One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love

Chapter 4740 Never Too Late to Love (147)
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Chapter 4740 Never Too Late to Love (147)

The department head was especially manipulative. She knew that if the rumors were true and Bai Sheng had really married into a wealthy family, then it might be useless to threaten her with the company's policies. However, she knew that Bai Sheng was a responsible girl. Hence, she would definitely feel guilty if she were to approach the topic from the perspective of responsibilities.

True enough.

When Bai Sheng read this, she felt a little guilty indeed. True enough too, that when confronted with the department head's tactful tone, she started to accept some of the blame. After all, she had not gone back to the office for the past few days for personal reasons, and not because she was unwell. Except for that one time, she really had been unable to get out of bed. Things eventually turned sour because of the leave application…

Bai Sheng replied guiltily, "Actually, a few things happened recently. I've also seriously considered my job. I feel that this job isn't very suitable for me and wish to pursue a development path that is more suitable. At that time, I was indeed feeling unwell, but when I tried to apply for leave, I was somewhat disappointed at the way the company handled it! So…"

"I understand. I also understand that you've been feeling wronged, so you must be disappointed with the company's leave system?"

Bai Sheng replied bluntly, "Yes."

"If that's the reason, I have to apologize to you sincerely! At that time, there was indeed a misunderstanding. Indeed, it's the company's fault when instead of reassuring a sick employee, they question and doubt the employee!" 𝓵𝓲𝓫𝒓𝓮𝙖𝓭.𝒄𝙤𝓶

The department head's sincere apology caused Bai Sheng to be a little dumbfounded. As she knew it, this department head would usually be extremely mean to her. Suddenly, she had turned so gentle and understanding. It was a little difficult for Bai Sheng to get used to it.

Bai Sheng held on to her phone, stunned.

Gu Chengze sipped his tea as he observed her expression, but he remained silent.

On the other end, the department head asked again, "In short, this being the case, you don't have to think about resigning anymore, right?"

When Bai Sheng heard this, she immediately explained, "It's not for this reason that I'm resigning."

"What is it then?"

Before Bai Sheng could reply, the department head asked, "Is it because you feel that the company is not able to provide better development opportunities?"


"Have you forgotten? You signed a contract with the company. If you leave, you have to pay a breach of contract penalty."

"A breach of contract penalty?" Bai Sheng frowned. She did not remember this.

However, when she signed the contract, she did not read it thoroughly. At that time, the human resources officer was busy and kept urging her to sign the contract. She trusted them as a legitimate company, but she did neglect the matter regarding a penalty.

When Gu Chengze heard this, he lowered his voice and said, "I'll pay for the breach of contract penalty."

When Bai Sheng heard this, she replied to the department head guiltily, "I'll pay the penalty."

"The penalty for breach of contract is hefty!" The department head tried to scare her.

Bai Sheng responded, "For me the focus would still be on my future development. I don't think the company's environment is suitable for me."

"Actually, seeking better development opportunities is also an urgent matter. As the saying goes, a good bird chooses the tree to perch on. However, in today's society, there's no shortage of talent. When you go job-hunting, which prospective employer doesn't ask for years of work experience? If you were to work hard here for a few years, you'll be a senior designer. At that point, you can even start your own company!"

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