Crazy Wife: Mr. Lu, Fight Me if You Dare!

Crazy Wife: Mr. Lu, Fight Me if You Dare!

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    It was said that Lu Zhi, the richest man in City A, had a wife whose medical skills were so good she could revive the dead!

    Lu Zhi said modestly, “It’s not a big deal, but if she claims to be second, no one will dare to say they’re first.”

    It was also said that Mrs. Lu was a top-notch hacker whose methods were so ruthless that bad guys frequently begged her to let them off the hook

    !Lu Zhi smiled affectionately. “My wife is delicate and fragile. Those villains are just too weak.”

    The audience all felt speechless. “You’re making up nonsense. Don’t you feel embarrassed?”

    Lu Zhi raised his brows. “Hmm? Does anybody have a problem with that? Please step forward.”

    Mrs. Lu was calm and relaxed. “You all like gossiping so much. If you don’t want to keep your tongue, you can donate it to me for research purposes.”

    Everyone shivered in fear. “Please forgive us. We won’t do it again.”

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