Divine Beast Ascension

Divine Beast Ascension

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    —Book 2 of 9 in the Quillverse—

    Given a second chance at life, Oli’s soul was whisked away through the cosmic void. He opens his eyes to a purple sky with three suns and two moons. Oh yeah, and his parents are gorillas.

    However, to Oli’s pleasant surprise, those gorillas raise him with more love and care than his previous parents ever had. That is, until Oli’s father dies defending Oli from a dragon. Oli is then gifted his father’s secret treasure to rampantly boost Oli’s cultivation, also discovering his father to be a wanted criminal.

    Oli and his gorilla clan decide to seek a territory of their own, and proudly take control of the nearby beast clans to form a town. With his bombastic uncle leading the clan and his uncle’s feline, best friend creating a cultivation academy, Oli can finally focus on his own growth!

    But… That defeated dragon reveals the whereabouts of Oli’s gorilla clan. Spies are sent to investigate everything, while powerful mercenaries are hired to betray and slay the gorillas.

    In the midst of the mayhem, Oli is kidnapped! But not by his enemy… Oli is awoken by a mysterious man, a man who claims to be an old ally of the gorilla clan and the one responsible for Oli’s reincarnation into this world.

    Oli makes a deal with him, whether he wants to or not, dragging the entire world into chaos, genocide, and all-out war! Everything is for a greater cause, in order for Oli to become the world’s strongest divine beast.

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