My Vampire System

Chapter 2488 Fight against the Demon kings (Part 3)
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Chapter 2488 Fight against the Demon kings (Part 3)

Although it was quite far away in the distance, Luce could feel a massive amount of red mist energy disperse suddenly. It was condensing in one area, which could only mean that Bisha had decided it warranted the use of his demon form.

Once Luce felt this, he thought the fight would be over for the intruders, but that wasn't the case at all. π“΅π™žπ™—π™§π™šπ’‚π™™.π“¬π’π’Ž

'Did Bisha die?' Luce thought. 'Had he gotten weak due to the situation he had been in? Unlike all the other demon kings that were constantly fighting for their own entertainment, Bisha had been placed in the production facility on his own.'

'Never using his powers at all, even the other Yaks didn't try to contest him for their position since they were production workers rather than fighters.'

'Naturally, over the course of thousands of years, there would be those of the same race that would rise in strength, challenging the top and trying to topple them, attempting to become the new demon king. This was also the case with the vampires, as strong ones came and went. This kept all of the current demon kings on their toes and always increasing their power. Perhaps it wasn't the same for Bisha due to his position.'

'Still, even with a weak Bisha, I can't discredit the others' strength. One would still have to be at least as strong as the champions if they were able to do that, and it seems some of these have a few tricks up their sleeves,' Luce thought, as he looked straight ahead at the three coming towards them.

Peter jumped in the air and, with a fist, he punched what looked like a giant hammer that was left on the ground. It went flying toward Luce. The palm of his hand lit up with strange white energy, and when the hammer reached him, he swung his arm out.

It hit the hammer and flung it across, hitting the side of one of the ships, making a loud bang before falling to the ground.

"This guy's powers are so strange and annoying!" Peter shouted, as he threw out a couple of fists of energy, leaving from his hands.

Hikel jumped up in the air and hurled blood aura swipes from above.

With both of his hands, Luce started to make circles with them, creating what looked like white-coloured shields that he held onto. Moving them, he blocked the attacks of Peter.

When the attacks hit the white shield, it just dispersed the energy into nothing. The attacks hadn't even pushed Luce back. With his other hand, Luce had quickly moved it to each of the blood swipes. These attacks, when hit, exploded, creating a dust cloud.

"Support me!" Peter shouted.

He rushed forward, kicking off from a giant rock, his head tail wrapped around his fist as he gathered his energy. As the smoke started to settle, Russ could be seen right by Luce's side; he had teleported there and swung his sword.

The white shield was lifted, but when the sword made contact, it disappeared. Throwing out his fist, Luce moved his head to the side, avoiding the blow. At the same time, the head tail swung from above, but with just his hand, Luce knocked it to the side, hitting it into the ground.

"Your sword has a strange power, but it's clear you are not a swordsman."

A strike was made with the sword, rather than placing it back in its sheath, but the demon king avoided it swiftly and with a glowing palm, he smashed it right into Russ's stomach, sending him flying in the same direction as the hammer.

Before he had crashed into it, Hikel had managed to rush over and catch him just in time. However, damage had been done; blood was coming out from Russ' mouth.

'We can't get through that strange white power without Russ using the sword, but at the same time, if Russ uses the sword, he's practically just a human. Any transformation he had or powers, just disappear.'

That wasn't all Hikel had to worry about because Luce had grabbed onto Peter's hand, and now the strange white liquid power was expanding, growing in size and had created an entire shell over Peter.

Peter swung his other hand, but it hit the white substance, unable to move like it was stuck in some kind of glue. He then used his two head tails to try to cut at it, but it was doing nothing and eventually it covered his entire body.

What looked like a giant white eggshell was now on the field, and there was no sign of Peter because he was in the egg itself.

"Now that's one of you dealt with, I will have to deal with you two and go see what's happened on the other side." Luce said.

The frightening power of one of the right-hand men of Immortui was being shown.


At the area where the land looked like giant frozen waves, Chris and Edvard were looking at the fallen giant on the ground. Edvard was still recovering; his insides felt like they had been ripped apart, but he was just thankful that the armour was still in one piece.

When inspecting the giant, Edvard started to look at its foot; it had been ripped apart, torn bit by bit in every way possible. It was a gruesome sight.

For Chris, he was no longer in his red werewolf form, and he felt a little pain throughout his body. He had been in the form from the get-go, transforming to his strongest self from the start of the fight.

He had already been pushing it by staying in the same form for an incredibly long time.

"We just barely made it through this," Edvard said. "If we had to deal with two of the demon kings at the same time, we would have been done for."

With the strength he had, Chris leapt up on to the large Yak's body, and he was looking at its large size with his eyes.

"I know what you're thinking, do what you need to do!" Edvard said. "I'm out for the count for a while; I won't be able to help the others, but you, if you eat a demon king, your growth, you might be able to match up to them on your own."

The amount of energy gained from the general on its own, it was what allowed Chris to keep attacking without even taking a breath. It was something he wouldn't have been able to do before, but with this, would he become something else? Would his power be able to match Unzoku?

An item was flung from his side, and Chris managed to catch it with his hand on reflex; he noticed it wellβ€”it was one of the flasks that vampires would use.

"Don't go eating every part of him; remember, we need to get that blood for Quinn as well," Edvard commented. "That's two down and three more to go."

Taking the flask, Chris went to the hole in the chest. Due to the large body, it was quite easy to find a part that was leaking with fresh blood. After leaving it there for a while, the flask filled back up, and it was thrown back to Edvard, who was now sitting on the floor.

"All right, it's time," Chris said, as he transformed just the top of his head. His snout grew larger, and his hands started to transform as well. These two things made it a bit easier for him to eat.

Slashing a part of the flesh with his claw, he looked at it before proceeding to place it right into his stomach. As the first bite went down his throat and his body immediately started to digest it, he could feel it, the new power, the new energy surging through his body.

Edvard was watching everything carefully.

'Based on what I saw, I don't think the other demon king is going to be as easy as this one, and if more start to get involved... I can tell, my body, it's out for the count; I can't use the power of the armour anymore; I'll be pretty much useless for this whole thing.'

'So, Chris, you need to get stronger, so much stronger that you can take these guys without my help.'

Memories started to flash back in Edvard's head once again, and he couldn't help but chuckle at himself.

"I can't believe it, now of all times, I'm relying on the help of a werewolf. I guess we were the ones that were in the wrong in the end, huh, Gary."



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