Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees, Young Emperor!

Chapter 766: Worms (8)
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Chapter 766: Worms (8)

Translator: Dragon Boat Translation Editor: Dragon Boat Translation

“Hey, Grandpa, I’m your grandson too ah. How could you have so little confidence in me? Don’t worry, everything is under control. I just hope that what Ah-Huan told us won’t happen.”

Chen Che was lying down lazily, his sloppy and languid appearance making Old Mr. Chen very unhappy.

Chen Che could obviously sense Old Mr. Chen’s intense gaze. In the past, he would still put up an act in front of the old man, but after he met Qin Yi, he completely let loose.

“There are things that would happen even if we don’t want them to, and all that we can do is prepare for them. No one wants this war to happen, but everyone knows that it will someday. If it’s not today, it will be tomorrow. Since that’s the case, I hope that it comes sooner..”

Yun Huan pursed his thin lips and his slender fingers slid across the green teacup.

“I’m the one who isn’t open-minded,” Chen Che smiled. “Forget it, what’s the point in thinking so much? As the saying goes, ‘today we have wine so today we celebrate.’ Oh, I’ll eat more later.”

Old Mr. Chen’s brows jumped, and he glared at Chen Che, “Brat, you know how to eat.”

Although he said that, old Mr. Chen still asked Mrs. Chen whether the food was ready.

Chen Che was really hungry. He hadn’t eaten much these days.

Mrs. Chen looked around in shock, “Yiyi, Zheng Rumeng is gone!”

The girl’s presence was quite strong, especially when eating, so you would definitely see her.

This time, however, she was gone.

Qin Yi was calm. Her phoenix eyes flashed, and the corners of her mouth raised into a faint smile, “She couldn’t stand it and went to the Zheng family’s house.”

Qin Yi admired her for enduring for so many days, but in the end, she still couldn’t help it ah.

The situation at the Capital base was gradually getting under control, and some people were happy while others were worried.

In the City of Zombies, Yun Xuan listened to his man’s report while playing with the spider lily in his hand.

“Xiao Xiu, you’re saying that the Capital base is already fine?”

Xiao Xiu was a beastman and his beast nature was a worm. The baby bamboo worms that nearly crippled the Capital base were his doing.

“Yes, Dr. Yun. I don’t know how they found out about the weakness of the worms, actually surviving.” Xiao Xiu gritted his teeth, his eyes flashing with obvious displeasure.

“That’s faster than I thought.” Yun Xuan was not surprised at all. “By the way, Ah-Sen, does Ze Ning still refuse to speak?”

Yun Xuan waved to Xiao Xiu and he left. In a moment, there were only Yun Xuan and Ah-Sen left in the room.

“Doctor, Ze Ning won’t say where the Imperial base is,” Ah-Sen answered truthfully.

“What an unyielding character... They’ve only known each other for a few months, yet they’re more important than the entire City of Zombies, huh?” Yun Xuan said indifferently, a hint of ridicule in his tone.

However, it was not known whether he was taunting Ze Ning or self-deprecating.

“Doctor, what are we going to do next?” Ah-Sen asked respectfully.

In fact, Yun Xuan did not expect that they would settle the matter in one go and destroy the Capital base. However, he just wanted to cheat Yun Huan and Qin Yi.

“Go and get Hua Jiu to interrogate Ze Ning. Use hypnosis when it’s necessary.”

Yun Xuan’s eyes darkened, and the spider lily in his hand snapped off.

“Yes, Doctor.”

Ah-Sen opened his mouth but eventually said nothing as he turned away and left.

Yun Xuan played with the petal in his hand out of boredom. Nobody knew what he was thinking.


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