Becoming a Wealthy Family's Beloved After Her Rebirth

Becoming a Wealthy Family's Beloved After Her Rebirth

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    Lin Xiaowan and Huo Zheng had been married for three years.

    Lately, Huo Zheng had started becoming busy with work. However, Lin Xiaowan still detected a strange perfume scent on his clothes.

    Lin Xiaowan didn’t want to doubt her husband. Unfortunately, the day before their anniversary, she discovered that Huo Zheng had been with his first love and picking out a ring. He had even lied to her about having to work overtime.

    Feeling disheartened, she left, only to meet with a fatal accident.

    When she opened her eyes again, she found herself back in time when she had been still with Huo Zheng, but yet to marry.

    Suddenly, his first love, whom Lin Xiaowan had never met in her previous life, appeared at their doorstep…

    There would be no wedding ceremony.

    With a cold look, Lin Xiaowan discussed breaking up with Huo Zheng.

    “Marry Huo Zheng again? Hah. Not unless he’s a dog!

    “‘…Woof, woof.” Huo Zheng barked.

    Gao Liang said, “Huo Zheng has never cheated on anyone, nor has he ever had a first love. Huo’er is a devoted man! Everything happens for a reason. He used to be a tight-lipped man, but he later loosened up because if he stayed quiet, his wife would run off in anger!”

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