Bonded Summoner

Bonded Summoner

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    Delving dungeons by day, relaxing with cute monster girls at night.

    When a God of War barged into his apartment, Jake had no idea what to expect... but it wasn't being forced into a never-ending war against evil invaders, or that the battle would strangely resemble the MMORPG games he loved.

    Working hard and building himself up from almost nothing, Jake would need every bit of knowledge and preparation to master his new class of Summoner. Joined by a sly Demoness with an ancient past and a shy Valkyrie hoping to prove herself in battle, they'll find excitement and enjoyment as they level and grow in power.

    Will Jake be strong enough to face the challenges of an evil labyrinth, or will he die and be separated from his new family forever, waiting to respawn in the void?

    Warning: Contains: LitRPG system, multiple love interests, adult activities, cultivation, probably too long status sheets, dungeon crawling, dating, and an infinite multiverse.

    Chapters: 2 Per Week, Mon, Wed. Approx 3000-4000 words each in later books.

    Sex scenes will be completely skippable and separated into explicit interlude(s) denoted by 3 ♥♥♥ in the chapter title, of which there are two each for book.

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