Cultivator's Slice of Life: Spiritual Farming System

Cultivator's Slice of Life: Spiritual Farming System

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    James, a bored supermarket worker who loves reading cultivation novels, dies in a car accident and gets reincarnated into the body of Tian Li, a talentless cultivator from the Cloud Sect.

    Unhappy with his new life, he decides to leave the sect and pursue his dream of starting a farm. Along the way, he makes friends with a big toad named Big. T and finds a cheap house in a remote village.

    However, he soon realizes that his peaceful life is not as simple as he thought. He will have to face dangers and mysteries that will challenge his beliefs and test his courage.

    Will he be able to follow his own path in a world where power is everything? Find out in this hilarious and heartwarming cultivation novel!

    All of that with the help of his incredible System!

    [Spiritual Farming System]

    A potato Tian Li plants becomes a rare 100 Year Old Potato, which increases cultivation! The animals Tian Li takes care of became Spiritual Beasts, and even the fish he fishes were rare golden carps!


    The Slice of Life will truly start after he leaves his sect the second time, and makes his own sect.

    It will also start the kingdom building aspect. Also, he might become dark in the future for some reasons related to his cultivation and his demonic energy!

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