Beautiful Wife from Heaven: Mr. Qi, Let's Get Married

Beautiful Wife from Heaven: Mr. Qi, Let's Get Married

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    Xu Jiaojiao, the daughter of the Xu family who had been sent to the countryside many years ago to recuperate, returned to fulfill the family contract. On the eve of the wedding, the groom went abroad to find his first love.

    Everyone looked like they were there just to enjoy the show.

    “Oh dear,” Xu Jiaojiao uttered. In the next second, she picked up her white wedding dress and grabbed a man by his sleeve. “Mr. Qi, will you marry me?” She asked softly.

    Everyone thought she’d gone mad. Qi Shenbai was a successful, mysterious, and low-profile businessman who had been in the industry for over ten years. All kinds of beautiful women constantly surrounded him, but none truly caught his attention. Everyone secretly said that he wasn’t interested in women. Just as they waited for Qi Shenbai to reject Xu Jiaojiao and likewise waited for her to embarrass herself… Qi Shenbai actually agreed!

    Did he really agree to marry her? They couldn’t believe it. There had to be a conspiracy behind this! They waited for the day Qi Shenbai and Xu Jiaojiao got divorced!

    However, there was only ever news of Qi Shenbai spoiling his wife rotten…

    Everyone was speechless.

    Was a successful businessman so easy to pick up?

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