Priceless Baby's Super Daddy

Chapter 2065 - She Could Not Bear It
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Chapter 2065: She Could Not Bear It

But after waiting for half an hour, he realized he was wrong. The person who had sent Beibei to school today was not Fang Xiaocheng, but Fang Xiaocheng’s assistant, Peach.

“Mr. Yi!” Peach greeted him.

“Miss Peach, thank you for sending my son to school,” Yi Xiao said.

“It’s nothing,” Peach explained with a smile. “I was just helping out.” She also knew that something had happened between Fang Xiaocheng and her husband.

Yi Xiao greeted Peach and shouted excitedly, “Beibei!”


It had been more than a day since Yi Bei had seen his father, and he had not been able to return to his home. He missed his parents very much.

“Daddy, where did you go? Why didn’t you come to pick me up?”

The child still did not know what had happened between the adults. Yi Xiao coaxed, “Daddy has been on a business trip recently and is a little busy. After this period, I’ll come back to accompany you and Mommy, okay?”

“Okay.” Yi Bei nodded.

Yi Xiao wanted to find out about Fang Xiaocheng from his son and see if he could find a breakthrough. “Beibei, tell me, where is your mother?”

“Mommy said she’s going on a business trip too. She wants me to follow Auntie Peach.”

Hearing this, Yi Xiao felt very upset. It turned out that they could be a happy and peaceful little family. But now, because of his broken relationship with Fang Xiaocheng, this innocent child was about to lose his family happiness.

The child would be the one to suffer the most when parents fought and divorced.

Yi Xiao touched Yi Bei’s little head and his little face. He held him in his arms and looked at him again and again. He kissed him again and again, feeling very reluctant.

He loved Beibei. This was the son he had raised himself. He did not want to be separated from him.

The so-called blood relations were just ideological feudal thoughts. He felt that being able to be with Fang Xiaocheng and Beibei was a kind of happiness that was hard to come by.

He did not want to lose this happiness.

“Okay, Peach, I’ll send Beibei in. Could you wait for me, I have something to ask you.”

Yi Xiao took his son’s hand and escorted him into the kindergarten. After waving goodbye to his son, he turned and left.

“Peach, I’m sure you already know about me and your Xiaocheng. I just want to know if she has been living with you recently?” Yi Xiao asked.

Seeing that Yi Xiao was in low spirits, Peach sighed. “Yes, President Yi! Last night, Sister Fang cried for a long time and asked her, but she didn’t tell me anything.”

“I know I’m an outsider and it’s not convenient for me to interrupt, but I hope that you can talk things out with Sister Fang as soon as possible and cherish your current life. Whether it’s Sister Fang or Beibei, they both need a home.”

“I know. I’ll try my best. Can you give me your number? I’ll call her now, but her phone is off. I can’t contact her.”

“Sure.” Peach gave Yi Xiao a number.

“Is she still with you?” Yi Xiao asked.

“Yes. She slept very late yesterday. I didn’t wake her up this morning. She should still be resting.”

“Okay, I’ll go with you. Get in!”

After Yi Xiao made his decision, he drove Peach out of the kindergarten.


Elsewhere, Guan Mei left the hotel with her paparazzi friends.

Following that, they went through the photos and began planning on how to create a scandal.

Guan Mei set everything up and returned to her rented apartment excitedly. She felt that she would be able to get rid of the awkward situation of her career very soon.


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