Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist's Uncle

Chapter 832 - Disguising as a Pig to Eat a Tiger (3)
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Chapter 832: Disguising as a Pig to Eat a Tiger (3)

“Nonsense. Am I not one?” Huo Xuanzhou retorted.

Ling Sheng could not help but laugh. B*llshit. You’re a douchebag, she thought. Aren’t you embarrassed to praise yourself? “No way.”

How shameless! He only knew how to flatter himself!

“I’m telling the truth.” Huo Xuanzhou rubbed his chin narcissistically. Upon seeing Huo Feifei arrogantly walk over in her high heels with her fiancé to greet the elders at home, he let out an unhappy snort. “Look at how proud she is. She only found a mascot!”

Fourth Aunt, in particular, had started to brag a long time ago about how rich, influential, and powerful the prince’s family was.

People with true power and status kept a low profile. Would they brag about such things? Huo Feifei’s brain was not normal to begin with. She better not get deceived and even help others count their money. It would be interesting if she got slapped in the face.

Huo Feifei had changed her name a long time ago. When her household register had been placed under the Huo Family’s fifth family branch, she had started calling them her parents. However, the Old Master had never officially admitted her. She was not included in the Huo Family’s genealogy. To the Huo Family, she could not be regarded as a true member of the Huo Family.

At this moment, she greeted the elders at home one by one and introduced her fiancé as though she was showing off.

Among the other juniors at home, especially the daughters-in-law of Huo Xuanzhou’s generation, the men did not have much ability. They relied on their family’s wealth and were waiting to split the family assets!

In addition, ever since Huo Ci’s matter, Huo Xiao had not cared about the marriages of his children and grandchildren anymore. As a result, the grandchildren of this generation could not get wives from big and influential families. They only married average families.

People of different social classes had different horizons. When they heard Huo Feifei mention Edward’s family background, they all tried their best to get closer to her, to befriend her and strike up a connection.

Usually, when wealthy ladies had nothing to do, they liked to shop, shop, and shop. They liked to compare bags, clothes, makeup, husbands and children. They even compared relatives with one another. There were all kinds of competitions.

When the time came to show off in front of others, they could boast that there was a princess consort at home who had a good relationship with them. It would also be a topic of conversation.

Huo Feifei had never had much of a presence in the Huo Family. The Old Master had been talking about wanting a granddaughter every day, but he did not like her much. He had not even allowed her to enter the ancestral hall. Her parents had mentioned it countless times, but they had not been able to make him relent and put her name on the Huo Family register.

The uncles and aunties at home acted according to the Old Master’s wishes, so they naturally did not take her seriously either. No matter how hard she tried to please them, this was always the case. It was as though she was not a family member but just a dispensable character.

Now that she was surrounded, everyone’s eyes were on her, especially the women at home. They all looked at her enviously, making her feel very proud and she enjoyed it. She felt like she had finally gotten what she wanted after all the hard times.

The men of the Huo Family did not care about such matters. Even if the king of Country Y came, they would not flatter or fawn on him, let alone a prince of a small country.

The Huo Family’s status could be ranked among the top even in China. They had money, power, and influence. Even if the prince of a small country came, the former would have to curry favor with them!

This was especially true for Huo Ci. When the unmarried couple greeted him and called him Sixth Uncle, he nodded symbolically like a master of the place. He considered that he had acknowledged them, so he took out his phone and started playing games.

He had originally wanted to leave, but when he saw that the rest had not left and that his eldest brother and nephews were talking to that Prince Edward, he reined in his temper and stayed behind.

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