Catastrophe Card King

Catastrophe Card King

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    “Doctor, it seems there’s something wrong with my emotions.”

    “There’s a clown in the West City circus who can make everyone laugh. I think he can certainly help you.”

    “But Doctor… I am that clown.”



    Waking up in a strange room,

    Leonard Churchill finds himself lying next to a stunning woman.

    Assuming good fortune has come knocking,

    but the eerie part is, she’s a corpse without any heartbeat or breath.

    Just when he thinks he’s been roped into a bizarre murder scene,

    After a closer inspection,

    He realizes,

    Shockingly, she isn’t human!

    This is a fantastical world after the Great Catastrophe, under the fog-covered land lies countless Underground Cities left by the ancients.

    A Treasure Hunter wearing a clown mask travels alone in the dark.

    He is Joker Leonard Churchill, the Catastrophe King!

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