Developing My Little World

Developing My Little World

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    I will be posting this story on as well.

    Jay was a man who had lost it all. His loving wife and adorable daughter ripped away from him one after the other. However he continues living performing acts of pure good for the people around him. He is recognized as worthy by the God of his current world and is transported to a godly room.

    Jay is now a God and it is his mission to create the planet beneath him. To breath life untoward its majestic surface.

    Join Jay in the fantastic journey of creation! Watch as he revives his family, creates Gods, and creates humans, elves and so many more creatures.

    Learn from the beginning how this planet develops as mythology, evolution, and the advancement of society is captured in breathtaking lore and backstory.

    Hello to anyone reading this, my name is Ani, and this is a passion project of mine that has no definite end. I really want this series to heavily involve characters submitted by the viewers to achieve great things and progress the story.

    There is an auxiliary chapter Titled Character Creation. That chapter had every main race currently in the story. In the future as more people suggest things, hybridization and mixing of DNA and genes to create new, unique creatures will be possible. The first example of this is a viewers request for a 'Naga', which I had forgotten about upon coming up with the list. I spoke to the viewer in the comments and we agreed on a background where a dragon and a mermaid mate and create the Naga. As for the rest, you have to wait for his story!

    To qualify for Character creation, simply be a donor of some Monetary value (real money, coins, gifts, etc) or the person will be In the top 20 of powerstone donor for the novel. Thank you for reading, and if you meet these criteria, please submit your character! Happy reading.

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