After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

After My Rebirth, I Escaped My Marriage

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    When Lin Gantang was reborn, the priest was just asking her, “Do you agree to take him as your lawfully wedded husband? To be loyal to him regardless of sickness or health, wealth or poverty, until death do you apart?”

    The tragedy of her previous life began with her deep love for Gu Mou, so Lin Gantang replied, “I won’t.”

    The guests were in an uproar.

    Everyone knew that Wen Yanqing had loved Lin Gantang for a solid eight years, but she had never once looked back at him. He wasn’t the groom, so Wen Yanqing left with a heavy heart and ventured far away.

    However, he later learned that the bride had fled the wedding.

    Lin Gantang had countless ways to salvage the fading relationships with her loved ones and friends, but she didn’t know what to do when it came to Wen Yanqing, the one she had deceived, humiliated, and trampled upon his sincerity.

    Lin Gantang said, “It’s so difficult. I can’t possibly give myself to him in exchange for everything I’ve done to him, can I?”

    Wen Yanqing responded, “Why not? That’s all I wish for.”

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