Destroying My Own World

Destroying My Own World

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    After Mykel Alester returned from the world of his novel he destroyed, he returned to his real world with questions in his head. He thought that he would have a normal life again after he moved on even though he was an Omnipotent God in his novel world, but to his surprise, all the characters in his novel followed him to his real world.

    Knowing it was possible and how his world became similar to his novel's because of them, he decided to take back his Omnipotent powers. Little did he know that it awoke the creator of his world, the being that ruled over the universe who had been observing silently. Not only that, the Gods of the mythologies and powerful characters from his novel that were his followers had turned against him and changed sides.

    To his surprise, he lost the war and became powerless because he realized that he was no match for the being who created the universe.

    “The Lord has given his words,” An angel said as he slowly looked down at Mykel. “By the Lord's grace, you're given a chance to repent for you who have brought chaos to Earth,” he continued and stared Mykel in the eye.

    Mykel scoffed and asked with a trembling voice, “Repent? It wasn't me who brought the chaos in the first place.”

    “You're welcome to stay here for eternity,” The Angel said with a smirk and kept staring Mykel in the eye. “The Lord showed you mercy, not only you, but those who don't belong to this world that the Lord created,” he continued and looked at Jeanne and the others.

    “Mercy?” Mykel asked with his eyebrows raised. “Of course, I'll accept the offer,” Mykel said with a bit of a smirk on his face.


    “He lied,” The angel said.

    “We know, and the Lord knows as well,” Another angel replied. “But whatever he's going to do down there, he will face the consequences of his actions. It's not our job to judge, we only follow orders,” he continued.


    With all the knowledge that he had and the “Game” that he created in his novel, he decided to climb up with his companions of the characters in his novel. His only purpose was one, and that was to destroy the world and prepare to challenge his creator.

    (This is a sequel to my novel “Destroying My Own Movel” and I suggest you read that first)