Dimension Weaver: My Wife Is The Dragon Empress!

Dimension Weaver: My Wife Is The Dragon Empress!

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    After living peacefully for eons and eons on Earth, humans have achieved many great things and become the strongest race in the world by far. Nothing could rival them and no one can take that position from them.

    That was until one day, out of nowhere, a gigantic entity appeared in space right above Earth and from that point on, everything changed. Terrifying creatures of all kinds and shapes suddenly appeared in every corner of the world, armed with strength that far exceeded anything humans had ever seen.

    The world was thrown into chaos and surviving became the most important aspect humans could think of.


    Talon Everhart, a half-korean university student was living his life normally before everything happened. However, when things happened, Talon found himself facing the great threat that is this new world filled with crazy and nightmarish abominations, greedy humans that seek survival even if it is at the cost of other's lives, and a mysterious woman that appeared in front of him unconscious.

    His journey in this world and whatever lies beyond it begins!


    [Dimension Link has been created with Earth. You can now feel the link between you and the Core Dimension.]