A Destained Young Master Villain

A Destained Young Master Villain

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    As soon as Trent became conscious of his reincarnation within a novel, he was promptly acquaintanced with an introductory mechanical system sound that identified itself as “Destiny.”

    The novel is set in an imaginative realm where elements of science fiction, fantasy, swords, and magic intertwine.

    The main character possesses a merciless demeanor, astuteness, impeccable physical traits, overwhelming power, and an unrivaled temperament.

    Trent assumed the identity of Zenryx, whose background in this world exhibited great nobility and commanded a high level of prestige. He is consistently greeted with utmost respect and graciousness everywhere he goes. Power? Prestige? Wealth? Appearance? No one could even closely rival him.

    Trent demonstrated a preference for efficiency over exertion, as he adhered to the principle of “working smarter, not harder.”

    However, Trent's exceptional talent and remarkable aptitude enabled him to consistently astound everyone, even in the absence of extensive training.

    Explore the intriguing portrayal of Zenryx's manipulation of the novel's protagonist and the intricate influence he holds over those around him.

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