Madam Is A Sensational Figure In The City

Chapter 558: You Look So Cute When You’re Eating
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Chapter 558: You Look So Cute When You’re Eating

Tan Sangsang had been seated on Yan Jinyi’s right and thinking to herself that there was about to be an exciting show to watch today but she suddenly felt a sharp and oppressive gaze being cast on her all of a sudden.

She couldn’t help but shudder and raise her head slowly, only to meet Huo Xishen’s icy cold gaze.

“Ahem...” After taking a look at Yan Jinyi and realizing that Tang Qing was seated on her other side, Tan Sangsang finally realized what was going on and quickly stood up. “Mr. Huo, please have a seat!”

Huo Xishen unceremoniously walked to Tan Sangsang’s seat and sat down, after which he moved his chair closer to Yan Jinyi too.

Wang Xiao and Ye Minran looked at each other and sat down opposite Huo Xishen. “Mr. Huo, you...”

Huo Xishen continued to ignore them and asked Assistant Wen to bring him a bowl and a pair of chopsticks.

Yan Jinyi began to command, “That dish is nice, I haven’t eaten enough.”

Tang Qing and Zhuang Heng picked up their chopsticks in unison and just as they were about to reach the dish, a hand suddenly reached out and took the dish away with.

Huo Xishen took away the empty plate in front of Yan Jinyi and placed the dish in front of her. He asked, “What else do you want to eat?”

‘Why is Mr. Huo being nice to Yan Jinyi too? Is he wooing her?’

Ye Minran was even more jealous and she wished she was the one sitting between Tang Qing and Huo Xishen at the moment.

She forced herself to smile and gibed, “I didn’t expect Jinyi to be so popular with men. She has an ambiguous relationship with Mr. Tang, Zhuang Heng, and also... with Mr. Huo.”

She deliberately paused at this juncture without continuing.

She initially thought that Huo Xishen would definitely think that Yan Jinyi was promiscuous and that she had toyed with him but Huo Xishen simply ignored her.

Ye Minran frowned and glowered at Ye Minran. “You’re so annoying, have you had enough?”

After saying that, she pointed at the crab in front of Ye Minran and said, “I want to eat that one.”

This time, Tang Qing and Huo Xishen did not move, but Zhuang Heng quickly stood up to bring the hairy crab to Yan Jinyi. He even moved away the dish that Huo Xishen placed in front of Yan Jinyi and said, “Little pepper, you’re really cute when you eat!”

He then looked at Tang Qing and Huo Xishen smugly.

However, Zhuang Heng knew who Huo Xishen was and even admired him a little.

‘How is Little pepper so amazing that even Huo Xishen has become my rival in love?’

Having failed to bring a dish for Yan Jinyi, Tang Qing glared at Zhuang Heng viciously before turning to look at Yan Jinyi smilingly. “I’ve had the crab served in this hotel quite a few times before. Miss Yan, give it a try. If you like it, I’ll have them deliver a serving to you everyday from now onwards.”

At this moment, Yan Jinyi was just like a queen, remaining seated and surrounded by dashing men.

Ye Minran was about to lose her mind because she was so overwhelmed with jealousy. ‘What right does Yan Jinyi have to deserve that treatment!?!’

Xiao Xue couldn’t help but inch closer to her. “Minran, look at that vixen. What’s there to be conceited about? She’s nothing but a pretty face but I think you’re much more beautiful than her.”

Ye Minran still looked as disgruntled as ever and she kept comforting herself by telling herself that Yan Jinyi was just good at seducing men.

‘Look, Mr. Huo is not doing anything. He must have seen through her true colors.’

As soon as she thought about that, Huo Xishen put on a pair of disposable gloves and began to slowly peel away the shell of some prawns for Yan Jinyi.

Everyone watched as he placed the peeled prawns in Yan Jinyi’s bowl, after which Yan Jinyi began eating them self-righteously.

“My dearest wife, if you like the dishes here, I’ll buy this hotel for you.”


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