World Travel Simulator System In Modern Society

Chapter 99 Alister Vs The Star God’s Avatar!
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Chapter 99 Alister Vs The Star God's Avatar!

[You didn't care whether you had offended the Star God or not. You know that there was no use to act polite and nice with the Star God since the time you had stolen Jin's memories and erased the remnant divinity in the Spear Of Endless Starry Sky, you and the Star God became irreconcilable.]

[You sneered at the Star God. Even if the Star God spent years rummaging through the mirror dimension, the Spear Of Endless Starry Sky can't be found by him. After all, it was already stored in your system inventory.]

[From what you have observed, the Star God was indeed a true god. He was above the limit of this world and likely came from a world that was higher than the martial arts fantasy world.]

[From that alone, the Star God was an existence far superior than you. However, you discovered that the Star God might be a higher existence than you, but the Star God wasn't above the system.]

[The Star God didn't detect that your main body was eavesdropping and could only know that your self in the simulation was stealing the memories of the son of prophecy. The Star God couldn't see through your main body and could only communicate with the you in the simulation.]

[That only proved that the Star God couldn't see through beyond the system's simulation and could only affect the simulated world but not the world beyond it. Since the Star God was only at this level, you could also estimate that the Blood God was no different as well.]

[Knowing that the two Gods who could interfere in the martial arts fantasy world weren't beyond the level of the system's existence, you heaved a sigh of relief and became even bolder against the Star God.]

[You weren't confident that you could defeat the Star God since there was a huge difference between Level 98 Revered Constellation and Level 100 Astral Constellation. Even if your power was at Level 99 Revered Constellation despite being at Level 98 Revered Constellation, the gap between you and the Star God was still quite huge.]

[After all, the avatar of the Star God had the power comparable to a Transcendent Saint in the transcendent world. The difference between a Transcendent Emperor Peak Stage such as yourself and a Transcendent Saint was huge.]

[Not to mention, you felt that the avatar of the Star God should be even more powerful than the Transcendent Saint in your world. At least, two Transcendent Saints were equivalent to the power of the Star God's avatar. In other words, the Star God was a relatively high-end powerhouse in the Transcendent Saint power level.]

[Noticing your unyielding expression, the Star God felt insulted that not only did you flip a middle finger towards him that he felt should be a sign of mockery, but you didn't even bow towards him and address him as the Lord God!]

[Furthermore, you didn't even return the Spear Of Endless Starry Sky to him so the Star God was infuriated! "A mere mortal like you dared to insult my majesty as a God! Die!"]

[The Star God condensed a spear made out of a sliver of his divinity while most of it was composed of astral energy. Afterward, the Star God thrust his spear towards you!]

[You summoned your Nine-Colored Cosmic Sword and used it to parry the Star God's attack! The collision between your attack and the Star God's attack had generated a powerful impact and shock wave which shattered the mirror dimension!]

[Due to that, you and the Star God were released from the mirror dimension and the two of you appeared in the real world.] 𝙡𝙞𝓫𝙧𝙚𝓪𝒅.𝒄𝒐𝓶

[You have successfully blocked the Star God's attack much to his surprise. The Star God noticed that your Nine-Colored Cosmic Sword was not much different than the Spear Of Endless Starry Sky when it came to star artifact grade and that realization baffled him!]

[Moreover, your god-like swordsmanship wasn't left unnoticed by the Star God and he became suspicious of your existence. "Are you a mortal or the reincarnation of one of those damn gods or immortals!?"]

[Confronted with the question of the Star God, you mocked, "I, the Supreme Ancient Celestial Immortal Divine Sword God, am old enough to be the ancestor of your ancestor, yet you dared to talk to me with such a tone?!"]

[When the Star God heard your god title that you made up by yourself, he didn't seem to think that you were lying to him since your god-like swordsmanship had indeed proven your identity as the Supreme Ancient Celestial Immortal Divine Sword God!]

[Although the Star God felt that your god title was a mouthful and was too exaggerated, he couldn't deny that your swordsmanship was so powerful that it exceeded the limit of this world and was even actively restrained and limited by the World Will.]

[Even if you weren't the Supreme Ancient Celestial Immortal Divine Sword God, the Star God felt that you were at least a god in your past life who reincarnated into this world and retained your memories.]

[As for your bullshittery of proclaiming yourself as older than him, the Star God ignored it since he knew how arrogant and boastful those gods and immortals were.]

[However, the discovery that you were the reincarnation of a Sword God or Sword Immortal had made the Star God look at you more seriously. The Star God was already infuriated that his nemesis the Blood God dared to go against him and now, an unknown Sword God or Sword Immortal like you immediately intervened and made the conflict between him and the Blood God a lot more chaotic.]

["Even if you are the reincarnation of a Sword God, I still can kill you! Your religion hasn't spread throughout this world so your power of faith is several times weaker than mine! I have the advantage so die, unknown Sword God!" The Star God attacked you with his spear again and you were forced to block it with your superb swordsmanship.]

[You and the Star God battled for several hours. During the battle, you broke through and became a Level 99 Revered Constellation. However, the Star God's avatar was at Level 100 Astral Constellation and you still couldn't defeat the Star God who seemed to have an unlimited amount of astral energy.]

[Your astral energy was exhausted and the Star God took advantage of that to pierce your head with his spear and obliterate your entire body!]

[You died!]


[The simulation has ended. Simulation score is...]

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