Azimuth: The Elden Throne (New Version)

Azimuth: The Elden Throne (New Version)

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    Late 21st century, the acclaimed game Company Elden Throne released yet another immersive action MMORPG after a decade of silence.

    While the world was getting ready for this new Supermassive MMO, Dale Houston trained his body every day in preparation for its eventual worldwide release.

    Not because Dale wanted to get healthy or muscular, but because he saw a glimpse of the secrets hidden by the Megacorporation.

    All because of what he found out one year ago... This time, he wasn't here to play the game.

    He would find all of the secrets, things he couldn't even imagine...

    It wasn't about the game anymore.


    *Author's thoughts:

    So! What this is actually about?

    As you read in the Title, there was an old version of this work going by the same name.

    Because of some problems, I had to leave it alone for a few months, and after I came back I realized neither I nor my readers remembered much, so I decided to go from the start again.

    I'll be re-editing every single chapter I made to make a more conclusive story while also tying up loose plot points and bringing them forward as I re-reading through everything.

    As in the synopsis, this is an MMORPG story with a big emphasis on the real world and how the game affects reality in more than a socio-economic way, so this isn't the story about a guy playing a game and getting rich with a bit of drama.

    This is a story about how the game impacts the real world and vice versa.

    A story about a secret so big it could change society and the world... No, it will.

    The Mc isn't a chosen one and instead was someone who found something out of his own effort and the story progresses from that point, you can take it as he being favored by the plot, but at the very least this is a better plot initiative then the boy who survived Avada Kedavra through the power of Love... Just kidding, Harry is sick.

    There will be a few more explanations to help you with understanding his personality and goals better.

    No romance planned for at least the first 200 chapters, however, we'll have some candidates as we go by including, you could say, a Main Female lead.

    But there are plans for interactions with other players and side characters as we go by.

    The story will be divided into 2 parts, we are currently on the first part and the focus is on the game.

    Don't misunderstand, getting out of the game to do something in real life doesn't mean we are going through a phase, you'll know once it happens.

    Things may change along the way but that's how things are.

    The main aspect of this series is about Dale exploring this new world, Azimuth while building up his forces that will eventually become a Kingdom.

    At least the first part of it.

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