A Villain's Way of Taming Heroines

A Villain's Way of Taming Heroines

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    1. MC is a mad hound.

    2. The story is R-17.99 as the title suggests.


    Ansel of Hydral, the Empire's most notorious villain, devours a peculiar being known as a “Traveller”.

    In doing so, he glimpses a future of despair, a foreordained future featuring a war-god who can shatter armies, a saint bearing great sins, a mage discerning the truth, and a heroine of unassailable morality... These formidable “she” would destroy his family, his empire, everything he holds dear.

    Upon truly recognizing the cruelty and weight of fate, Ansel has an epiphany.

    “If the Empire requires reform, then there is no need for a so-called protagonist. Armed with this knowledge, I can effect change far more efficiently.”

    “And as for you, the world's chosen ones...”

    “If destiny dictates that you cannot be obliterated, then I have no option but to make you fall... fall with me to the very end of the abyss.”

    In essence, this is a tale of a villain rebelling against fate, taming the chosen daughters of heaven, all while orchestrating a transformative revolution in the world.

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