Cultivation: Start From Upgrading My Computer

Cultivation: Start From Upgrading My Computer

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    Cheng Xu accidentally crossed into the cultivation world together with the computer and fused into a human-shaped immortal cultivation computer.

    He found that the methods, spells, and codices of the cultivation world were the same as computer applications, which could be directly read and installed in their own bodies.

    And the various configurations of one’s own body seemed to be continuously upgradable.

    [Cultivation Computer]

    Motherboard: Cheng Xu (intermediate Qi cultivation)

    CPU: Divine Mind (single-core 0.8GHz)

    Memory: Enlightenment (128MB)

    Hard disk: Sense (256MB)

    Video card: integrated 1.0 (512MB)

    Sound card: Integrated 1.0

    Network card: integrated 1.0 (10Mbps)

    Medicine refining, spell array, weapon refining, and talisman, all became easy with the help of the computer.

    However, it seemed that the performance of this current configuration still needed to be improved.

    The computer was a bit laggy…

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