Slice Of Life In Fantasy World

Chapter 99. Gathering The Milk In The Pot*
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Chapter 99. Gathering The Milk In The Pot*

Liam was standing in front of the door. He gulped his saliva thinking of the sweet rice porridge that he would eat.

He opened the bed room. His mother was sitting on the bed looking shy!

When he saw her like that his heart started beating. His mother was looking like a woman who waited for her husband.

At the same time he remembered something 'I will definitely marry my mom in the future. So she can wear a gorgeous wedding dress and I can fuck her. But until then let's appreciate and enjoy this moment.'

He coughed and entered Inside the room. After entering he closed the door.

Lilith also looked at her child and saw that he took out a pot from his storage ring.

When he took out a pot her breasts started to get hot. π˜­π’Ύπ‘π‘Ÿπ‘’π’Άπ’Ή.π˜€π˜°π“‚

She said "Come here dear, let's start. Otherwise we will be late!"

Liam said "Not in hurry mom. Even if we get late we could let them help us. Also mom---"

He come and sit down next to her. He hold her face with his two hands and said "You are so beautiful!"

After saying that he started kissing her lips.

"Ummm" Lilith was surprised but she also started kiss him back.

They put their tongues into each other mouth and started licking their tongues.

After some seconds Liam broke their kiss. He didn't kissed her because of lust.

It's just she looked like a woman who was waiting for her husband so his heart skipped and he kissed her because he felt love inside his heart for her.

After broking their kiss Liam said "Then mom I am going to get start."

Lilith nodded her head she took off her upper clothes and her two big soft breasts comes into the views.

Liam hold's her breasts into his hand. He weighted them and said "Mom it seems the your breasts are filled back with milk."

He rubbed her whole breasts like he was massaging her breasts.

Lilith suppressed her moaning and said "Hurry up son, get milk out from my breasts."

Liam replied "Like I said before mom. We are in no hurry. Let me feel your breasts. They are so soft and supple. Mom---"

Liam dick twiched when he rubbed his full hand on her breasts.

He lowered his head and started kissing her breasts around her nipples.

"~Ahn~ son what are you doing?" Lilith placed her hand behind her son head.

Liam looked above at her face and said "Mom I am marking your breasts as mine! Your breasts, your nipples, your milk, and you yourselves are all mine!!!"

After that he lowered his head again amd started sucking her breasts so her breasts would have some hickeys mark's.

When Lilith heard her son she chuckled amd said "But son I am already yours!"

Liam didn't answered but put his mouth on her other breasts and sucked her breasts around her nipples.

Only then he took back his mouth and looked at her breasts which had become red due to him sucking her breasts for long time.

"Now then mom it's time to get the milk out from your breasts." Liam finally said that when he felt satisfied.

Lilith chuckled and asked "Are you finally satisfied?"

Liam shook his head and replied "No mom but I want to eat some special dish. I am hungry."

Lilith said "Then hurry up so I can make some food for us!"

Liam nodded his head and put his mouth on her nipples as he sucked her nipples.

"~Ahn~ Son what are you doing now? Weren't you about to get milk out from breasts??" Lilith suddenly felt pleasure when she was ready to get her milk out from her breasts.

She couldn't hold back her moaning and moaned.

Liam felt that her milk started to come then he did the same thing with her other breasts.

After feeling the milk in her other breast. He took back his mouth and replied her "Mom I was preparing to get your milk out from the breasts."

Lilith blushed and asked "Am I a cow that needs...?"

"Of course not mom but we should not forget our customs and traditions before getting out the milk." Liam explained but what greeted her was her amours gaze.

He coughed and pecked her lips.

"Okay mom this time no joke let me get the milk out from your breasts."

Lilith snorted and nodded her head.

When he saw his mother nodding her head he said "Mom sit on the bed properly. I can't get milk out from your breasts properly."

Lilith nodded her head and sit in the middle of bed. Liam sit in front of her.

He held the pot with his one hand and put his other hand on her breasts.

After that he started squeezing her breasts gently and then the milk started to spray out from her nipples.

He put the pot in front of her breasts so the milk won't get wasted and sprayed on bed sheets.

When Lilith saw her son milking her self. She felt that her breasts were escaply hot today. She started to sweat and the drops of sweat started to come down from her face.

Lilith face was rosy and her in her eyes there were some tears that looks that Liam was bullying his mother.

Lilith couldn't hold back her moaning and she started to moan.

"~Ahn~ ~Ahn~ son squeeze my breasts a little more gently." Lilith asked her son to squeeze her breasts gently.

Even though she didn't felt any pain but it was just somehow weird. She can also feel that her pussy was wet with her lewd juices.

Her eyes turned towards her son who was 'seriously' doing his work.

Liam heard his mother and replied "Mom I can't squeeze your breasts gentle then this."

When he said that he moved the pot a little away from her breasts and squeezed her breasts a little tightly.

His mother moaned and her milk sprayed out from her breasts but Liam had already placed his mouth in front of her breasts. So the milk directly sprayed into his mouth.

Then he moved the pot in front of her breasts again.

"How was that mom? Are you having any troubles??" Liam asked with a smirk when he sniffed her lewd juices smell in the atmosphere.

Lilith panicked and said "No I am not having any troubles hurry up and get the milk out from my other breasts too."

"Heh" He put the pot on the bed and moved his hand as he put it on her pussy.

After feeling that her pussy was soaked. He gulped his saliva.

He thought 'What if I mix her pussy juice and milk to make a great dish?'

Just thinking about this give him a little shivers.

So exciting.

He asked "Hey mom why don't I help you and we gather your milk and lewd juices in the pot to make the sweet rice porridge?"

When Lilith heard her son she was stunned and asked "What???"

She thought had her son already become an idiot with only lust inside his head?


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