Accidental Ascendance

Accidental Ascendance

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    In a world brimming with magic, Cedric, a young noble with no extraordinary abilities, unknowingly becomes the subject of a colossal misunderstanding. Despite possessing almost zero magical aptitude, Cedric's minuscule magical presence baffles all magic readers, leading them to believe he is the mightiest mage to ever exist.

    Unbeknownst to Cedric, his reputation as a godlike being with unparalleled wisdom stems from accidental encounters. From unintentionally slaying a dragon at the tender age of four to inadvertently solving enigmatic magical riddles, every action he takes inadvertently reinforces the misconception of his immense power. However, Cedric remains blissfully unaware of his supposed divine status, attributing people's fascination with him to his noble birth.

    Driven by a desire to make his father proud, Cedric embarks on a journey to navigate this increasingly absurd situation. With each new mishap and misunderstanding, his extraordinary luck continues to fuel the illusion of his formidable magical prowess. The comedy unfolds as the clueless Cedric unwittingly changes the course of the world, all while believing he is merely striving to fulfill his father's expectations.

    As Cedric's journey progresses, his encounters with astonished individuals persist. Yet, he never unravels the truth about his mythical stature, leading readers through a whimsical tale filled with laughter, misunderstandings, and an unlikely hero who unwittingly becomes a legend, depicting him as a deity capable of conjuring meteors with a mere flick of his finger.

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