Corpo Age

Corpo Age

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    ‘Money is Power’ - that was Rollo’s motto to live by before it came to a sudden end.

    Those words couldn’t be truer when Rollo finds himself in a corporate-ruled dystopian world where corporations run rampant to line their own pockets. Find out how he navigates through the technologically advanced world with the help of a system and how he makes use of his advantages to survive in a cutthroat world where lives come cheap, all to come out on top.

    One thing was clear in this new world: the poor were exploited while the wealthy thrived. The path to riches may be a vicious cycle, where you must keep spending more to protect yourself and the wealth you have attained until you reach the apex. What kind of impact will Rollo have on the world around him along the way?

    Corpo Age is a Sci-Fi progression LitRPG that takes place in a cyberpunk world about how the MC will live in the new world he found himself in.

    You can expect:

    - Stealth Focused MC

    - Cybernetic Enhancements

    - System upgrades/Level-ups

    - Building up a Business

    - Progression in both Personal Power and Wealth

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