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Chapter150-The Curtain Falls

As the students' expressions shifted, Howard stood tall and proud, his gaze cold and unwavering, directed at Sarah, who was levitating in the air. Contrary to expectations, Howard had not used any of his skills. In truth, he could have easily defeated Sarah with his physical prowess alone, but he had chosen not to. This was not out of any particular consideration for a first-year student; Howard had merely extended this courtesy at the outset.

He wanted the other students to see that Sarah could pose a threat to him, to show that he was not a pushover like Dougton. However, Howard had not anticipated that Sarah would resort to his top-tier skills so swiftly.

The time had come to settle the score. Howard, intent on demonstrating his true power, was no longer holding back.

"Courting death!" he declared.

"Attack!" was Sarah's response.

Unaware of Howard's formidable physical strength, Sarah believed he was underestimating his. Anger flared within his, and he intensified his attack. The dagger he wielded accelerated as it descended with a howl.

In the next moment, the sharp dagger struck Howard's chest. His clothes shredded instantly, and the dagger, gleaming coldly, collided with his flesh. π˜­π’Ύπ‘π“‡π˜¦π’Άπ˜₯.π˜€π˜°π‘š

At this sight, numerous female students couldn't help but exclaim in shock, hastily turning their heads away, unable to bear the sight.

Even the male students found themselves swallowing hard, their hearts pounding with fear and astonishment.

Even the male students found themselves swallowing hard, their hearts pounding with fear and astonishment.

But what happened next was even more astounding.

When the dagger fiercely struck Howard's flesh, it caused no harm. It was as if it had struck steel, not only bouncing off but also sparking upon impact.

"Holy shit!"

"What the fuck?!"

"My God, are my eyes deceiving me?"

"Heavens, how can such a thing happen?"

"How can mere flesh and blood withstand the sharpness of a dagger?"

A chorus of shocked exclamations and cries to the divine filled the air. Even the mentor's mouth twitched violently, his disbelief evident at the sight unfolding before his eyes.

It was imperative to recognize that Sarah was no amateur. His level had already soared to an impressive LV46, his talent awakened to an S-level, and his equipment reached the esteemed Diamond-grade. His attributes were on par, if not superior, to a typical LV60 player. How could his full-powered strike fail to breach Howard's defenses?

There was only one plausible explanation: his attack power was insufficient to penetrate his defense.

In this data-driven world, the most significant advantage over the real world is clear: if your attributes surpass your opponent's, even a stealth attack would cause no harm.

Scenarios like being decapitated in your sleep were impossible here. Except in cases of poisoning, particularly with toxins that could diminish attributes, an opponent, no matter how exhausted, couldn't inflict any damage.

Howard's physical prowess was not solely reflected in his attributes. It was also augmented by the Draconic power and the special effects of the Power of True Dragon.

Sarah's attributes had been significantly reduced, rendering his incapable of breaking through Howard's defenses.

No matter how desperately Sarah exerted himself, every dagger that touched Howard's chest was promptly repelled, causing no harm whatsoever.

As Sarah continued to observe, his fear and astonishment only intensified.

Even Glyn and Caitlin, among others, were stunned. They knew of Howard's impressive offensive capabilities, yet had always considered his physical strength to be rather frail. To their surprise, in just about a month, Howard had achieved such a terrifying improvement!

Even they could not confidently claim they could withstand Sarah's assault. At this moment, it became clear to them: Howard had surpassed them all in strength.

The crisp sound of metal continued for a while, and after all the daggers fell to the ground, Sarah, suspended in the air, was completely bewildered, his face blank with shock.

Many students were so astounded they were rendered speechless.

Howard's lips curled into a slight smirk. Without even using the Soul Nurturer, he bent his legs slightly and leaped into the air, his fist swinging fiercely to land a heavy blow on Sarah's stomach.


The dull sound echoed as Sarah, unable to withstand the force of the blow, contorted in pain. He could no longer maintain his position in the air and plummeted to the ground.

However, Sarah's attributes were significantly stronger than Dougton's, and despite being wracked with pain, he gritted his teeth and managed to stand up.

"Are you... are you a magus, or what class exactly?" Sarah struggled to voice his question, looking at Howard's robust physique.

It wasn't just Sarah who was puzzled; everyone's attention was drawn to Howard's impressive form.

Particularly some female students, their cheeks flushed red at the sight.

Howard, already known for his handsome looks, had further enhanced his allure after signing the Soul Blood Pact with the Oriental Divine Dragon and undergoing Draconic transformation. His physique was now marked by well-defined muscles, exuding a special kind of beauty.

Abby, upon seeing Howard's pectoral muscles, couldn't help but lick her lips. Having already tasted the forbidden fruit, she was in the throes of craving more, especially now that Howard's body had become even more appealing. The unique beauty he radiated held a particularly intense allure for Abby.

"My class?" Howard said, his mouth stretching into a grin, "I'm a magus!"

This claim was met with internal scoffs from the many students. They found it hard to believe. A magus capable of knocking out opponents with a single punch, incapacitating several LV40 awakened ones into unconsciousness, and even using his flesh and blood to withstand S-level skills? It seemed beyond belief.

Howard's gaze swept across the students as he spoke indifferently, "We, the first-year students, won't initiate trouble, but we're certainly not afraid of it! If anyone dares to provoke us again, don't blame me for not being courteous!"

His words resonated, and no one dared to speak further.

Now, on the training field, the unanimously acknowledged strongest were Caitlin, Sarah, and Glyn. Caitlin's relationship with Howard was ambiguous, Sarah had been defeated, and Glyn, inferior even to Sarah, left the students with little hope of his turning the tables.

They were wise enough to understand the consequences of defeat: no excuses, just accepting the outcome.

Yet, in their minds, they all marveled at this year's Holy Abyss Academy, which had produced such a prodigious talent. In the past, even the most gifted needed time to mature and grow. Never had there been a case of a lower-year student outperforming their seniors so drastically.

While the senior students refrained from speaking up, the juniors burst into cheers, enthusiastically chanting and celebrating. Particularly when Howard stepped down, they rushed to his side and joyously hoisted him into the air.

Understanding the students' excitement, Howard did not stop them. It was only when Abby made her way through the crowd and interrupted them, subsequently throwing herself into Howard's arms, that the celebration paused.

From a distance, Ying Chan observed this scene, her eyes narrowing slightly. She knew about Abby from Howard, but seeing her suddenly still stirred discomfort. After all, in her heart, Howard was akin to a husband, their relationship witnessed by her parents.

However, she also understood that she had met Howard after Abby and had no grounds to disrupt their relationship. Thankfully, apart from Abby and Margaret, Howard had no other women in his life, making it easier for Ying Chan to accept the situation. Her father had five wives; as long as Howard didn't exceed this number, Ying Chan had no objections.

Amidst the jubilant cheers of the junior students, Howard and Abby were escorted out of the training field.

Ying Chan, considerately giving Abby and Howard their space, did not approach them rashly.

In stark contrast to the juniors' elation, the senior students looked deflated, like frostbitten eggplants, completely dispirited.

Caitlin glanced over at Matthru and others who lay unconscious, then at Dougton still in pain, and couldn't help but sneer: "With such meager strength, you dared to provoke Howard. Truly, you've brought this upon yourselves!"

Sarah's mouth twitched slightly, a mix of disbelief and begrudging respect evident. The thought of Howard withstanding her most formidable skill using just his physical body left her at a loss for words. The gap between them was just too vast!

Meanwhile, in the administrative office, several figures stood by the window, their gazes fixed on the distant training field. With their keen eyesight, the events unfolding on the field were as clear as day to them.

Witnessing Howard's performance, both Daniel and Wales couldn't help but smile. However, they both harbored misconceptions about Howard's abilities. Daniel believed that Howard had inherited the legacy of a melee magus, allowing him to fight like a warrior despite being of the magus class. On the other hand, Wales thought Howard's physical prowess was due to the Soul Devouring technique and the Soul Blood Pact signed with the Oriental Divine Dragon.

Though both were mistaken in their assumptions, they shared a common belief. Both Daniel and Wales became even more convinced of Howard's extraordinary talent and potential. They were already contemplating how best to nurture and develop Howard's abilities in the future.

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