a crowd of men and women.

Adam wrinkled his nose at the smell of sex and alcohol, as well as some prohibited substances. Anarchy was everywhere, and it seemed more like a brothel than a bar.

"Are you sure we're in the right place?" Adam asked, but seeing Alexander, who was already passionately kissing a prostitute and fondling her, he lost his words. "Damn it, man, aren't you afraid of catching something?"

On his question, Alexander waved his left hand and with his right hand slapped the prostitute's buttocks, eliciting a muffled moan. Only after passionately making out for ten minutes did the old man turn to Adam, exhaling contentedly.

"Ah, I missed this." He grinned and was about to pat Adam's shoulder, but he evaded, moving to the right with astonishing speed. "Hey, what's with you?"

"First, wash your hands. Preferably your mouth too. Who knows how many people she's been with?" Adam said, cringing in disgust. "Maybe we should go to my brothel instead? At least hygiene is strictly observed there."

Alexander clicked his tongue. "Man, you're boring as hell. Such a young guy, but you don't enjoy places without strict rules? Pf-f-f! Just so you know, your brothel is like expensive wine, and this – donkey piss, though! However, however!"

The old man waved his hands and expressed dissatisfaction, poking Adam's face.

"Your brothel is hilariously luxurious! Where are the orgies? Where's the striptease?! And it's expensive there! How about a discount?"

"You were only telling that story for a discount, weren't you?"

Adam sighed and decided to take a seat at the bar counter, where space was cleared for them as soon as they saw Alexander. This old man held his power here, and many knew him. Although judging by the clinging prostitutes, Alexander was quite popular.

"Bartender, my usual! And a glass of apple juice for this snotty guy!" Alexander shouted loudly and laughed.

"Yes, sir."

The bartender smiled politely and turned to Adam, awaiting his order. He pondered and simply ordered a regular wine, which earned complaints from Alexander, who commented that Adam didn't know how to have fun.

"Ha-ha-ha, kid, I consider it my duty to show you around these places… Hey, what's with you?" Alexander was about to tease him, but seeing Adam's irritated face as he covered his ears, he became genuinely concerned.

"Just... nothing serious," Adam replied, but he was suffering greatly from the incessant sound of notifications.

[Thanks to the user's actions, the "Casanova" class received 5 experience points]

[Thanks to the user's actions, the "Casanova" class received 2 experience points]

[Thanks to the user's actions, the "Casanova" class received 1 experience point]

[Thanks to the user's actions, the "Casanova" class received 9 experience…]

And only after five minutes, the notifications began to hint at stopping.

[Thanks to the user's actions, the "Casanova" class received 70 experience points]

[Level up!]

[Level 26: (4/435)]

[Reward for Level 26: 500 Seduction Points, Wikipedia (new system function), enhanced seduction aura (user can influence practitioners up to "S" rank), 40 attempts in the Lucky Block]

To be continued...

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