Crying Brothers: The Little Sister We Hate Is Actually a Bigshot

Crying Brothers: The Little Sister We Hate Is Actually a Bigshot

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    Was there a rumor that the richest man in Beijing found his biological daughter in a kennel?

    “Don’t trust in rumors. The house collapsed. I wasn’t living in a kennel!” Ji Jing explained.

    Ji Jing grew up in a Taoist temple. After rescuing someone, she went viral on the internet. For that very reason, a rich man showed up and claimed to be her biological father. How could his daughter wear a Taoist robe? He had a luxury villa. Why was she staying in a kennel?

    Finally, through her rich father’s persistent pleas, Ji Jing followed him home.

    Just as everyone expressed how envious they were of her and thought she’d be pampered in the family, the reality was far removed from that. Her brothers, who supposedly had blood ties with her, were all protective of the fake young lady. They were afraid Ji Jing might steal their affection toward the fake young lady. However, little did they know, Ji Jing didn’t care about this at all

    She’d sneak out each night to offer her services including Fengshui, divination, rituals, charms, and exorcism. She left myths behind in various places. During the day, she had to tend to her flowers and carry out livestream broadcasts. On top of that, she was also a hardworking student. Every day was a busy day. Soon, Ji Jing saved up a large sum of money. She decided to leave without looking back so that their fake young lady could have them all to herself.

    Three days after Ji Jing left, her brothers all went crazy. They begged her for forgiveness. A handsome young man appeared out of nowhere and pulled Ji Jing behind him. “She belongs to me now. Don’t come any closer.”

    “Who are you?” Ji Jing’s brother asked.

    “I’m her fiance!” The young man replied.

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