The Reincarnated Goddess is Fierce

Chapter 2047 - 2047 Elder of the Ling Family
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Chapter 2047 Elder of the Ling Family 𝑙𝒾𝘣𝘳𝑒𝒶𝒹.𝑐𝘰𝓂

Ling Juan had almost died in Country M. Fortunately, she had the Gu worm, so she survived.

After that, she escaped through the secret passage in the basement.

Before she escaped, she realized that not all the Experimentals had escaped.

There were still two very special Experimentals that were not present!

But at that time, she didn’t have time to think so much. After all, she couldn’t even protect herself.

After she escaped, she heard about the situation inside.

There were indeed more than ten corpses of the Experimentals there. However, the numbers did not match.

Because there were nearly twenty Experimentals there!

The situation of the two Experimentals was very special.

The uniqueness of these two Experimentals lay in their identities and bodies.

Their bodies were stronger than ordinary people.

If anyone else was here, they would realize that these two Experimentals had a special identity.

One of them had a close relationship with Ling Juan!

That was because he was an elder of the Ling Family!

Yes, one of the two middle-aged men was an elder of the Ling family!

However, he became one of Jiang Rongguang’s experimental subjects!

If the remaining members of the Ling Family were here, they would definitely be shocked!

Who would have thought that the elder who was originally thought to be dead was actually still alive!

The Ling family’s situation wasn’t good.

Previously, the Ling family was also one of the ancient martial arts families. Otherwise, Ling Xiao would not be qualified to be with Qi Zhian.

However, more than ten years ago, something happened to the Ling family.

Many members of the Ling family had died in a plane accident!

Among them were many elders.

In the end, only a few young people survived.

Without the leadership of the elders, how could the Ling Family develop?

Especially for ancient martial arts aristocratic families, it was even more difficult.

When the Qi family was in trouble, Ling Xiao did not think of going home to seek help.

It wasn’t that the Ling Family was cold-blooded, but that they couldn’t help.

The current Ling Family was just like any other ordinary family.

Although they were still an ancient martial arts family in name, the situation was not good.

In a few years, they would only be considered a family with some money.

Who would have thought that their family’s elder would actually become an experimental subject!

Looking at the unnatural white color on their faces, Ling Juan was terrified.

She did not expect the two Experimentals to find her!

They escaped from America and came to this country?

How did they find him?

One had to know that there was a very long distance from Murica to here! There was an ocean on both sides!

These Experimentals had no identification, no money, and no means of transportation.

Under such circumstances, how did they get here?!

Ling Juan was so shocked and confused that she was about to go crazy.

What was going on with these people?

However, what made her even more afraid was that the strength of these two Experimentals far exceeded their imagination!

Due to their special identities and the fact that they had been injected with many things when they were experimental subjects, they were really invulnerable.

Ling Juan would be very happy if they worked for her.

But the problem was that these two people were dealing with him now!

This kind of invulnerability was not fun at all.

Ling Juan’s face turned pale when she saw her subordinates screaming and dying.

These two were monsters among monsters!

It was over!

When the two Experimentals saw Ling Juan, their eyes lit up, and a strange smile appeared on their stiff faces.

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